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Find God's Forgiveness and Eternal Life through these messages

These audio mp3 messages tell the wonderful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only Savior of the world who came from heaven to earth to die for our sins and give us the way to eternal life. He rose again from the dead and is enthroned at the right hand of God. All who repent of their sins and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior find forgiveness and eternal life.

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Download (high quality)Min. CategoryComments Speaker Mon. Year LocationEventX of X
29*Hebrews 2-GospelPlayDownload (12.2 MB)N/A53Gospel Portman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral1 of 5
44*World's Biggest LiePlayDownload (2.9 MB)N/A13GospelClear, concise gospel presentationMacDonald, William???General1 of 1
47*Peace with GodPlayDownload (6.2 MB)N/A27GospelExcellent introduction to God's salvationForeshew, Byrne?2007Stark Road, MIConference3 of ?
48*It is Finished!PlayDownload (5.4 MB)N/A24Gospel Dennison, John?2007Stark Road, MIConference4 of ?
49*Jonah and JohnPlayDownload (6.5 MB)N/A29Gospel Oliver, David?2007Stark Road, MIConference5 of ?
50*Without EqualPlayDownload (6.8 MB)N/A30Gospel Derksen, Marvin?2007Stark Road, MIConference6 of ?
54*Uniqueness of Christianity1PlayDownload (1.7 MB)N/A7GospelOnly 2 beliefsNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General1 of 6
55*Uniqueness of Christianity2PlayDownload (2.9 MB)N/A13GospelEvidence in prophecyNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General2 of 6
56*Uniqueness of Christianity3PlayDownload (1.9 MB)N/A8GospelYou can be honestNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General3 of 6
57*Uniqueness of Christianity4PlayDownload (0.5 MB)N/A4GospelOne SaviorNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General4 of 6
58*Uniqueness of Christianity5PlayDownload (1.6 MB)N/A7GospelInstant change of statusNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General5 of 6
59*Uniqueness of Christianity6PlayDownload (1 MB)N/A5GospelGod both just and lovingNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General6 of 6
61*How to be born againPlayDownload (12.5 MB)Download (25 MB)44GospelClipHiggins, Eugene92006?General1 of 1
65*From Drugs to ChristPlayDownload (12.4 MB)N/A54TestimonyTestimony of Peter Orasuk. Powerful. Life changing. Isa 53Orasuk, Peter??Ballymena Gospel Hall, Northern IrelandGeneral1 of 1
68*The Bible and the Chinese language-- they are related!PlayDownload (8.2 MB)N/A36Gospelwww.gospeloutreach.ca, used with permissionVance, Stephen72006Ontario, CanadaGospel3 of 18
94*Gospel: "Master"PlayDownload (4.5 MB)N/A15GospelCain, Matthew102008Blue River, WIConference
95*Gospel: WoundedPlayDownload (8 MB)N/A27GospelWells, Stanley102008Blue River, WIConference
104*God's mighty hand: Creation vs. EvolutionPlayDownload (12.1 MB)N/A41GospelExcellentCrawford, Norman61998Blue River, WIGeneral1 of 1
190*Revealer / Rebel / RansomPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A37GospelCrawford, Norman62009Ontario, WIConference1 of 1
376*A Reason For LivingPlayDownload (11.5 MB)Download (28.8 MB)50TestimonyKrauss, Fred??Ontario, WIGeneral1 of 1
468*Testimony 2PlayDownload (1.6 MB)Download (3.1 MB)5TestimonySauseda, Sam102010Highland, WIConference9 of 19
856*SeriousPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A23GospelSharp, Gary42012Stout, IAConference9 of 17
857*Two hoursPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A30GospelHull, Albert42012Stout, IAConference10 of 17
881*A Lost CoinPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A30GospelMcCandless, Murray32012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Conference10 of 11
882*ForgivenessPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelMeekin, John32012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Conference11 of 11
912*JudgementPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelRodgers, Bruce62012Garnavillo, IAConference8 of 14
913*JustifiedPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A32GospelCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference9 of 14
918*Your sinsPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A29GospelKember, Shad62012Garnavillo, IAConference14 of 14
951*Gospel - Isaiah 53:5PlayDownload (21 MB)N/A45GospelSt. Clair, Shawn52012Hamilton, OntarioConference16 of 16
1127*Romans 1:16, the GospelPlayDownload (5.7 MB)Download (14 MB)25GospelMcLean, Max102013Highland, WIConference11 of 19
1128*The voice of the Son of GodPlayDownload (5.3 MB)Download (13 MB)23GospelTopley, Terry102013Highland, WIConference12 of 19
1142*SoPlayDownload (6.7 MB)Download (17 MB)29GospelSkates, William102013La Crosse, WIConference7 of 11
1225*John 3:16PlayDownload (6.8 MB)Download (11 MB)24GospelHunt, David2013Cedar Falls, IAConference8 of 15
1226*The cross in light of time and eternityPlayDownload (8 MB)Download (13 MB)28GospelHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAConference9 of 15
1279*You can be sure, saved, satisfiedPlayDownload (3.1 MB)Download (7.8 MB)14GospelTopley, Terry102014Highland, WIConference12 of 19
1280*1Timothy 1:15PlayDownload (6.3 MB)Download (16 MB)27GospelSteers, Larry102014Highland, WIConference13 of 19
1286*The New BirthPlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (16 MB)27GospelDavidson, Alan102014Highland, WIConference19 of 19
1295*Nothing to payPlayDownload (6 MB)Download (15 MB)GospelDoll, Brandon102014La Crosse, WIConference8 of 16
1296*Not saved - Are savedPlayDownload (7.1 MB)Download (18 MB)GospelMcCandless, Murray102014La Crosse, WIConference9 of 16
1303*Great SalvationPlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (19 MB)GospelBaker, Tom102014La Crosse, WIConference16 of 16
1329*Near-drowning experience of Scott HayesPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (30 MB)52TestimonyHayes, Scott42015Stout, IAGeneral1 of 1
1381*Christ died for our sinsPlayDownload (5.5 MB)Download (2.1 MB)24GospelHunt, David2013Stout, IAConference12 of 20
1382*Blood, book, song, wrath of the LambPlayDownload (6.6 MB)Download (11 MB)29GospelHull, Albert2013Stout, IAConference13 of 20
1388*The crucified, conquering, coming ChristPlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (14 MB)27GospelHull, Albert2013Stout, IAConference19 of 20
1389*God callingPlayDownload (6.7 MB)Download (12 MB)29GospelHunt, David2013Stout, IAConference20 of 20
1480*How God views sinPlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (15 MB)26GospelFrazier, Isaiah102015La Crosse, WIConference10 of 16
1481*NicodemusPlayDownload (6.6 MB)Download (13 MB)23GospelWeber, Roy102015La Crosse, WIConference11 of 16
1486*Without Christ, Strength, HopePlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (12 MB)22GospelSteers, Larry102015La Crosse, WIConference16 of 16
1558*Testimony of Clive BarberPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A55TestimonyBarber, Clive92016Hampton, IAConference1 of 1
1621*Isaiah 43:11PlayDownload (13 MB)N/A28GospelSeguel, Pablo12017Marion, IAConference7 of 12
1622*1 Timothy 1:15PlayDownload (12 MB)N/A26GospelSona, Frank12017Marion, IAConference8 of 12
1625*Hearing the voice of GodPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A26GospelChristopherson, Allan12017Marion, IAConference11 of 12
1626*Psalm 110:1PlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference12 of 12
1707*Life and EternityPlayDownload (5.8 MB)Download (12 MB)25GospelDoll, Brandon62017Garnavillo, IAConference8 of 14
1708*Enter InPlayDownload (5.9 MB)Download (12 MB)26GospelFrazier, Isaiah62017Garnavillo, IAConference9 of 14

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