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Array Hymns Streaming Music Player

Playlist of Array Hymn CDs titled "Glory to Thee" and "He Leadeth Me"

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Bible Stories for Children

Bible version comparisons: Choosing a translation

To aid in the choosing and evaluation of modern-day literal Bible versions for Bible readers who want to read a translation with updated language.


rest in the Lord means that we need to have down time. It could be the time we spent on a hobby. it could be the quiet time we spent with the Lord or even some time with the family.Our bedois and our minds need this time to rest .Even God had down time , …

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CD titles of conservative Christian music I have enjoyed

Choice Hymns of the Faith Hymn Book

App Project for Choice Hymns of the Faith

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Bible Messages ("Sermons") in MP3 format, freely downloadable

Comparison of Bible Translation Readability

A comparison of the NASB, ESV, NKJV and KJV readability

Comparison of Bible Version Word Choice

A comparison of the NASB, ESV, NKJV and KJV

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Favorite Hymns Mobile App

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As in all good Indian families (the fatehrs side), I was really looking forward to choosing the right man for Vanessa. A man who had a heart full of kindness and care, a mind full of adventure and exciting times and the flexibility to be both sensitive an…

Fountain of Life

Free Conservative Christian Music

Free MP3 Conservative Christian Music (Hymns)

Free Customizable 2017 Pocket Calendar

Free Customizable Pocket Calendar (Excel and PDF)

Free Customizable 2017 Wall Event Calendar

Free Customizable Wall Event Calendar

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Gospel Outreach ideas and resources

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GospelRiver.com freely offers many Christian resources from customizable calendars to music to wall hangings to Bible version comparisons. And don't forget to check out the Bible sermons too!

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The Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God (Peter Simms, La Crosse, WI) 2010

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Bible Messages in Mandarin


My name is Jose I'm currently in the mlitiary and planning on retiring soon and pursuing dentistry as a career. I'm planning enrolling on online courses towards becoming a dentist, while I'm still in the mlitiary but I'm clueless on what I need to do t…

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Too many compliments too little space, tanhks!

Ontario Conference 2009

Bible Conference in Ontario, WI 2009 The Mind in Philippians: Sandy Higgins & Norman Crawford

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Silent Night Sheet Music: Play Piano with Chords

Instruction video and sheet music to help you play Silent Night

Spanish-English Translated Messages

Bible Messages Translated from Spanish to English or English to Spanish

Stout IA Conference 2011

Stout, IA Bible Conference 2011


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The Last Adam

From Answers in Genesis

UK Gospel Hymn Book App

I'm investigating whether this is a worthwhile project. Would you buy an app for the Gospel Hymn Book used in the United Kingdom, and how much would you pay? Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Bible Messages/Sermons in Ukrainian

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hey just wanted say that i think you have an ircnedible voice and an amazing talent, but most of all it really looks like you had a lot of fun making those covers, and i'm pretty sure working with you must be awesome and a lot of fun as well. keep making …


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Wall Hangings

Christian Wall Hangings

Winter Bible Readings 2008-2009

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings 2008-2009

Winter Bible Readings 2009-2010

Winter Bible Readings 2009-2010

Winter Bible Readings 2010-2011

Winter Bible Readings, Wisconsin 2010-2011

Women Professing Godliness

Outline studies on godly women and their ministry. Book by Ernest Moore.

YouTube Christian Music Playlist

Listen to Christian Music from YouTube videos that we have enjoyed.


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