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The material on this site shall be used and shared with the following limitations:
  1. At no time may any files or information on this site be sold.
  2. Files and information on this site may not be posted or streamed on another site (including YouTube) without first receiving permission. You may freely link to this site, however, so long as the linking site does not stand for something that is against the glory of God.
  3. Files provided for download on this site may be personally distributed for the benefit of others so long as they are not distributed with something being sold.
  4. I appreciate every true believer in the Lord Jesus, regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. Anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, may download and use the materials for personal use. However, I ask that the materials on this site not be used to promote religions such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and the Roman Catholic church which link salvation with works, due to the fact that I believe these religious systems have doctrinal stands and practices that corrupt the true gospel of Jesus Christ and turn people from the truth of the biblical gospel.
  5. You may not modify message files posted on this site in such a way that the content of their message is altered. We want to maintain the integrity of these messages for others.
  6. Please do not remove identifying information that is embedded or displayed on the materials from this site, so that others may know where to access the information you have found and be blessed by it as well.
  7. It goes without saying, but no part of this site may be used in any way that would degrade it, others, or the character of God.
  8. You may contact the website owner to request exceptions to these terms.

Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.



3/23/16 - added streamed, #2; clarified #4