Section A.  Sunday School ATTENDANCE Rewards
For the first 8 times you come:
Number of times Reward        
1st time Bookmark  
2nd time Pencil, Pen, Eraser, etc.  
3rd time Small Bible Verse Wall Hanging  
8th time Book  
After your first 8 times, you receive attendance points which you can use for your choice of a reward.
Number of times Reward        
4 Bookmark / Pencil / Pen / Eraser  
7 Small Bible Verse Wall Hanging  
10 Coloring Book  
10 Gift Bible  
10 Music CD  
10 Larger Bible Verse Wall Hanging  
15 Hand-made Pillow (limit 1)  
15 Bible Case  
25 Hand-made Verse Quilt (limit 1)  
25 Leather Bible  
25 Other larger option  
See the Verse Rewards lists to see options for some of the above.
Pillows and quilts are custom made for each individual.
You may suggest other options.
Section B.  Sunday School VERSE Rewards
You may choose your own Bible-related rewards that are not in this list, but they must be approved. Items in italics have not been reviewed but will be reviewed if requested.
Title (click on title to view item) Author Category Age Pgs Verses
Noah's Ark (used, good cond, large) Poortvliet Art All 223
Noah's Ark (used, good cond, small) Poortvliet Art All 223  
Saved at Sea Walton Stories Preteen 124  
The Little Woodchopper Sherwood Stories Preteen 64  
Lost in the woods Tuininga Stories Preteen 47  
The Doll that Grew Tuininga Stories Preteen 47  
Flying Hooves and Dangerous Kisses Prorok Stories Preteen/teen 206  
Grandma's Attic Series (1 of 4) Richardson Stories Preteen/teen 160  
Titanic Tradgedy McIntee Stories Preteen/teen 84  
Thundering Waters McIntee Stories Preteen/teen 102  
The Bible in the Wall H.J.D. Stories Preteen/teen 48  
Messages of God's Love (multiple) BTP Stories Preteen/teen 208  
Paula the Waldension Lecompte Stories Preteen/teen 176  
Greasy the robber Lukesh Stories Preteen/teen 24  
The Wonders of God's Creation (1 of 4) Gill Educational Preteen/teen 144  
The Wonders of God MacDonald Stories Teen/adult 120  
Our God is Wonderful MacDonald Stories Teen/adult 156  
God is Faithful Nicholson, Jr. Missionary Teen/adult 288  
Stories of the Grace of God in Bolivia Smith Missionary Teen/adult 120  
Angola Beloved Wilson Missionary Teen/adult 220  
Mission Possible Laszlo Missionary Teen/adult 216  
Shadow of the Almighty E. Elliot Missionary Teen/adult 351  
But Not Forsaken Brenneman Missionary Teen/adult 256  
Evidence not seen Rose Missionary Late teen/adult 256  
Extreme Devotion VOM Missionary Late teen/adult 365  
Creation: facts of life
Parker Reference Late teen/adult 160  
Arts & Crafts          
Pencil (with verse, Books of Bible, John 3:16, Psalm 23, Ten Commandments, Noah, etc. )
Pencil (John 3:16 )
Pencil (with Books of the Bible)  
Bookmark (any of the bookmarks at  
Coloring Book  
Bible wall text (smaller, choose your picture)  
Bible wall text (in frame, larger, choose your picture)  
Bible verse Stickers  
Word search puzzles  
Outburst, Bible Ed.  
Scattergories, Bible Ed.  
Bible Mad Gab  
Guestures, Bible Ed.  
Bible Scrabble  
Music CD (or choose songs from link to create your own CD)  
Greasy the robber (CD) Lukesh Stories Preteen/teen N/A  
Wonders of God's Creation (DVD, 1 of 3)  Moody Educational All N/A  
Bibles & Accessories          
Bible (Leather)  
Gift Bible
Pocket Bible  
Bible Case (trifold)  
Bible Case (amazing grace)  
Bible Case (leather)  
Bible Case (canvas)  
Other Possibilities?          
You may suggest your own rewards, but they must be approved.  
You may view many more ideas here.  
Points with ~ means it may vary depending on which item you choose.
Number of verses required is generally approximately the price divided by 4.
List subject to change…