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Christ pictured in the fine twined linenPortman, Joel2024Stout, IAMinistryConference16 of 1621N/A2483Last posted message
Assembly HistoryCrawford, Norman??MinistryGeneral1 of 128N/A1History of assemblies gathering in gospel halls.
Worship Part1Rodgers, Bruce2008Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral1 of 255N/A18
Worship Part2Rodgers, Bruce2008Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral2 of 256N/A19
Glory of God Part 1: IntroductionRodgers, Bruce2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral1 of 55120
Glory of God Part 2: Christ Glorified GodRodgers, Bruce2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral2 of 56021
Glory of God Part 3: HolinessRodgers, Bruce2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral3 of 55222
Glory of God Part 4: Fruit-bearingRodgers, Bruce2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral4 of 55523
Glory of God Part 5: RelationshipRodgers, Bruce2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.MinistryGeneral5 of 56024
Hebrews 1Portman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 553N/A25Excellent on the Person of Christ
Hebrews 2Portman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 553N/A26Excellent on the Person of Christ
Christ as Great High Priest-1Portman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 552N/A27Excellent on the Person of Christ
Christ as Great High Priest-2Portman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 551N/A28Excellent on the Person of Christ
Hebrews 2-GospelPortman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIGospelGeneral1 of 553N/A29
Trials in the Christian lifeOliver, David??MinistryGeneral1 of 139N/A30Why? Gives a few reasons and encouragement.
Creation vs. evolutionOliver, David??MinistryGeneral1 of 147N/A31A different approach than you may have heard, excellent.
Head CoveringsGustafson, Walter??MinistryGeneral1 of 134N/A32Biblical teaching on head coverings from 1Cor. 11
Called to JapanFairfield, Elton?Mansfield, OHMissionaryGeneral1 of 248N/A33God calls! God equips! God guides!
Visit to ChinaFairfield, Elton?Mansfield, OHMissionaryGeneral2 of 212N/A34God saves! God hears our prayers!
Born CrucifiedSmith, Jim2007La Crosse, WiMinistryGeneral1 of 245N/A35Fundamental teaching on self; challenging & excellent
Mind: battlefield for the throneSmith, Jim2007La Crosse, WiMinistryGeneral2 of 254N/A36
Lessons from NetsJennings, Jerry2007Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 143N/A43
World's Biggest LieMacDonald, William??GospelGeneral1 of 113N/A44Clear, concise gospel presentation
"I Come Quickly"Oliver, David2007Stark Road, MIMinistryConference1 of ?39N/A45Living for ETERNITY
Eternal LifeForeshew, Byrne2007Stark Road, MIMinistryConference2 of ?33N/A46What is Eternal Life?
Peace with GodForeshew, Byrne2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference3 of ?27N/A47Excellent introduction to God's salvation
It is Finished!Dennison, John2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference4 of ?24N/A48
Jonah and JohnOliver, David2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference5 of ?29N/A49
Without EqualDerksen, Marvin2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference6 of ?30N/A50
Saying "NO"Dennison, John2007Stark Road, MIMinistryConference7 of ?35N/A51Geared for younger generation
Care-free, Careful, CaringUssher, Andrew2007Stark Road, MIMinistryConference8 of ?31N/A52Christian living, Help with anxiety
RestorationUssher, Andrew2007Stark Road, MIMinistryConference9 of ?37N/A53Touching and Encouraging
Uniqueness of Christianity1Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral1 of 67N/A54Only 2 beliefs
Uniqueness of Christianity2Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral2 of 613N/A55Evidence in prophecy
Uniqueness of Christianity3Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral3 of 68N/A56You can be honest
Uniqueness of Christianity4Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral4 of 64N/A57One Savior
Uniqueness of Christianity5Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral5 of 67N/A58Instant change of status
Uniqueness of Christianity6Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral6 of 65N/A59God both just and loving
Silence of SistersCrawford, Norman??MinistryGeneral1 of 120N/A60Speaking in the assembly
How to be born againHiggins, Eugene2006?GospelGeneral1 of 14461Clip
Hebrews 1, Bible Reading(none)2008Grants Pass, ORBible StudyConference1 of 280N/A62The supremacy, deity, and glory of Christ
Hebrews 2, Bible Reading(none)2008Grants Pass, ORBible StudyConference2 of 271N/A63
From Drugs to ChristOrasuk, Peter?Ballymena Gospel Hall, Northern IrelandTestimonyGeneral1 of 154N/A65Testimony of Peter Orasuk. Powerful. Life changing. Isa 53
The Bible and the Chinese language-- they are related!Vance, Stephen2006Ontario, CanadaGospelGeneral3 of 1836N/, used with permission
1 John 4-5Portman, Joel??MinistrySeries65N/A70
Christ on the Highway, in the Heart, in the ScripturesPaisley, Harold2007Hitesville, IAMinistryConference1 of 131N/A71This message should warm your heart!
Joseph in his Parents' houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference1 of 654N/A72Practical teaching
Joseph in Potiphar's houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference2 of 641N/A73Practical teaching
Joseph in the Prison houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference3 of 639N/A74Practical teaching
Joseph in Pharaoh's houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference4 of 649N/A75Practical teaching
Joseph in his Personal houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference5 of 651N/A76Practical teaching
Joseph in God's houseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Waterloo, IAMinistryConference6 of 654N/A77Practical teaching
Burnt OfferingBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 659N/A78Typical Teaching
Meal OfferingBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 659N/A79Typical Teaching
Peace OfferingBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 661N/A80Typical Teaching
Sin OfferingBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 661N/A81Typical Teaching
Trespass OfferingBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 660N/A82Typical Teaching
Law of the OfferingsBentley, Thomas1999Blue River, WIMinistryGeneral6 of 667N/A83Typical Teaching
FellowshipHiggins, Eugene?Sunnyslope, AZMinistryGeneral1 of 548N/A84
WorshipHiggins, Eugene?Sunnyslope, AZMinistryGeneral2 of 549N/A85
DiscipleshipHiggins, Eugene?Sunnyslope, AZMinistryGeneral3 of 546N/A86
LeadershipHiggins, Eugene?Sunnyslope, AZMinistryGeneral4 of 543N/A87
LordshipHiggins, Eugene?Sunnyslope, AZMinistryGeneral5 of 533N/A88
(reserved)Stubbs, John2008Waukesha, WIMinistrySeriesN/A89
(reserved)Stubbs, John2008Waukesha, WIMinistrySeriesN/A90
(reserved)Stubbs, John2008Waukesha, WIMinistrySeriesN/A91
(reserved)Stubbs, John2008Waukesha, WIMinistrySeriesN/A92
Activity of the Saints in the Eternal StateStubbs, John2008Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 551N/A93
Gospel: "Master"Cain, Matthew2008Blue River, WIGospelConference15N/A94
Gospel: WoundedWells, Stanley2008Blue River, WIGospelConference27N/A95
Not ashamedRodgers, Bruce2008Black River Falls, WiMinistryGeneral1 of 161N/A96Helpful, challenging
He restoreth my soulOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries5 of 545N/A101A passionate exhortation
God's mighty hand: Creation vs. EvolutionCrawford, Norman1998Blue River, WIGospelGeneral1 of 141N/A104Excellent
Ephesians 1:1-14aOliver, David2008Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference1 of 971N/A137
Ephesians 1:1-14bOliver, David2008Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference2 of 916N/A138
Ephesians 1:15-23McCullough, Eric2008Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3 of 970N/A139
Ephesians 2:1-22Shutt, Daniel2008Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4 of 982N/A140
GospelShutt, Daniel2008Gays Mills, WIGospelConference5 of 924N/A141
GospelOliver, David2008Gays Mills, WIGospelConference6 of 933N/A142
MinistryLavery, William2008Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference7 of 915N/A143
MinistryOliver, David2008Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference8 of 925N/A144
Ephesians 3Lavery, William2008Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference9 of 9108N/A145
Ephesians 4:1aHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference1 of 1254N/A146
Ephesians 4:1bHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference2 of 1256N/A147
Ephesians 4:25aOliver, David2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3 of 1244N/A148
Ephesians 4:25bOliver, David2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4 of 1238N/A149
Ephesians 5:18aCain, Marcus2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference5 of 1245N/A150
Ephesians 5:18bCain, Marcus2009Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference6 of 1236N/A151
ForgivenOliver, David2009Gays Mills, WIGospelConference7 of 1237152
Glory of GodWilliams, Gordon2009Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference8 of 1213N/A153
Hast thou heard?Oliver, David2009Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference9 of 1215N/A154
ObedienceHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference10 of 1210N/A155
Ephesians 6:10aWilliams, Gordon2009Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference11 of 1252N/A156
Ephesians 6:10bWilliams, Gordon2009Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference12 of 1261N/A157
Interpreting the BibleCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries1 of 1051N/A158
Definition of an assemblyCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries2 of 1050N/A159
Local BodyCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries3 of 1052N/A160
Lord's SupperCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries4 of 1053N/A161
Assembly: HeadshipCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries5 of 1049N/A162
Assembly: Holy SpiritCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries6 of 1052N/A163
Assembly Gospel TestimonyCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries7 of 1051N/A164
Assembly: Reception, Fellowship, Seat of UnlearnedCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries8 of 1050N/A165Includes explanation on the practice of a "back seat"
Assembly GivingCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries9 of 1048N/A166
Assembly DisciplineCrawford, Norman??MinistrySeries10 of 1050N/A167
Introduction: The mind in PhilippiansHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference1 of 846N/A181
The Gospel MindCrawford, Norman2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference2 of 835N/A182
Technology & the ChristianHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference3a of 88N/A183
Guarded Mind: feelings of depression, bitterness, uselessnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference3a of 841N/A184
God-centered Mind: living self-lesslyCrawford, Norman2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference4 of 838N/A185
Godly Mind: avoiding self-centeredness; Submission, ServiceHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference5 of 851N/A186
Gentle Mind: dealing with problemsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference6 of 836N/A187
Grateful, Giving MindCrawford, Norman2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference7 of 845N/A188
Garrisoned Mind: deliverance from anxietyHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Ontario, WIMinistryConference8 of 848N/A189
Revealer / Rebel / RansomCrawford, Norman2009Ontario, WIGospelConference1 of 137N/A190
Samuel in his placeMcCandless, Murray2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 1528N/A191
Looking to the futureShutt, Daniel2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 1537N/A192
How God GuidesHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 1531N/A193
Focus in lifeDennison, John2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 1537N/A194
Following your focusDennison, John2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 1531N/A195
Jeshua- A man that stoodMcCandless, Murray2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 1530N/A196
Atmosphere in the assemblyHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 1537N/A197
Atmosphere in the homeShutt, Daniel2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference8 of 1533N/A198
It is FinishedDennison, John2009Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1524N/A199
Great SalvationShutt, Daniel2009Garnavillo, IAGospelConference10 of 1529N/A200
The Gospel of JohnHiggins, Dr. A. J.2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 1536N/A201
Fixing your focusDennison, John2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference12 of 1528N/A202
Shammah- A man that stoodMcCandless, Murray2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference13 of 1535N/A203
How will I serve?Shutt, Daniel2009Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference14 of 1538N/A204
GospelMcCandless, Murray2009Garnavillo, IAGospelConference15 of 1527N/A205
Entering the HoliestPortman, Joel2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference1 of 2032N/A243
Leaving God's PresenceDoll, Brandon2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference2 of 2016N/A244
ProgressSkates, William2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference3 of 2030N/A245
Revival, Restoration, RenewalSlabaugh, John2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference4 of 2034N/A246
What does the Lord require?Jennings, Jerry2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference5 of 2027N/A247
The inheritanceLavery, William2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference6 of 2034N/A248
Growing SamuelRodriguez, Harrys2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference7 of 2031N/A249
Ron Hollnagel TestimonyHollnagel, Ron2009Muscoda, WITestimonyConference8 of 207N/A250
Testimony, Anthony ElliottElliott, Anthony2009Muscoda, WITestimonyConference10 of 2010N/A252
Matthew Kundert TestimonyKundert, Matthew2009Muscoda, WITestimonyConference11 of 2012N/A253
Afar OffFowler, Eric2009Muscoda, WIGospelConference12 of 2020N/A254
GospelWeber, Roy2009Muscoda, WIGospelConference13 of 2026N/A255
Blessed HopeOrr, Robert2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference14 of 208N/A256
Purpose of HeartFowler, Eric2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference15 of 2034N/A257
Price of ObedienceFrazier, Isaiah2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference16 of 2015N/A258
Ruth's ChoiceOrr, Robert2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference17 of 2019N/A259
Luke 5:1-11Weber, Roy2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference18 of 2020N/A260
Being like the Lord JesusLavery, William2009Muscoda, WIMinistryConference19 of 2023N/A261
Bible Reading: Luke 4Portman, Joel2009Muscoda, WIBible StudyConference20 of 2056N/A262
Psalm 28Orr, Robert2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 1819N/A263Sorry, poor recording quality on this one.
David, man after God's own heartSlabaugh, John2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 1833N/A264
DanielJennings, Jerry2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 1828N/A265
Paul & WitnessingCliff, Greg2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 1820N/A266
Assembly at AntiochSkates, William2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 1838N/A267
Understanding; Word of GodFowler, Eric2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 1840N/A268
Importance of the Holy SpiritPortman, Joel2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 1840N/A269
Testimony of Lyle DempsterDempster, Lyle2009La Crosse, WITestimonyConference8 of 189N/A270
Testimony of Jonathan WardWard, Jonathon2009La Crosse, WITestimonyConference9 of 186N/A271
Testimony of Aaron TaylorTaylor, Aaron2009La Crosse, WITestimonyConference10 of 184N/A272
Testimony of James HubbordHubbord, James2009La Crosse, WITestimonyConference11 of 185N/A273
Seeking Savior, Sorrowing Savior, Sovereign ChristSkates, William2009La Crosse, WIGospelConference12 of 1830N/A274
Sin: Pleasures, Punishment, Putting AwayLavery, William2009La Crosse, WIGospelConference13 of 1823N/A275
Psalm 23Lavery, William2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 1836N/A276
Lessons from the shipwreckOrr, Robert2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 1828N/A277
Christian SobrietyFrazier, Jim2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 1829N/A278
Strong Desires, willPortman, Joel2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference17 of 1819N/A279
A Little Coat, Cloud, Chamber, CakeFowler, Eric2009La Crosse, WIMinistryConference18 of 1829N/A280
Lessons from a PotterJennings, Jerry2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference1 of 2126N/A281
Secret of a saved life, sure likeness, steady labour, steady raceThompson, T.J.2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference2 of 2123N/A282
Mystery of Godliness: 1Tim. 3:14-16Cain, Matthew2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference3 of 2129N/A283
Christ on the mountain, on the sea, in the boatStubbs, John2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference4 of 2135N/A284
Divine Movement; Destructive MovementWells, Stanley2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference5 of 2135N/A285
PrayerMcCullough, Eric2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference6 of 2125N/A286
KnowledgeThompson, Stuart2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference7 of 2129N/A287
Preservation of truthBadgely, Eugene2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference8 of 2128N/A288
Testimony, Marvin StudnickaStudnicka, Marvin2008Blue River, WITestimonyConference9 of 217N/A289
Testimony, Philip PancakePancake, Philip2008Blue River, WITestimonyConference10 of 216N/A290
Testimony, Brent StudnickaStudnicka, Brent2008Blue River, WITestimonyConference11 of 218N/A291
Testimony, Glenn MooreMoore, Glenn2008Blue River, WITestimonyConference12 of 2111N/A292
Gospel: "Master"Cain, Matthew2008Blue River, WIGospelConference13 of 2115N/A293
Gospel: WoundedWells, Stanley2008Blue River, WIGospelConference14 of 1927N/A294
John 1:1-14Stubbs, John2008Blue River, WIBible StudyConference15 of 2161N/A295
Children's Meeting: Lost SheepMoore, Glenn2008Blue River, WIChildrenConference16 of 1924N/A296
The MillenniumSlabaugh, John2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference17 of 1928N/A297
WindowsLavery, William2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference18 of 1928N/A298
EndurancePortman, Joel2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference19 of 2125N/A299
Abel, Enoch, NoahWeber, Roy2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference20 of 2119N/A300
The Lord's PresenceThompson, T.J.2008Blue River, WIMinistryConference21 of 2133N/A301
God is not like menPortman, Joel2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 2114N/A302
God is our Refuge- updated 11-3-08Rodgers, Bruce2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 2133N/A303Excellent.
The Great CommissionThompson, T.J.2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 2124N/A304
OverseersThompson, Stuart2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 2127N/A305
Children's meetingWardell, Don2008La Crosse, WIChildrenConference5 of 2130N/A306
Important "Day"s of ScripturePortman, Joel2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 2134N/A307
Separation- Positive AspectCain, Matthew2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 2134N/A308
Living in the good of God's presencePerkins, Larry2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 2124N/A309
Luke 19:6-14, 1Tim 4:11-16,1Cor 11:23-26Weber, Roy2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference9 of 2125N/A310
Testimony- Robert OrrOrr, Robert2008La Crosse, WITestimonyConference10 of 217N/A311
Testimony- Zach WingerWenger, Zach2008La Crosse, WITestimonyConference11 of 216N/A312
Gospel- What is a Christian?Thompson, T.J.2008La Crosse, WIGospelConference12 of 2115N/A313
Gospel- Prodigal SonPerkins, Larry2008La Crosse, WIGospelConference13 of 2126N/A314
Christ stills the stormOrr, Robert2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 1914N/A315
Garments of the Lord JesusPortman, Joel2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 2121N/A316
Christ, Cross, Crown, Cup- updated 11-10-08Wardell, Don2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 1911N/A317
Sunday SchoolOsborne, David2008La Crosse, WIChildrenConference17 of 1919N/A318
Living for GodWardell, Don2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference18 of 1936N/A319
A Believer's WalkOrr, Robert2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference19 of 2124N/A320
Last words of the Lord JesusPerkins, Larry2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference20 of 2125N/A321
Last words of the Apostle PaulPortman, Joel2008La Crosse, WIMinistryConference21 of 2123N/A322
The Assembly - 1st halfMultiple2008Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings47N/A323
The Assembly - 2nd halfMultiple2008Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings74N/A324
Outline, The AssemblyN/A2008Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A324b
Breaking of Bread Meeting - 1st halfMultiple2008La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings60N/A325
Breaking of Bread Meeting - 2nd halfMultiple2008La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings62N/A326
Outline, Breaking of Bread MeetingN/A2008La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A326b
Prayer MeetingMultiple2009Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings66N/A327
Outline, the Prayer MeetingN/A2009Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A327b
Teaching MeetingMultiple2009Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings55N/A328
Outline, Teaching MeetingN/A2009Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A328b
Song: I will sing of my RedeemerMultiple2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings5N/A329
Report MeetingMultiple2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings60N/A330
Outline, the Report MeetingN/A2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A330b
Gospel MeetingMultiple2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings61N/A331
Outline, Gospel meetingN/A2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A331b
Song: Great ShepherdMultiple2009Blue River, WISongWI Winter Bible Readings1N/A332
Shepherds & Sheep (Ministry)Mark Van Der Hart2009Blue River, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings21N/A333
Discipline MeetingMultiple2009Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings74N/A334
Outline, Discipline MeetingN/A2009Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A334b
Meeting of the EldersMultiple2009Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings51N/A335
Outline, Elders' meetingN/A2009Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A335b
Gospel Worker IMultiple2009Mount Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings77336
Gospel Worker IIMultiple2009Mount Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings77337
Outline, Gospel WorkerN/A2009Mount Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A337b
The Worshipper IMultiple2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings74338
The Worshiper IIMultiple2009Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings76339
WorshipVan der Hardt, Mark2009Ontario, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings29340
Warning SignsCliff, Greg2009Ontario, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings23341
The Teacher IMultiple2010Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings75342
The Teacher IIMultiple2010Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings75343
Outline, the teacherN/A2010Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A343b
Overseers IMultiple2010La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings77370
Overseers IIMultiple2010La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings77371
Outline, overseersN/A2010La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A371b
Deacons IMultiple2010Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings73372
Deacons IIMultiple2010Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings73373
Outline, DeaconsN/A2010Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A373b
Prayer IMultiple2010Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings75374
Prayer IIMultiple2010Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings76375
Outline, prayerN/A2010Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A375b
Glorious Gospel: ChartSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeriesIMGN/A344a
The Gospel: The Sovereignty of GodSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries1 of 1341344
The Gospel: The Origin of EvilSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries2 of 1339345
The Gospel: The Fallen ManSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries3 of 1353346
The Gospel: PropitiationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries4 of 1353347
The Gospel: RedemptionSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries5 of 1353348
The Gospel: ReconciliationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries6 of 1344349
The Gospel: JustificationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries7 of 1354350
The Gospel: RegenerationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries8 of 1335351
The Gospel: ForgivenessSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries9 of 1335352
The Gospel: SanctificationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries10 of 1357353
The Gospel: New CovenantSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries11 of 1352354
The Gospel: Eternal SecuritySimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries12 of 1348355
The Gospel: Eternal Punishment / GlorificationSimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries13 of 1370356
The Gospel: Zip, all files, high qualitySimms, Peter2010La Crosse, WIMinistrySeriesZIP356b
2 Men in Life, in Death, in EternityKrauss, Fred2008Stout, IAGospelConference28N/A367
Genesis 22: Abraham & IsaacMultiple2008Portage La Prairie, CanadaBible StudyConference1 of 277N/A368
Genesis 24: Rebecca & IsaacMultiple2008Portage La Prairie, CanadaBible StudyConference2 of 285N/A369
A Reason For LivingKrauss, Fred?Ontario, WITestimonyGeneral1 of 150376
Account of a missionary's experiences in Japanese labor camps, WWIIRose, Darlene Deibler??MissionaryGeneral1 of 161377Powerful and moving
Creation: Genesis 1:1-25aCrawford, Norman2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference1a of 553378Includes typical teaching; evolution refuted; gap theory discussed.
Creation: Genesis 1:1-25bCrawford, Norman2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference1b of 553379both simple and deep
Creation: Genesis 1:26-2:7Oliver, David2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference2 of 570380You'll get something new each time you listen.
Creation: Genesis 2:8-25Hull, Albert2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference3 of 577381Excellent
Creation: Genesis 3Paisley, Harold2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference4 of 571382Excellent
Creation: Genesis 4Baker, Jim2000Saugus, MABible StudyConference5 of 575383Excellent
Grace Part 1Rodgers, Bruce2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 333384
Grace Part 2Rodgers, Bruce2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 361385
Grace Part 3: in relationships: dealing with conflictRodgers, Bruce2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 364386
Love Part 1Rodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 258387
Love Part 2Rodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 255388
CommitmentOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries1 of 545N/A389
Headship, Lordship, FellowshipOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries2 of 554N/A390
PrayerOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries3 of 554N/A391
UnityOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries4 of 554N/A392
RestorationOrasuk, Peter??MinistrySeries5 of 545N/A393
Romans 5-8 Bible Study OutlineMultiple2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConferenceDOCN/A394
Romans 5:12-6:23 Part ARodgers, Bruce2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference1 of 1262N/A394
Romans 5:12-6:23 Part BRodgers, Bruce2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference2 of 1260N/A395
Romans 7:1-25 Part AOliver, David2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3 of 1244N/A396
Romans 7:1-25 Part BOliver, David2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4 of 1236N/A397
Romans 8:1-17 Part ASkates, William2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference5 of 1241N/A398
Romans 8:1-17 Part BSkates, William2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference6 of 1247N/A399
The other sideMeekin, John2010Gays Mills, WIGospelConference7 of 1221400
SimeonMcCandless, Murray2010Gays Mills, WIGospelConference8 of 1230401
One who seeks the welfare of God's peopleSlabaugh, John2010Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference9 of 1218402
He shall deliver theeRodgers, Bruce2010Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference10 of 1222403
Romans 8:18-39 Part ALavery, William2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference11 of 1258N/A404
Romans 8:18-39 Part BLavery, William2010Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference12 of 1258N/A405
Bible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 1)McCandless, Murray2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 1256425
Bible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 2)McCandless, Murray2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 1240426
The Church, the BrideMacLeod, Scott2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 1219427
How far will my love go?Christopherson, Allan2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 1225428
David's lament over Saul & JonathonPortman, Joel2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 1230429
The presence of the Ever-existing OneThompson, Stuart2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 1230430
The coming of the LordSkates, William2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 1227431
I am the Door, the Shepherd, the Bread of LifePerkins, Larry2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 1225432
No ExcuseThompson, Stuart2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference8 of 1228433
The coming of the LordSlabaugh, John2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference9 of 1239434
Spiritual PerspectivePerkins, Larry2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference10 of 1222435
Profitable ThingsMcCandless, Murray2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference11 of 1230436
Places relating to the CrucifixionMacLeod, Scott2010Waukesha, WIMinistryConference12 of 1230437
The SunMacLeod, Scott2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference1 of 1620N/A438
The Man of GodPortman, Joel2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference2 of 1636N/A439
MannaLavery, William2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference4 of 1631N/A440
CourtshipSlabaugh, John2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference5 of 1633N/A441
ChildrenSurgenor, Robert2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference6 of 1640N/A442
MarriageJennings, Jerry2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference7 of 1626N/A443
God's CallThompson, Stuart2010Cedar Falls, WIGospelConference8 of 1624N/A444
Repent & BelieveMacLeod, Scott2010Cedar Falls, WIGospelConference9 of 1631N/A445
Bible Reading : Hebrews 2McCandless, Murray2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference10 of 1660N/A446
Holy BrethrenWilliams, Gordon2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference11 of 1621N/A447
History of Waterloo AssemblyMcCullough, Eric2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference12 of 1624N/A448
History of Waterloo AssemblyNesbit, Russell2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference13 of 167N/A449
HonourMcCandless, Murray2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference14 of 1633N/A450
Psalm 23Williams, Gordon2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference15 of 1633N/A451
The ShepherdLavery, William2010Cedar Falls, WIMinistryConference16 of 1621N/A452
Appreciation of ChristOliver, David2010Prince Edward IslandMinistryGeneral1 of 158453
The Believer and TrialsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2007Hamilton, OntarioMinistryGeneral1 of 151N/A454
Whiter than snow (session 1)Smith, Peter2007La Crosse, WIChildrenGeneral1 of 59455Children's story
Whiter than snow (session 2)Smith, Peter2007La Crosse, WIChildrenGeneral2 of 510456Children's story
Whiter than snow (session 3)Smith, Peter2007La Crosse, WIChildrenGeneral3 of 512457Children's story
Whiter than snow (session 4)Smith, Peter2007La Crosse, WIChildrenGeneral4 of 510458Children's story
Whiter than snow (session 5)Smith, Peter2007La Crosse, WIChildrenGeneral5 of 515459Children's story
HouseholdsWells, Stanley2010Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 1932460
JoyDavidson, Alan2010Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 1934461
Pentateuch linked with John 1-5Skates, William2010Highland, WIMinistryConference3 of 1929462
Child rearingSlabaugh, John2010Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 1936463
Attraction of world, Weakness of flesh, Wiles of DevilMitchell, Lorne2010Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 1930464
Assembly HistoryBadgley, Eugene2010Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 1941465
Stewardship of the treasures of ChristRoy, Gerard2010Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 1946466
Testimony 1?2010Highland, WITestimonyConference8 of 199467
Testimony 2Sauseda, Sam2010Highland, WITestimonyConference9 of 195468
Testimony 3?2010Highland, WITestimonyConference10 of 197469
WoundedWells, Stanley2010Highland, WIMinistryConference11 of 1923470
Christ died for the ungodlySteers, Larry2010Highland, WIMinistryConference12 of 1934471
Bible Reading: Hebrews 10:4-18Portman, Joel2010Highland, WIMinistryConference13 of 1958472
Till I ComeOrr, Robert2010Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 1913473
His appearingSteers, Larry2010Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 1929474
Revelation 5, Lion & LambDavidson, Alan2010Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 1927475
Who art Thou, Lord? What... to do?Portman, Joel2010Highland, WIMinistryConference17 of 1928476
1 Thessalonians 5Orr, Robert2010Highland, WIMinistryConference18 of 1919477
Food in 1Samuel 10, 17, 30Mitchell, Lorne2010Highland, WIMinistryConference19 of 1916478
High Priestly Ministry of Lord JesusRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 1741479
God is in ControlSkates, William2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 1729480
Christian Soul TroubleDoll, Brandon2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 1710481
Report on Postville, IA and MexicoSluiter, Shad2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 1731482
We Have's in HebrewsMcCullough, Eric2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 1731483
Priesthood, worshipLavery, William2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 1727484
Josiah: Youth for GodJennings, Jerry2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 1722485
Testimony-S. GentzGentz, S2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 1715486
Testimony- D. BrandtBrandt, D2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference9 of 178487
Soul, Sacrifice, SalvationOrr, Robert2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference10 of 1732488
The Fire and the LambMcCullough, Eric2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference11 of 1725489
ShowingWardell, Don2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference12 of 1720490
The Walk of the Lord JesusLavery, William2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference13 of 1717491
The Will of GodSlabaugh, John2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 1732492
CallingsFrazier, Jim2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 1725493
Chosen, Controlled, CalledChristopherson, Allan2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 1729494
Last words of PaulOrr, Robert2010La Crosse, WIMinistryConference17 of 1716495
Background to Romans 12:1Rodgers, Bruce2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 557496
Romans 12:1-5Rodgers, Bruce2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 555497
Romans 12:6-8Rodgers, Bruce2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 554498
Romans 12:9-11Rodgers, Bruce2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 554499
Romans 12:12-21Rodgers, Bruce2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 559500
Daniel: IntroductionWells, Stanley2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 554501
Daniel: Chapters 2-4Wells, Stanley2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 552502
Daniel: Chapters 7-8Wells, Stanley2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 552503
Daniel: Chapter 9Wells, Stanley2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 548504
Daniel: Chapter 10-12Wells, Stanley2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 549505
Abraham, the friend of GodDavidson, Alan2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 261506
David, a man after God's own heartDavidson, Alan2010Ontario, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 260507
Paul, a servant of GodDavidson, Alan2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 159508
Timothy, a man of GodDavidson, Alan2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 157509
Report: Siberia and IndiaDavidson, Alan2010Ontario, WIMissionaryGeneral1 of 170510
Introduction to StewardshipRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 1234511
Stewardship with our spiritual giftsRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 1258512
Stewardship of truthRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 1257513
Stewardship: Intro to foundational relationshipsRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 1259514
Stewardship: Relationships & TemperamentsRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 1256515
Temperament ChartRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 12PDFN/A515a
Stewardship: Relationships & Preserving UnityRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral6 of 1259516
Stewardship: Relationships between husband and wifeRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral7 of 1243517
Stewardship with finances (part 1)Rodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral8 of 1259518
Stewardship with finances (part 2, budget)Rodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral9 of 1257519
Stewardship goalsRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral10 of 1255520
Stewardship and the Judgement Seat of ChristRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral11 of 1258521
Stewardship and the Judgement Seat of Christ Part IIRodgers, Bruce2010La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral12 of 1261522
Temptation and the sympathizing ChristRodgers, Bruce2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 259523
Promises of God & priesthood of ChristRodgers, Bruce2010Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 255524
Women in the ScripturesVan Der Hart, Mark2010Ontario, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 147525
Women in the Home (study) Part 1Multiple2010Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 274526
Women in the Home (study) Part 2Multiple2010Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 273527
Outline, Women in the HomeN/A2010Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A527b
Women in the Assembly (study) Part 1Multiple2011Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 270528
Women in the Assembly (study) Part 2Multiple2011Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 278529
Outline, women in the assemblyN/A2011Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A529b
Women in Society (study) Part 1Multiple2011Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 274530
Women in Society (study) Part 2Multiple2011Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 274531
Outline, women in societyN/A2011Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A531b
Women in different stages of life (study) Part 1Multiple2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 269534
Women in different stages of life (study) Part 2Multiple2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 279535
Outline, Women in different stages of lifeN/A2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A535b
The Love of GodMultiple2010La Crosse, WIGospelGeneral1 of 126532
Gospel stories for children (link)Smith, Harold??ChildrenLinkLinkN/A533
Headship Part 1Portman, Joel2010?MinistryGeneral1 of 241N/A536
Headship Part 2, Long hairPortman, Joel2010?MinistryGeneral2 of 26N/A537
Assembly: Why Separation?Portman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries1 of 450N/A538
Assembly: just A place?Portman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries2a of 424N/A539
Assembly: BaptismPortman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries2b of 47N/A540
Assembly: Open table?Portman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries2c of 412N/A541
Assembly: Denominational tiesPortman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries3a of 428N/A542
Assembly: Should we have a paid pastor?Portman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries3b of 419N/A543
Assembly: WomenPortman, Joel?Blue River, WIMinistrySeries4 of 444N/A544
Outline, Romans 9-12Multiple2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConferencePDFN/A559
Romans 9 Part ABarnes, Howard2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference1a of 550560a
Romans 9 Part BBarnes, Howard2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference1b of 561560b
Romans 10Higgins, Dr. A. J.2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference2 of 577561
Romans 11 Part AMcCullough, Eric2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3a of 538562
Romans 11 Part BMcCullough, Eric2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3b of 547563
Romans 12 Part ABeattie, Jim2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4a of 534564
Romans 12 Part BBeattie, Jim2011Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4b of 576565
PhilippiansBarnes, Howard2011Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference5 of 538566
Parable of the vineyardMcCandless, Murray2011Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 1631567
Doxologies (Worship) in RomansSkates, William2011Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 1631568
ShepherdingKrauss, Fred2011Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 1625569
Wisdom of men vs. Power of GodMacLeod, Scott2011Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 1634570
Bring Back the Book, Ark, KingBergsma, Andrew2011Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 1624571
Tools for a successful lifeShutt, Daniel2011Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 1628572
Three Spheres of TestingSmith, Jim2011Stout, IAMinistryConference7 of 1633573
Bible Study: Psalm 22Smith, Jim2011Stout, IABible StudyConference8 of 1661574
Psalm 1McCullough, Eric2011Stout, IAMinistryConference9 of 1626575
ServiceLavery, William2011Stout, IAMinistryConference10 of 1625576
His will, Living worthy, strengthened, giving thanksPerkins, Larry2011Stout, IAMinistryConference11 of 1623577
Coronation of ChristKrauss, Fred2011Stout, IAMinistryConference12 of 1620578
Eutychus, Acts 20:7-11McCandless, Murray2011Stout, IAMinistryConference13 of 1616579
Preposition of Hope, Help, HomeMacLeod, Scott2011Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 1615580
Behold- your sin, the Savior, the SovereignSkates, William2011Stout, IAGospelConference15 of 1631581
Armageddon, Calvary, Heaven, HellBurgsma, Andrew2011Stout, IAGospelConference16 of 1626582
God feedsSmith, Jim2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 1431583
Abide in HimVance, Stephen2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 1435584
TempleCain, Matthew2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 1433585
Thy GentlenessSmith, Jim2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 1435586
Assembly as a templeCain, Matthew2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 1439587
LampstandSmith, Jim2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 1442588
The church as a bodyVance, Stephen2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 1445589
Destroy this templeCain, Matthew2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference8 of 1422590
Get a fresh gripSmith, Jim2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference9 of 1440591
I sought for a manVance, Stephen2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference10 of 1441592
The future holy templeCain, Matthew2011Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 1440593
GospelVance, Stephen2011Garnavillo, IAGospelConference12 of 1430594
GospelCain, Matthew2011Garnavillo, IAGospelConference13 of 1422595
GospelSmith, Jim2011Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1428596
There is sinSharp, Gary2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference1 of 1639597
JobKrauss, Fred2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference2 of 1626598
He is risenBergsma, Andrew2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference3 of 1619599
Be not afraidPerkins, Larry2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference4 of 1623600
Cares, lust, deceitfulnessJennings, Jerry2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference5 of 1622601
BrokennessSkates, William2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference6 of 1635602
Our Great High PriestSmith, Jim2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference7 of 1638603
Worshipper of GodMcCandless, Murray2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference8 of 1630604
Our GodMacLeod, Scott2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference9 of 1626605
Psalm 122Smith, Jim2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference10 of 1623606
A woman of GodSharp, Gary2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference11 of 1634607
Bible Reading, Col. 1:10-29McCullough, Eric2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference12 of 1656608
Self protection, self promotionMacLeod, Scott2011Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference13 of 167609
Testimony, Andrew BergsmaBergsma, Andrew2011Cedar Falls, IATestimonyConference14 of 165610
GospelMacLeod, Scott2011Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference15 of 1634611
GospelMcCandless, Murray2011Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference16 of 1631612
My Call, David BoothBooth, David2011Thornhill, ONMissionaryConference43613
Report on Russia, David BoothBooth, David2011Thornhill, ONMissionaryConference13614
Ready to DieBooth, David2011Thornhill, ONGospelConference26615
Where should I gather?Higgins, Dr. A. J.??MinistryGeneral1 of 168644
Oracles of GodOliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference1 of 2234645
Bible Reading, 1Peter 1Oliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaBible StudyConference2 of 2277646
Bible Reading, 1Peter 2Williams, Gordon2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaBible StudyConference3 of 2284647
Carnal ManWilliams, Gordon2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference4 of 2230648
3 MenRonald Jr., James2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference5 of 2222649
Exceeding JoyRichards, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference6 of 2221650
EnigmasHarvey, Dan2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference7 of 2226651
PeaceOliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference8 of 2227652
Report on Mexico, David Alves Jr.Alves Jr., David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMissionaryConference9 of 2244653
Report on Mexico, Dan HarveyHarvey, Dan2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMissionaryConference10 of 2271654
God's WorkWilliams, Gordon2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference11 of 2234655
DiscipleshipRichards, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference12 of 2234656
No sacrifice sufficientOliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference13 of 2237657
He must increaseGould, Jack2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference14 of 2225658
Jesus of NazarethAlves Jr., David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaGospelConference15 of 2229659
How can I be justified?Harvey, Dan2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaGospelConference16 of 2231660
House of GodOliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference17 of 2230661
Lord's SupperWilliams, Gordon2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference18 of 2227662
Preparation or RecreationHarvey, Dan2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference19 of 2238663
FaithBergsma, Andrew2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaMinistryConference20 of 2216664
The Lamb of GodOliver, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaGospelConference21 of 2230665
Man at BethesdaRichards, David2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaGospelConference22 of 2230666
Psalm 28Orr, Robert2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference1 of 623667
2 Corinthians 5Johnson, Marvin2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference2 of 625668
Prayer of JabezPatterson, George2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference3 of 632669
Person, Purpose, Promise of RevelationJennings, Jerry2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference4 of 628670
Living for GodWardell, Don2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference5 of 641671
Community of an assembly: keeping ChristiansDudgeon, Richard2011Lancaster, WIMinistryConference6 of 632672
Intro to family relationshipsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries1 of 743N/A673
Courtship & finding a partnerHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries2 of 743N/A674
Foundational principles of marriageHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries3 of 742N/A675
Avoiding drudgery in marriageHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries4 of 740N/A676
Overcoming marriage difficultiesHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries5 of 751N/A677
Raising small childrenHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries6 of 746N/A678
Raising teenagersHiggins, Dr. A. J.2002BicesterMinistrySeries7 of 738N/A679
Honor GodMacLeod, Scott2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference1 of 1532680
Money and MansionsChristopherson, Allan2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference2 of 1526681
Some manOliver, David2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference3 of 1521682
Living for ChristMcCullough, Eric2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference4 of 1534683
What are you buyingMcCandless, Murray2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference5 of 1533684
Walking with JesusSkates, William2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference6 of 1537685
RelationshipsOliver, David2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference7 of 1525686
Buy the truthBruley, Richard2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference8 of 1517687
The Voice of GodChristopherson, Allan2011New Lenox, ILGospelConference9 of 1528688
EternityOliver, David2011New Lenox, ILGospelConference10 of 1530689
HeavenMcCullough, Eric2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference11 of 1534690
ShepherdingMcCandless, Murray2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference12 of 1530691
The Word of GodOliver, David2011New Lenox, ILMinistryConference13 of 1525692
CreationMacLeod, Scott2011New Lenox, ILGospelConference14 of 1529693
SinMcCandless, Murray2011New Lenox, ILGospelConference15 of 1524694
The House of GodChristopherson, Allan2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference1 of 1727713
Galatians: the Gospel Under AttackSkates, William2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference2 of 1736714
Colossians: FullnessSmith, Jim2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference3 of 1736715
The Greatness of GodLavery, William2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference4 of 1733716
The Development of a Man of GodPortman, Joel2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference5 of 1737717
Musts for the Lord and usSharp, Gary2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference6 of 1730718
Secrets of RevivalMcCullough, Eric2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference7 of 1725719
Testimony, Jeremy KundertKundert, Jeremy2011Highland / Blue River, WITestimonyConference8 of 179720
Testimony, Stephen GentzGentz, Stephen2011Highland / Blue River, WITestimonyConference9 of 1711721
Testimony, Stephen MoffittMoffitt, Stephen2011Highland / Blue River, WITestimonyConference10 of 1715722
The Most Important ThingsSharp, Gary2011Highland / Blue River, WIGospelConference11 of 1725723
God speaks, the Spirit Strives, the Savior SufferedMcCullough, Eric2011Highland / Blue River, WIGospelConference12 of 1728724
Steps in the Will of GodDyck, Abe2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference13 of 1747725
The Authority of the Lord JesusPortman, Joel2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference14 of 1736726
A good startLavery, William2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference15 of 1722727
Waiting on GodSharp, Gary2011Highland / Blue River, WIMinistryConference16 of 1721728
Bible Reading: Isaiah 53Portman, Joel2011Highland / Blue River, WIBible StudyConference17 of 1759729
My relationship with GodHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries1 of 758730
My relationship with my brethrenHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries2 of 752731
My relationship with saints in needHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries3 of 741732
My relationship with believers not in the assembly and unsavedHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries4 of 741733
My relationship with my spouseHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries5 of 753734
My relationship to the assemblyHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries6 of 745735
Relationships of shepherds and sheepHiggins, Dr. A. J.2003Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries7 of 753736
Faithfulness and CommitmentRodgers, Bruce2011La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries1 of 358737
Christ the pattern of faithfulness and commitmentRodgers, Bruce2011La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries2 of 358738
Faithfulness, priorities and the Great CommissionRodgers, Bruce2011La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries3 of 361739
True life: Springs or cistern?Rodgers, Bruce2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 2020740
FoodLavery, William2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 2028741
Paul's lifeMcCullough, Eric2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 2029742
DifficultiesSkates, William2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 2028743
Report on the work in UkraineSmith, Louis2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 2024744
Good worksFitch, Jesse2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 2024745
The church pictured in O.T. bridesSmith, Jim2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 2043746
Our Great High Priest: Trials and TemptationsRodgers, Bruce2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 2031747Answers the question, "How can Christ sympathize in regards to sin?"
The power of personal decisionSluiter, Shad2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference9 of 2019748
Testimony, Andrew KundertKundert, Andrew2011La Crosse, WITestimonyConference10 of 204749
Testimony, Alex McCulloughMcCullough, Alex2011La Crosse, WITestimonyConference11 of 202750
Testimony, John XiongXiong, John2011La Crosse, WITestimonyConference12 of 2012751From Shamanism to Christ
Testimony, Jaren RuffRuff, Jerren2011La Crosse, WITestimonyConference13 of 209752
A woman loosed, a sinner savedSkates, William2011La Crosse, WIGospelConference14 of 2028753
The message of the crossSmith, Jim2011La Crosse, WIGospelConference15 of 2026754
The meal offeringSmith, Jim2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 2037755
EphesiansMcCullough, Eric2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference17 of 2033756
1John 2:1-3:3Lavery, William2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference18 of 2030757
The Mount of OlivesSkates, William2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference19 of 2029758
Spiritual LongingsWardell, Don2011La Crosse, WIMinistryConference20 of 2019759
ObedienceMcCandless, Murray2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference1 of 1414760
Law and GraceMacLeod, Scott2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference2 of 1431761
Spiritual ProgressSkates, William2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference3 of 1429762
The power of GodPortman, Joel2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference4 of 1423763
Assembly truthsSmith, Jim2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference5 of 1432764
LeahMcCandless, Murray2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference6 of 1427765
FaithPerkins, Larry2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference7 of 1426766
The heartDerksen, Marvin2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference8 of 1433767
CleansingMacLeod, Scott2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference9 of 1419768
Simon or PeterSmith, Jim2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference10 of 1431769
ConvictionsDerksen, Marvin2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference11 of 1432770
Mighty menMcCandless, Murray2011Hitesville, WIMinistryConference12 of 1434771
GospelMacLeod, Scott2011Hitesville, WIGospelConference13 of 1423772
GospelMcCandless, Murray2011Hitesville, WIGospelConference14 of 1430773
Bible Reading Part 1, Regeneration & The New BirthN/A2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1a of 577774
Bible Reading Part 2, Regeneration & The New BirthN/A2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1b of 565775
Outline, Regeneration & The New BirthN/A2011Black Earth, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1c of 5PDFN/A776
Bible Reading Part 1, Propitiation2011Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2a of 579777
Bible Reading Part 2, Substitution2011Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2b of 559778
Outline, Propitiation & SubstitutionN/A2011Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2c of 5PDFN/A779
Bible Reading Part 1, Forgiveness2012La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings3a of 580780
Bible Reading Part 2, Reconciliation2012La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings3b of 564781
Working with Children (Part 1)2012Waukesha, WIBible StudyGeneral1a of 154782
Working with Children (Part 2)2012Waukesha, WIBible StudyGeneral1b of 153783
Outline: Children's workN/A2012Waukesha, WIBible StudyGeneral1c of 1PDFN/A784
Enoch: Walking with GodHunter, Jack1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference1 of 1042791
How to please GodCrawford, Norman1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference2 of 1032792
Paul's ambitionMcCullough, Eric1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference3 of 1035793
Simeon: a man of GodHunter, Jack1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference4 of 1046794
Keeping thy heartHiggins, Eugene1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference5 of 1032795
The Majesty of ChristHunter, Jack1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference6 of 1037796
The Worth of the Lord JesusCrawford, Norman1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference7 of 1029797
What we hope for controls our behavior: likeness to ChristOliver, David1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference8 of 1028798
ElijahHunter, Jack1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference9 of 1040799
Song of SolomonMcCullough, Eric1990Toronto, CanadaMinistryConference10 of 1023800
Divine LoveKrauss, Fred1986Detroit, MichiganMinistryConference1 of 427801
Four sources of encouragementPearcey, Frank1986Detroit, MichiganMinistryConference2 of 436802
RevivalCrawford, Norman1986Detroit, MichiganMinistryConference3 of 426803
Young men God usedMcLeod, Oswald1986Detroit, MichiganMinistryConference4 of 423804
Bible Study outline: RedemptionN/A2012Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings4 of 5PDFN/A805This study was not recorded.
JustificationN/A2012Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings5a of 570806
SanctificationN/A2012Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings5b of 567807
Outline: Justification & SanctificationN/A2012Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings5c of 5PDFN/A808
7 Churches: IntroductionHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries1 of 856821
7 Churches: Ephesus, the loveless assembly; the physician and their failureHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries2 of 853822
7 Churches: Smyrna, the loyal assembly; the refiner and the furnaceHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries3 of 851823
7 Churches: Pergamos: the lax assembly; the assessor and His fairnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries4 of 849824
7 Churches: Thyatira, the leavened assembly: the Judge and His faithfulnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries5 of 847825
7 Churches: Sardis, the lifeless assembly; the recorder and his futureHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries6 of 854826
7 Churches: Philadelphia, the loving assembly; the porter and his fondnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries7 of 854827
7 Churches: Laodicea, the lukewarm assembly; the inspector and His findingsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2005?MinistrySeries8 of 851828
Our Minds and our HeartsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries1 of 754N/A829
Our Minds and our HolinessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries2 of 754N/A830
Our Minds and our HelpfulnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries3 of 756N/A831
Our Minds and our HomesHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries4 of 754N/A832
Our Minds and our HotheadednessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries5 of 775N/A833
Our Minds and our HopelessnessHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries6 of 755N/A834includes discussion on depression
Our Minds and our HardshipsHiggins, Dr. A. J.2004MinistrySeries7 of 746N/A835
Jackson Conference 2012 (link)LinkN/A836
Utterances from the cross: Woman, behold thy sonRodgers, Bruce2011Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries1 of 457837
Utterances from the cross: My God, My GodRodgers, Bruce2011Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries2 of 452838
Utterances from the cross:I thirst, It is Finished!Rodgers, Bruce2011Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries3 of 454839
Utterances from the cross:It is finished (cont.), Into Thy handsRodgers, Bruce2011Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries4 of 455840Includes doubts, full assurance of salvation, rest of conscience, rent veil
Panama reportForeshew, Byrnell2012Toronto, ONMissionaryConference56N/A841
Leadership in the Life of MosesHiggins, Eugene2012Toronto, ONMinistryConference30N/A842
New Carts and Old RutsHiggins, Eugene2012Toronto, ONMinistryConference29N/A843
The Example of BarnabasHiggins, Eugene2012Toronto, ONMinistryConference18N/A844
Saintly Saints - Super Nice PeopleRamsay, Peter2012Toronto, ONMinistryConference30N/A845
Saintly Saints in Contempory SocietyRamsay, Peter2012Toronto, ONMinistryConference41N/A846
El Salvador - East Coast reportSt. Clair, Shawn2012Toronto, ONMissionaryConference58N/A847
Prayer (part 1)Krauss, Fred2012Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 1719N/A848
WATCHDryburgh, Alex2012Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 1733N/A849
1 JohnSkates, William2012Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 1731N/A850
"My helper," Hebrews 13:5-6 MacLeod, Scott2012Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 1724N/A851
DisciplineSmith, Jim2012Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 1742N/A852
The OvercomerKrauss, Fred2012Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 1731N/A853
The crossHull, Albert2012Stout, IAMinistryConference7 of 1741N/A854
What will you do with Jesus?Sharp, Gary2012Stout, IAMinistryConference8 of 174N/A855
SeriousSharp, Gary2012Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 1723N/A856
Two hoursHull, Albert2012Stout, IAGospelConference10 of 1730N/A857
Bible Reading: Psalm 23N/A2012Stout, IAMinistryConference11 of 1758N/A858
Assembly fellowshipBaker, Tom2012Stout, IAMinistryConference12 of 1740N/A859
WorshipDryburgh, Alex2012Stout, IAMinistryConference13 of 1724N/A860
Prayer (part 2)Krauss, Fred2012Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 1722N/A861
Guided and received into gloryFitch, Jesse2012Stout, IAMinistryConference15 of 1711N/A862
TrialsPortman, Joel2012Stout, IAMinistryConference16 of 1726N/A863
Not savedMacLeod, Scott2012Stout, IAGospelConference17 of 1728N/A864
Garments of the High Priest: Overview of the High Priestly MinistryStubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries1 of 556865
Garments of the High Priest: Robe of blue and EphodStubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries2 of 556866
Garments of the High Priest: Breastplate, Urim and ThummimStubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries3 of 559867
Garments of the High Priest: Mitre and Golden CrownStubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries4 of 556868
Garments of the High Priest: Day of AtonementStubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries5 of 537869
Hebrews 9Stubbs, John2012Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 149870
The Little WoodchopperBible Truth PublishersChildrenLinkN/A871
Isaiah 64Stubbs, John2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)MinistryConference1 of 1121N/A872
Outline, Romans 13-16N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference2 of 11PDFN/A873a
Romans 13, Part 1N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference2 of 1147N/A873
Romans 13, Part 2N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference3 of 1161N/A874
Romans 14, Part 1N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference4 of 1147N/A875
Romans 14, Part 1N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference5 of 1135N/A876
Romans 15, Part 1N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference6 of 1147N/A877
Romans 15, Part 2N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference7 of 1133N/A878
Romans 16, Part 1N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference8 of 1165N/A879
Romans 16, Part 2N/A2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Bible StudyConference9 of 1146N/A880
A Lost CoinMcCandless, Murray2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)GospelConference10 of 1130N/A881
ForgivenessMeekin, John2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)GospelConference11 of 1124N/A882
Numbers 13Lavery, William2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 1511N/A883
JonahSharp, Gary2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 1533N/A884
PhoebeCrawford, Brian2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 1530N/A885
Brotherly loveThompson, Stuart2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 1528N/A886
ChangePerkins, Larry2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 1525N/A887
A passing priesthoodLavery, William2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 1535N/A888
Five double typesSmith, Jim2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 1542N/A889
SinglenessSluiter, Shad2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference8 of 1528N/A890
The crossCrawford, Brian2012Waukesha, WIGospelConference9 of 1524N/A891
Nicodemus meets the SaviorSharp, Gary2012Waukesha, WIGospelConference10 of 1527N/A892
Work in CorinthPortman, Joel2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference11 of 1540N/A893
Relationship with the FatherSmith, Jim2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference12 of 1516N/A894
Psalm 22, 23Lavery, William2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference13 of 1525N/A895
Choices at a cross-roadPerkins, Larry2012Waukesha, WIMinistryConference14 of 1517N/A896
Christ is lifeThompson, Stuart2012Waukesha, WIGospelConference15 of 1530N/A897
Teaching: Outline (PDF)Rodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeriesN/APDFN/A898
Knowing God: a prerequisite to teachingRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries1 of 645899
Teaching: Connecting with peopleRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries2 of 656900
Teaching: The Purpose of the MessageRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries3 of 655901
Teaching: The Preparation of the MessageRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries4 of 654902Addresses Bible version translations, addressing God as You vs Thou, Bible reading & study methods
Teaching: Principles for teaching and Bible studyRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries5 of 655903
Teaching: Presentation of the messageRodgers, Bruce2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries6 of 659904
Ezra and RecoveryCoulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 1427N/A905
MannaKember, Shad2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 1432N/A906
The Conscience, Part 1Rodgers, Bruce2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 1435N/A907
Conditions for approach to God, Part 1Coulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 1440N/A908
Conditions for approach to God, Part 2Coulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 1442N/A909
Jacob's encounter with GodKember, Shad2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 1439N/A910
The Conscience, Part 2Rodgers, Bruce2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 1446N/A911
JudgementRodgers, Bruce2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 1424N/A912
JustifiedCoulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1432N/A913
Remember MeCoulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference10 of 1435N/A914
Report on IndiaCoulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 1445N/A915
Commendation ConsiderationsKember, Shad2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference12 of 1448N/A916
The Conscience, Part 3Rodgers, Bruce2012Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference13 of 1444N/A917
Your sinsKember, Shad2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1429N/A918
Face to face with lions & other children's storiesBible Truth PublishersChildrenLinkN/A919
Lost in the woods & other children's storiesBible Truth PublishersChildrenLinkN/A920
SeparationMacLeod, Scott2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference1 of 1539N/A921
One of youMcCandless, Murray2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference2 of 1524N/A922
Keep meSharp, Gary2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference3 of 1523N/A923
Keep close to the LordKrauss, Fred2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference4 of 1528N/A924
EstherSmith, Jim2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference5 of 1532N/A925
Two JosephsMeekin, John2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference6 of 1531N/A926
The Father's Hand, honour, houseDryburgh, Alex2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference7 of 1527N/A927
But God demonstrates His loveMacLeod, Scott2012Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference8 of 1531N/A928
Lord, save meMcCandless, Murray2012Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference9 of 1527N/A929
Bible Reading: Isaiah 53N/A2012Cedar Falls, IABible StudyConference10 of 1555N/A930
ShepherdingKrauss, Fred2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference11 of 1528N/A931
Even so, comeMacLeod, Scott2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference12 of 1523N/A932
The Lord is comingDryburgh, Alex2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference13 of 1526N/A933
He goeth before youMeekin, John2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference14 of 1528N/A934
Eagle flightMcCandless, Murray2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference15 of 1530N/A935
The Least of all SaintsVanstone, Ross2012Hamilton, OntarioMinistryConference1 of 1641N/A936
Showing forth the praises of HimBaker, Tom2012Hamilton, OntarioMinistryConference11 of 1644N/A946
Gospel - Isaiah 53:5St. Clair, Shawn2012Hamilton, OntarioGospelConference16 of 1645N/A951
The value of the Scriptures illustrated in Abraham's lifeOrr, Robert2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference1 of 631N/A970
HeavenSkates, William2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference2 of 636N/A971
Teaching principles to our childrenErickson, Cal2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference3 of 67N/A972
David's difficultiesJennings, Jerry2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference4 of 633N/A973
10 things salvation does to a believerAspenson, Paul2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference5 of 642N/A974
Exhortation to prayWeber, Roy2012Lancaster, WIMinistryConference6 of 621N/A975
ForgivenessSluiter, Shad2012Cedar Falls, IAMinistryGeneral1 of 139978
Similes in the Psalms (by request)Gilliland, David2012Marion, IAMinistryGeneral1 of 1REQN/A979
True Prayer, true powerSpurgeon, Charles1860MinistryLink1 of 1YouTubeN/A980
Restoration (by request)Hoy, Tom2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference1 of 16ReqN/A981
Fervent PrayerRobertson, Andrew2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference2 of 1629N/A982
Chosen and ChoicesChristopherson, Allan2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference3 of 1627N/A983
Hang on until He comesSmith, Jim2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference4 of 1633N/A984
Holiness and the Unmarried (by request)Shutt, Daniel2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference5 of 16ReqN/A985
1 Peter 1 (by request)Hoy, Tom2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference6 of 16ReqN/A986
Be Strong (by request)Frazier, Jim2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference7 of 16ReqN/A987
The perfumeSmith, Jim2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference8 of 1628N/A988
Nothing and EverythingRobertson, Andrew2012New Lenox, ILGospelConference9 of 1628N/A989
Acts 4:12Shutt, Daniel2012New Lenox, ILGospelConference10 of 1629N/A990
Dagger of the WordChristopherson, Allan2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference11 of 1624N/A991
God-centered PrayerRobertson, Andrew2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference12 of 1630N/A992
Discipleship (by request)Shutt, Daniel2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference13 of 16ReqN/A993
Esther: a surrendered life (by request)Hoy, Tom2012New Lenox, ILMinistryConference14 of 16ReqN/A994
Last wordsChristopherson, Allan2012New Lenox, ILGospelConference15 of 1631N/A995
JustifiedHoy, Tom2012New Lenox, ILGospelConference16 of 1627N/A996
Romans 8Skates, William2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference2 of 1629998
Which side of the cross are you on?Bergsma, Andrew2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference3 of 1614999
Gaining the wells of our fathersMcCandless, Murray2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference4 of 16421000
2 Tim 2Wells, Stanley2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference5 of 16371001
Ordinary men in JohnSmith, Jim2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference6 of 16281002
Great High PriestMcCullough, Eric2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference8 of 16201004
The Lord gave the wordChristopherson, Allan2012Hitesville, IAGospelConference9 of 16201005
Pharisee and PublicanMcCandless, Murray2012Hitesville, IAGospelConference10 of 16311006
LevitesMcCandless, Murray2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference11 of 16271007
David and the Lord JesusLavery, William2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference12 of 16361008
Living for ChristGilliland, David2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference13 of 16REQ1009
ArmorSmith, Jim2012Hitesville, IAMinistryConference14 of 16171010
The great gospel feastSmith, Jim2012Hitesville, IAGospelConference16 of 16221012
Brought LowDryburgh, Alex2012Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 19311013
HeadshipSteers, Larry2012Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 19271014
Give me thine heartChristopherson, Allan2012Highland, WIMinistryConference3 of 19251015
Signs, sound, storms, song (cut short)Wells, Stanley2012Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 1941016
PrayerBarnes, Howard2012Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 19231017
Behavior in the house of GodThompson, Stuart2012Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 19271018
Two kinds of wisdomLavery, William2012Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 19321019
Authority of ChristPortman, Joel2012Highland, WIMinistryConference8 of 19311020
Testimony, Larry SteersSteers, Larry2012Highland, WIMinistryConference9 of 19321021
Testimony, Alex DryburghDryburgh, Alex2012Highland, WIMinistryConference10 of 19111022
Tower, Tree, House, HenWells, Stanley2012Highland, WIMinistryConference11 of 19181023
Life is briefThompson, Stuart2012Highland, WIMinistryConference12 of 19191024
(Reading) The heavenly bridegroom & bridePortman, Joel2012Highland, WIMinistryConference13 of 19551025
How the gospels begin and endDryburgh, Alex2012Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 1981026
Colossians refuting errorBarnes, Howard2012Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 19331027
The Lord for us, with us, in us, among usDryburgh, Alex2012Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 19281028
God will preserve His peopleLavery, William2012Highland, WIMinistryConference17 of 19301029
My BelovedSteers, Larry2012Highland, WIMinistryConference18 of 19231030
My heartPortman, Joel2012Highland, WIMinistryConference19 of 19151031
Bearing fruitBednarik, Rob2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 17271032
John's gospel; The Lord's coming in the past, present, future.Dryburgh, Alex2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 17331033
Enoch: walking with GodCliff, Greg2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 17261034
Care and anxietyBarnes, Howard2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 17411035
Taking advantage of the opportunityChristopherson, Allan2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 17131036
SteadfastnessOrr, Robert2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 17201037
Husbands, love your wivesPortman, Joel2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 17291038
Priestly ministryLavery, William2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 17151039
Testimony, John FlemingFleming, John2012La Crosse, WITestimonyConference9 of 17161040
Testimony, Kent OrrOrr, Kent2012La Crosse, WITestimonyConference10 of 1781041
LostOrr, Robert2012La Crosse, WIGospelConference11 of 17281042
Receiving Christ, new birthBarnes, Howard2012La Crosse, WIGospelConference12 of 17281043
Mary of BethanyJennings, Jerry2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference13 of 17311044
Giving myselfBarnes, Howard2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 17301045
"Behold My Servant"Dryburgh, Alex2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 17281046
Preparation for serviceLavery, William2012La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 17251047
As for man, As for God, As for meChristopherson, Allan2012La Crosse, WIGospelConference17 of 17291048
Revelation, Part 1Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries1 of 646N/A1049 Rev. 1:1-20
Revelation, Part 2Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries2 of 656N/A1050Rev. 8:1-7, 11; 2:1-7; 3:14-20
Revelation, Part 3Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries3 of 648N/A1051Rev. 4:1-11
Revelation, Part 4Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries4 of 650N/A1052Rev. 6:1-17; 8:1
Revelation, Part 5Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries5 of 649N/A1053Rev. 12:1-10
Revelation, Part 6Wells, Stanley2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeries6 of 647N/A1054Matt 24:21, Rev 3:10, 1, 11, 17:1-5, Zech 14:4-5, Jude 14, I Thess 4:14, 16, Is 35:1, Rev 20:11-15
Revelation Chart (Harry Ironside)Ironside, Harry2012Ontario, WIMinistrySeriesN/APDFN/A1055
Solomon referenced outside Kings/ChroniclesHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries1 of 8491056
Solomon elevated to the throneHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries2 of 8451057
Solomon established in the kingdomHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries3 of 8491058
Solomon enabled for leadershipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries4 of 8411059
Solomon enlarging and enriching the kingdomHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries5 of 8441060
Solomon engaged in buildingHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries6 of 8481061
Solomon's erosion and enemiesHiggins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries7 of 8381062
Solomon's Psalm 72Higgins, Dr. A. J.2012Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries8 of 8331063
Ruth 1 (Part 1)N/A2012La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 4461064a
Ruth 1 (Part 2)N/A2012La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 4641064b
Outline, Ruth 1N/A2012La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 4PDFN/A1065
Ruth 2 (Part 1)N/A2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 4601066
Ruth 2 (Part 2)N/A2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 4531067
Outline, Ruth 2N/A2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 4PDFN/A1068
Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret (YouTube)BookLinkN/A1069
Ruth 3 (Part 1)N/A2013Black Earth, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings3 of 4541070
Ruth 3 (Part 2)N/A2013Black Earth, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings3 of 4531071
Outline, Ruth 3N/A2013Black Earth, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings3 of 4PDFN/A1072
Ruth 4 (Part 1)N/A2013Blue River, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings4 of 4601073
Ruth 4 (Part 2)N/A2013Blue River, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings4 of 4581074
Outline, Ruth 4N/A2013Blue River, WIMinistryWI Winter Bible Readings4 of 4PDFN/A1075
Worship, Part 1 (Abraham)Rodgers, Bruce2013La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 2581076
Worship, Part 2 (Job, Marys)Rodgers, Bruce2013La Crosse, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 2601077
Take the low placeMcCandless, Murray2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 1691078
Dealing with trialsMacLeod, Scott2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 16241079
Psalm 75Skates, William2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 16311080
Passovers and Progress in JohnPortman, Joel2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 16361081
Overcoming the wicked oneLavery, William2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 16351082
David's 3 mighty menMcCandless, Murray2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 16341083
Love one anotherThompson, Stuart2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 16291084
The sin strugglePerkins, Larry2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference8 of 16241085
The woman at the wellMacLeod, Scott2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference9 of 16251086
JosephMcCandless, Murray2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference10 of 16261087
Psalm 23MacLeod, Scott2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference11 of 16201088
Hebrews 11Lavery, William2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference12 of 16181089
Sovereignty of God / Responsiblilty of manThompson, Stuart2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference13 of 16231090
The tried SaintsPortman, Joel2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference14 of 16201091
Bad beginningsMcCandless, Murray2013Waukesha, WIMinistryConference15 of 16161092
It is finished. It is enough.Perkins, Larry2013Waukesha, WIGospelConference16 of 16221093
PrayerWells, Stanley2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 14291094
The Will of GodGoff, Gaius2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 14301095
Pattern Prayer - Part 1Harvey, Dan2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 14381096
ContinuingWells, Stanley2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 14311097
Pattern Prayer - Part 2 - ForgivenessHarvey, Dan2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 14401098
DavidWells, Stanley2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 14441099
The power of God; giftsGoff, Gaius2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 14411100
My sin, My punishment, My LordWahls, Jason2013Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 14251101
Seek ye the LORDSaword, Craig2013Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 14251102
The Word of GodGoff, Gaius2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference10 of 14271103
HeavenWells, Stanley2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 14371104
Temptations; The work of God; throwing in the towelHarvey, Dan2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference12 of 14461105
The Foundation of GodGoff, Gaius2013Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference13 of 14431106
Wise and FoolishFrazier, Isaiah2013Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 14291107
1 Corinthians: "Among you"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries1 of 8551108
1 Corinthians: "Fellowship"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries2 of 8531109
1 Corinthians: "Think"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries3 of 8391110
1 Corinthians: "Subject"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries4 of 841111
1 Corinthians: "Any man"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries5 of 8541112
1 Corinthians: "Judge"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries6 of 8411113
1 Corinthians: "Shame"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries7 of 8561114
1 Corinthians: "Charity (love)"Higgins, Dr. A. J.2005Waterloo, IAMinistrySeries8 of 8551115
"Declare unto us"McCullough, Eric2013Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 19241117
BabylonSkates, William2013Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 19351118
Winning, Welcoming, Weeping for soulsNesbit, Russell2013Highland, WIMinistryConference3 of 19171119
Fellowship, 1 John 1Portman, Joel2013Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 19441120
Believing yes, Understanding yes, Loving yesMcLean, Max2013Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 19211121
Christ as the BranchDunsire, Duncan2013Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 19481122
The storm of Psalm 29Topley, Terry2013Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 19221123
Testimony2013Highland, WITestimonyConference8 of 19101124
TestimonyWenger, Zach2013Highland, WITestimonyConference9 of 19101125
Testimony2013Highland, WITestimonyConference10 of 1961126
Romans 1:16, the GospelMcLean, Max2013Highland, WIGospelConference11 of 19251127
The voice of the Son of GodTopley, Terry2013Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 19231128
Bible Reading: The Lord's ComingPortman, Joel2013Highland, WIMinistryConference13 of 19541129
The holiness of Christ (last part)Dunsire, Duncan2013Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 19111130
Triplets in 1 CorinthiansMcCullough, Eric2013Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 19381131
Psalm 63: Consolation in Times of AnxietySkates, William2013Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 19281132
Things not seen but very realPortman, Joel2013Highland, WIMinistryConference17 of 19221133
GraceDunsire, Duncan2013Highland, WIMinistryConference18 of 19211134
Salvation of an ethiopianMcCullough, Eric2013Highland, WIGospelConference19 of 19291135
The presence of GodChristopherson, Allan2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 11261136
WisdomPortman, Joel2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 11341137
Psalm 119:129-136Orr, Robert2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 11151138
The Levitical OfferingsDunsire, Duncan2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 11431139
True to the WordCrawford, Brian2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 11191140
Philippians 1:21Topley, Terry2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 11101141
SoSkates, William2013La Crosse, WIGospelConference7 of 11291142
Christ on 4 Thrones in HebrewsDunsire, Duncan2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 11221143
Psalm 24Skates, William2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference9 of 11381144
Be's in Romans 12Orr, Robert2013La Crosse, WIMinistryConference10 of 11261145
Being WiseOrr, Robert2013La Crosse, WIGospelConference11 of 11241146
Matthew 5:1-16a2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2611156
Matthew 5:1-16b2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2561157
Outline, Matthew 5:1-16N/A2013Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A1158
Matthew 5:17-302014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings3 of 4711159
Matthew 5:31-482014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings4 of 4701160
Outline, Matthew 5:17-48N/A2014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A1161
Christ died for the ungodlyCrawford, Norman2000Jackson, MIGospel251162
God's lovingkindnessCrawford, Norman2004Ministry81163Audio quality is not as good
He cares for youCrawford, Norman2006Jackson, MIMinistry201164
He died for meCrawford, Norman2013Jackson, MITestimony91165
One Sacrifice for sins foreverCrawford, Norman2001Jackson, MIGospel271166
Spiritual growthCrawford, Norman2001Jackson, MIMinistry221167
The love of ChristCrawford, Norman2001Jackson, MIMinistry171168
The new birthCrawford, Norman2002Jackson, MIGospel271169
The perfect manhood of the Lord JesusCrawford, Norman2004Ministry201170
The Savior in Isaiah 53Crawford, Norman2007Jackson, MIMinistry161171
The substitute accepted for meCrawford, Norman2001Jackson, MIGospel271172
The sufferings of the Lord JesusCrawford, Norman2004Ministry131173
The testimony of the crossCrawford, Norman2004Ministry121174
Two books of God's revelationCrawford, Norman2004Ministry201175
Types of the Lord JesusCrawford, Norman2004Ministry171176
What Manner of Man is ThisCrawford, Norman2014Jackson, MIMinistry211177
What it means to be lostCrawford, Norman2007Jackson, MIGospel271178
What it means to be savedCrawford, Norman2000Jackson, MIGospel271179
Why did Christ die for meCrawford, Norman2009Jackson, MIGospel261180
You need to locate yourselfCrawford, Norman2006Jackson, MIGospel261181
Isaac - Possession & Progress of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 6511182
Moses - Peril of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 6391183
Samson - Potential and Power of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 6451184
Samuel - Perseverance of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral4 of 6391185
John Baptist - Purpose of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral5 of 6361186
Lord Jesus - Perfection of sonshipHiggins, Dr. A. J.2014Waukesha, WIMinistryGeneral6 of 6381187
1 John 1Meekin, John2014Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference1 of 12151188
Outline, 2 PeterN/A2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConferencePDFN/A1189
2 Peter 1 - part 1Higgins, Dr. A. J.2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference2 of 12641190
2 Peter 1 - part 2Higgins, Dr. A. J.2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference3 of 12461191
2 Peter 2 - part 1Lavery, William2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference4 of 12471192
2 Peter 2 - part 2Lavery, William2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference5 of 12371193
2 Peter 3 - part 1Meekin, John2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference6 of 12461194
2 Peter 3 - part 2Meekin, John2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference7 of 12401195
Outline, JudeN/A2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConferencePDFN/A1196
Jude - part 1Vallance, David2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference8 of 1266N/A1197
Jude - part 2Vallance, David2014Gays Mills, WIBible StudyConference9 of 12541198
Isaiah 53Vallance, David2014Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference10 of 12401199
I am the WayThibodeau, Brody2014Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference11 of 12291200
Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinnersMcCandless, Murray2014Gays Mills, WIMinistryConference12 of 12241201
HearingCrawford, Brian2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 16151202
ShepherdingSharp, Gary2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 16281203
The Shepherd SeekingLavery, William2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 16251204
1 John 1Smith, Jim2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 16291205
Light, Life, Love in JohnBeattie, Jim2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 16431206
Knowing the will of GodPerkins, Larry2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 16301207
The Distant Shepherd of John 11Rodgers, Bruce2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 16241208
Walking WorthyCrawford, Brian2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference8 of 16231209
GospelSharp, Gary2014Waukesha, WIGospelConference9 of 16231210
GospelCrawford, Brian2014Waukesha, WIGospelConference10 of 16281211
Night SeasonsBeattie, Jim2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference11 of 16151212
Mary & Martha in John 11Rodgers, Bruce2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference12 of 16341213
The rejection of the Lord Jesus, the Perfect ServantLavery, William2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference13 of 16221214
Abraham, Long visionSmith, Jim2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference14 of 16321215
Putting your children under the sound of the WordToombs, Gary2014Waukesha, WIMinistryConference15 of 16101216
GospelCrawford, Brian2014Waukesha, WIGospelConference16 of 16251217
ServiceSluiter, Shad2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference1 of 15291218
Wasting your life for ChristShutt, Daniel2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference2 of 15321219
Unique thingsSkates, William2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference3 of 15311220
The divine planMacLeod, Scott2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference4 of 15331221
Christian home & wanderingDryburgh, Alex2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference5 of 15261222
DavidMcCandless, Murray2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference6 of 15281223
Psalm 22Rodgers, Bruce2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference7 of 15301224
John 3:16Hunt, David2013Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference8 of 15241225
The cross in light of time and eternityHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference9 of 15281226
Bible Reading, Genesis 22N/A2013Cedar Falls, IABible StudyConference10 of 15551227
The sinless perfection of ChristMacLeod, Scott2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference11 of 15171228
Pictures of the local assemblyLavery, William2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference12 of 15261229
Psalm 23Perkins, Larry2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference13 of 15241230
Discouragement & EncouragementHunt, David2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference14 of 15211231
The coming of the Lord JesusHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference15 of 15281232
After these thingsBeattie, Jim2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference1 of 17231234
Progress in assembly conditionSharp, Gary2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference2 of 17381235
Losing heartChristopherson, Allan2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference3 of 17271236
The grace of acceptanceKrauss, Fred2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference4 of 17321237
Who is the greatest?Perkins, Larry2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference5 of 17251238
A prepared placeLavery, William2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference6 of 17351239
John the BaptistThibodeau, Brody2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference7 of 17291240
They came and wentThibodeau, Brody2014Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference8 of 17291241
Christ the Sovereign, Stranger, SaviorSharp, Gary2014Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference9 of 17291242
Psalm 69, Bible readingN/A2014Cedar Falls, IABible StudyConference10 of 17501243
CrownsKrauss, Fred2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference11 of 17151244
What made Timothy who he wasSharp, Gary2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference12 of 17281245
Applications from SolomonLavery, William2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference13 of 17181246
1 Corinthians 13Thibodeau, Brody2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference14 of 17211247
Encouragement for Sunday School teachersKrauss, Fred2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference15 of 17141248
Philippians 1Orr, Robert2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference16 of 17161249
Broken thingsBeattie, Jim2014Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference17 of 17171250
Introduction to Family RelationshipsBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries1 of 71251
Marriage and the homeBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries2 of 71252
Husband and wife relationshipsBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries3 of 71253
Children and parentingBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries4 of 71254
CourtshipBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries5 of 71255
Need for physical intimacyBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries6 of 71256
Finances in a marriageBeattie, Jim2014La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries7 of 71257
Spent allSt. Clair, Shawn2014Kitchener, ONGospelConference13 de 13291270
EnochOrr, Robert2014Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 19181271
The sin of railingSkates, William2014Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 19311272
Three dangerous unknown conditionsPortman, Joel2014Highland, WIMinistryConference3 of 19281273
MarriageDavidson, Alan2014Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 19421274
Assembly truthSteers, Larry2014Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 19301275
Things the Lord hasLavery, William2014Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 19261276
Applications for the gates of JerusalemWeber, Roy2014Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 19271277
Purpose to be with HimDoll, Brandon2014Highland, WIMinistryConference8 of 19151278
You can be sure, saved, satisfiedTopley, Terry2014Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 19141279
1Timothy 1:15Steers, Larry2014Highland, WIGospelConference13 of 19271280
Bread and WineLavery, William2014Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 1971281
Jeremiah, like ChristDavidson, Alan2014Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 19301282
Assembly responsibilityDyck, Abe2014Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 19321283
Old PathsSteers, Larry2014Highland, WIMinistryConference17 of 19171284
The Lord Jesus in Isaiah 50:4-10Topley, Terry2014Highland, WIMinistryConference18 of 19201285
The New BirthDavidson, Alan2014Highland, WIGospelConference19 of 19271286
The Resurrection - Mark 16Davidson, Alan2014Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 1601287
Certain men who were wrongSkates, William2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 161288
DiscouragementChristopherson, Allan2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 161289
Nazariteship and Devotion to GodLavery, William2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 161290
A Christ-centered lifeDavidson, Alan2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 161291
The wood offering: the humanity of ChristDunsire, Duncan2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 161292
A separated lifeBaker, Tom2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 161293
The unity of the assemblySteers, Larry2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 161294
Nothing to payDoll, Brandon2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference8 of 161295
Not saved - Are savedMcCandless, Murray2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference9 of 161296
Peace OfferingRonald Jr., James2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference10 of 161297
Mark 8-9:7Lavery, William2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference11 of 161298
The first day of the weekThompson, Stuart2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference12 of 161299
Myrrh: a fragrant lifeMcCandless, Murray2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference13 of 161300
I will come againSteers, Larry2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 161301
Myrrh and frankincense in the life of the Lord JesusDunsire, Duncan2014La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 161302
Great SalvationBaker, Tom2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference16 of 161303
Matthew 6:1-18 Part 1N/A2014Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2601304
Matthew 6:1-18 Part 2N/A2014Beetown, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2531305
Matthew 6:19-34 Part 1N/A2014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2591307
Matthew 6:19-34 Part 2N/A2014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2541308
Outline, Matthew 6:19-34N/A2014Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A1309
Matthew 7:1-14 Part 1N/A2015Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2531310
Matthew 7:1-14 Part 2N/A2015Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2611311
Matthew 7:15-29 Part 1N/A2015La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2591313
Matthew 7:15-29 Part 2N/A2015La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2471314
Outline, Matthew 7:15-29N/A2015La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible ReadingsPDFN/A1315
Cloak, Books, Scriptures, John MarkBarnes, Howard2015Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference1 of 13131316
John 1 Part 1Rodgers, Bruce2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference2 of 13581317
John 1 Part 2Rodgers, Bruce2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference3 of 13501318
Colossians 1 Part 1McCandless, Murray2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference4 of 13441319
Colossians 1 Part 2McCandless, Murray2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference5 of 13371320
Hebrews 1 Part 1MacLeod, Scott2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference6 of 13411321
Hebrews 1 Part 2MacLeod, Scott2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference7 of 13401322
The sinner of John 8:1-11MacLeod, Scott2015Mt. Sterling, WIGospelConference8 of 13261323
Ephesians 2:8-9McCandless, Murray2015Mt. Sterling, WIGospelConference9 of 13261324
In Remembrance of MeMacLeod, Scott2015Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference10 of 13161325
Let this mind be in youBarnes, Howard2015Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference11 of 13101326
Revelation 1 Part 1Barnes, Howard2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference12 of 13511327
Revelation 1 Part 2Barnes, Howard2015Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference13 of 13641328
Near-drowning experience of Scott HayesHayes, Scott2015Stout, IATestimonyGeneral1 of 1521329
The Deity of ChristVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries1 of 7481330
The Humanity of ChristVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries2 of 7411331
The Messiah- boyhood, temptations, impeccabilityVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries3 of 7561332
The atonement of ChristVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries4 of 7231333
The death and resurrection of ChristVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries5 of 7341334
The downstooping, exhaltation, and coming of ChristVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries6 of 7431335
Christ in the GardenVallance, David2015Waukesha, WIMinistrySeries7 of 7281336
Which way are you leaning?MacLeod, Scott2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference1 of 17291337
Interpersonal relationshipsWells, Stanley2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference2 of 17301338
Reality in God's familyLavery, William2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference3 of 17211339
3 Voices in 1 Kings 3Dryburgh, Alex2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference4 of 17331340
GaiusSteers, Larry2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference5 of 17201341
Leaving the presence of the LORDDoll, Brandon2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference6 of 17151342
JosiahMcCandless, Murray2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference7 of 17341343
John 21McCullough, Eric2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference8 of 17181344
As Moses lifted up the serpentDoll, Brandon2015Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference9 of 17251345
They shall comeMcCandless, Murray2015Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference10 of 17241346
John 17Lavery, William2015Cedar Falls, IABible StudyConference11 of 17531347
Forgot himMcCandless, Murray2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference12 of 17161348
Characteristics of the Apostle PaulLavery, William2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference13 of 17221349
Characteristics of the Lord JesusMacLeod, Scott2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference14 of 17121350
Sacrifice, Sought, ServiceDryburgh, Alex2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference15 of 17161351
Thomas the HonestMcCandless, Murray2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference16 of 17261352
PrayerWells, Stanley2015Cedar Falls, IAMinistryConference17 of 17291353
Learning more about the place to which we are goingLavery, William2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 17101354
HeavenMcCullough, Eric2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 17311355
3 outstanding nights in the life of JacobWells, Stanley2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 17331356
Living with a fresh view of judgmentDoll, Brandon2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 17181357
Lord's supper: are we willing to give God the best?MacLeod, Scott2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 17371358
Oneness of believers; "Walk" in EphesiansSmith, Jim2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 17311359
Romans 12:1 - Present your bodies; the meal offeringLavery, William2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 17281360
2Kings 13 - the influence of older menMcCandless, Murray2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference8 of 17301361
Spiritual sobrietyFrazier, Jim2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference9 of 17171362
A time to be born and a time to dieMcCandless, Murray2015Waukesha, WIGospelConference10 of 17301363
Jesus and NicodemusMacLeod, Scott2015Waukesha, WIGospelConference11 of 17231364
DevotionalLavery, William2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference12 of 17121365
4 Things that produce restSmith, Jim2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference13 of 17251366
Watch your loveBadgely, Eugene2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference14 of 17301367
Faithfulness to Christ in a day of departureMcCullough, Eric2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference15 of 17201368
Suffering saintsMacLeod, Scott2015Waukesha, WIMinistryConference16 of 17311369
Two men who wanted to see the Lord JesusDoll, Brandon2015Waukesha, WIGospelConference17 of 17261370
Psalm 73Rodgers, Bruce2013Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 20341371
WorshipDryburgh, Alex2013Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 20131372
TrialsMacLeod, Scott2013Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 20231373
Turning points in David's lifePerkins, Larry2013Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 20281374
5 Until's in the book of RuthDryburgh, Alex2013Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 20251375
Transferral of garmentsMcCandless, Murray2013Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 20371376
Testimony, Scott HayesHayes, Scott2013Stout, IATestimonyConference8 of 2081377
Testimony, Gary SoutherdSoutherd, Gary2013Stout, IATestimonyConference9 of 2071378
Testimony, Laverne WeberWeber, Laverne2013Stout, IATestimonyConference10 of 2091379
Testimony, Sid HayesHayes, Sid2013Stout, IATestimonyConference11 of 2051380
Christ died for our sinsHunt, David2013Stout, IAGospelConference12 of 20241381
Blood, book, song, wrath of the LambHull, Albert2013Stout, IAGospelConference13 of 20291382
Bible study, 1 Cor. 15:35n/a2013Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 20541383
Elijah leaves ElishaMcCandless, Murray2013Stout, IAMinistryConference15 of 20301384
A changed lifeHunt, David2013Stout, IAMinistryConference16 of 20131385
ConsecrationHull, Albert2013Stout, IAMinistryConference17 of 20351386
The resurrectionMacLeod, Scott2013Stout, IAMinistryConference18 of 20311387
The crucified, conquering, coming ChristHull, Albert2013Stout, IAGospelConference19 of 20271388
God callingHunt, David2013Stout, IAGospelConference20 of 20291389
Lessons at KadeshKrauss, Fred2014Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 17181390
Men in the book of RuthBeattie, Jim2014Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 17271391
Three songs in RevelationMacLeod, Scott2014Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 17301392
Restoration under HezekiahSkates, William2014Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 17281393
Jacob the grave diggerMcCandless, Murray2014Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 17411394
PrayerKrauss, Fred2014Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 17261395
The Word cameThibodeau, Brody2014Stout, IAMinistryConference7 of 17341396
Burnt OfferingSmith, Jim2014Stout, IAMinistryConference8 of 17261397
So farMcCandless, Murray2014Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 17241398
Where are you, where are you going?Thibodeau, Brody2014Stout, IAGospelConference10 of 17281399
Isaiah 53n/a2014Stout, IABible StudyConference11 of 17571400
Coldness of heartMcCandless, Murray2014Stout, IAMinistryConference12 of 17251401
Need for restorationBeattie, Jim2014Stout, IAMinistryConference13 of 17231402
Vessels - used of GodThibodeau, Brody2014Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 17231403
The coming of the LordSkates, William2014Stout, IAMinistryConference15 of 17201404
HeavenKrauss, Fred2014Stout, IAMinistryConference16 of 17281405
HomeMacLeod, Scott2014Stout, IAMinistryConference17 of 1771406
Follower of ChristMacLeod, Scott2015Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 18401407
The person of ChristDoll, Brandon2015Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 18151408
GoldWells, Stanley2015Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 18311409
Lord of meThibodeau, Brody2015Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 18221410
Be a friend of GodMcCandless, Murray2015Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 18311411
Lord Jesus ChristDryburgh, Alex2015Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 18221412
The garmentMcCullough, Eric2015Stout, IAMinistryConference7 of 18391413
Your wayThibodeau, Brody2015Stout, IAGospelConference8 of 18251414
The LightMcCandless, Murray2015Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 18341415
Bible reading, John 20n/a2015Stout, IABible StudyConference10 of 18541416
EldersWells, Stanley2015Stout, IAMinistryConference11 of 18331417
Empty seatsJennings, Jerry2015Stout, IAMinistryConference12 of 18211418
The Lord's comingLavery, William2015Stout, IAMinistryConference13 of 18131419
Sleep in JesusMacLeod, Scott2015Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 18181420
Work todayMcCandless, Murray2015Stout, IAMinistryConference15 of 18251421
Psalm 119:11Dryburgh, Alex2015Stout, IAMinistryConference16 of 18211422
The gospel and reaction to itWells, Stanley2015Stout, IAGospelConference17 of 18291423
So great salvationDryburgh, Alex2015Stout, IAGospelConference18 of 18231424
The PassoverSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries1 of 11531425
Accounts of the PassoverSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries2 of 11501426
The Passover continuedSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries3 of 11491427
The Feast of FirstfruitsSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries4 of 11481428
The Feast of WeeksSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries5 of 11451429
Gap in the feasts: Report on the workSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries6 of 11561430
The Feast of TrumpetsSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries7 of 11541431
The Day of AtonementSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries8 of 11431432
The Feast of TabernaclesSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries9 of 11501433
Prophesies in ZechariahSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries10 of 11491434
The MillenniumSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries11 of 11411435
PrayerVallance, David2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 13301436
Running the RaceRamsay, Peter2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 13331437
The God of Endurance and EncouragementCain, Matthew2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 13291438
Jeremiah: serving in youthVallance, David2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 13411439
The God of HopeCain, Matthew2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 13401440
Ezra: Rise up and buildVallance, David2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 13501441
WorshipRamsay, Peter2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 13491442
MethuselahCain, Matthew2015Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 13281443
The God and Father of our Lord Jesus ChristCain, Matthew2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference9 of 13261444
Matthew 18Vallance, David2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference10 of 13461445
The BibleRamsay, Peter2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 13461446
Behold GodCain, Matthew2015Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference12 of 13391447
Genesis 22Vallance, David2015Garnavillo, IAGospelConference13 of 13361448
Our speechFrazier, Isaiah2015Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 17201449
God knowsSkates, William2015Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 17351450
Four requests of the Lord Jesus in John 17Nesbit, Russell2015Highland, WIMinistryConference3 of 17251451
Social drinkingSteers, Larry2015Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 17321452
Local assembly truths to faithfully upholdMcCullough, Eric2015Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 17301453
Development of the church in ActsPortman, Joel2015Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 17401454
The presence of GodWeber, Roy2015Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 17281455
Testimony, Marvin StudnickaStudnicka, Marvin2015Highland, WITestimonyConference8 of 17101456
Testimony, Randy JohnsonJohnson, Randy2015Highland, WITestimonyConference9 of 17141457
Testimony, Jeff NovakNovak, Jeff2015Highland, WITestimonyConference10 of 1751458
Prepare to meet GodPortman, Joel2015Highland, WIGospelConference11 of 17201459
The love of GodSteers, Larry2015Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 17211460
Resurrection, Bible readingN/A2015Highland, WIBible StudyConference13 of 17571461
Our relationship with Christ seen in Song of SongsMcCullough, Eric2015Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 17381462
The ascension of ChristSteers, Larry2015Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 17281463
Christ the ForerunnerSkates, William2015Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 17281464
Conversion of the ethiopian eunuchMcCullough, Eric2015Highland, WIGospelConference17 of 17261465
The Golden Altar and PrayerSkates, William2015Lancaster, WIMinistryConference1 of 5341466
The Cloud in ExodusFrazier, Jim2015Lancaster, WIMinistryConference2 of 5391467
AndrewJennings, Jerry2015Lancaster, WIMinistryConference3 of 5311468
Being preparedFrazier, Isaiah2015Lancaster, WIMinistryConference4 of 5261469
LaborHendrickson, Kent2015Lancaster, WIMinistryConference5 of 5311470
Bible translations and the peril of changing the Word of GodMacLeod, Scott2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 16451471Note from the speaker seems to imply that translators of modern literal translations intentionally omit words, whereas they are often following manuscripts deemed by some to be older & thus more accurate.
Ways that God tests usDoll, Brandon2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 16191472
Getting a glimpse of ChristChristopherson, Allan2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 16201473
Metaphors for the assembly in EphesiansMcCullough, Eric2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 16311474
The LampstandSkates, William2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 16441475
The coming of the LordSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 16301476
The setting of the meal offeringDunsire, Duncan2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 16261477
Testimony of Mike WengerWenger, Mike2015La Crosse, WITestimonyConference8 of 16141478
Testimony of Jeremiah CollinsCollins, Jeremiah2015La Crosse, WITestimonyConference9 of 16121479
How God views sinFrazier, Isaiah2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference10 of 16261480
NicodemusWeber, Roy2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference11 of 16231481
Vinegar given to the LordSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference12 of 16241482
Keeping our focus in deteriorating conditionsMcCandless, Murray2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference13 of 16391483
The Word of GodMacLeod, Scott2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 16191484
The methods of the meal offeringDunsire, Duncan2015La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 16431485
Without Christ, Strength, HopeSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference16 of 16221486
Spiritual Progress: a fresh startAllen, James1999Hitesville, IAMinistryConference1 of 2321487Preview
Spiritual PotentialAllen, James1999Hitesville, IAMinistryConference2 of 2361488
1 Thessalonians 1-2:12 part 1N/A2015La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2781489
1 Thessalonians 1-2:12 part 2N/A2015La Crosse, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2361490
1 Thessalonians 2:13-3:13 part 1N/A2016Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2651491
1 Thessalonians 2:13-3:13 part 2N/A2016Ontario, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2471492
1 Thessalonians 4 part 1N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2581493
1 Thessalonians 4 part 2N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2601494
Testimony of William LaveryLavery, William2016Black River Falls, WITestimonyGeneral1 of 1501495
Provision in the house (The Great Supper)Lavery, William2016Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral1 of 3481496
The Prodigal in the house (The Prodigal Son)Lavery, William2016Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral2 of 3481497
Partaking in the house (The Lord's Supper)Lavery, William2016Black River Falls, WIMinistryGeneral3 of 3481498
1 Thessalonians 5 part 1N/A2016Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings1 of 2671499
1 Thessalonians 5 part 2N/A2016Blue River, WIBible StudyWI Winter Bible Readings2 of 2541500
A wise son makes a glad fatherDunsire, Duncan2016Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference1 of 13191501
Luke 2 Part 1N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference2 of 13631502
Luke 2 Part 2N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference3 of 13451503
Philippians 2 part 1N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference4 of 13381504
Philippians 2 part 2N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference5 of 13491505
Hebrews 2 part 1N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference6 of 13381506
Hebrews 2 part 2N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference7 of 13471507
Leviticus 2 part 1N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference8 of 13601508
Leviticus 2 part 2N/A2016Mt. Sterling, WIBible StudyConference9 of 13521509
So Great SalvationMacLeod, Scott2016Mt. Sterling, WIGospelConference10 of 13211510
Both HandsMcCandless, Murray2016Mt. Sterling, WIGospelConference11 of 13291511
Feed My SheepMeekin, John2016Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference12 of 13431512
I sat down under His shadowDunsire, Duncan2016Mt. Sterling, WIMinistryConference13 of 13101513
Messengers of the churchesSkates, William2016Stout, IAMinistryConference1 of 15341514
SpiritualityKrauss, Fred2016Stout, IAMinistryConference2 of 15261515
Israel's History as our TeacherDryburgh, Alex2016Stout, IAMinistryConference3 of 15221516
Spiritual Lessons from Kings who had diseasesWells, Stanley2016Stout, IAMinistryConference4 of 15281517
Unspotted from the worldMacLeod, Scott2016Stout, IAMinistryConference5 of 15351518
The unequal yokeDoll, Brandon2016Stout, IAMinistryConference6 of 15211519
Levi and LevitesMcCandless, Murray2016Stout, IAMinistryConference7 of 15221520
A blind man receives sightProcopio, Jonathan2016Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 15231521
Bible Reading, Psalm 69N/A2016Stout, IABible StudyConference11 of 15591522
Israel's Wilderness ExperienceKrauss, Fred2016Stout, IAMinistryConference12 of 15261523
Cain & Abel's OfferingsProcopio, Jonathan2016Stout, IAGospelConference13 of 15311524
WatchDryburgh, Alex2016Stout, IAMinistryConference14 of 15261525
Wandering from his PlaceMcCandless, Murray2016Stout, IAMinistryConference15 of 15331526
The Purpose of the assemblyPetterson, David2016Marion, IAMinistryConference1 of 4571527
The Presidency the assembly allowsPetterson, David2016Marion, IAMinistryConference2 of 4461528
The Privilege the assembly bestowsPetterson, David2016Marion, IAMinistryConference3 of 4471529
The People the assembly blessesPetterson, David2016Marion, IAMinistryConference4 of 4421530
Lord, is it I?Shutt, Daniel2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference1 of 15141531
Departure and recoveryMcCullough, Eric2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference2 of 15351532
What David saw, heard, said, didDoll, Brandon2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference3 of 15261533
Judges 9 and 3 JohnLavery, William2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference4 of 15301534
Christ the OvercomerSkates, William2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference5 of 15291535
Psalm 84, love for the assemblyMcCandless, Murray2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference6 of 15271536
BordersShutt, Daniel2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference7 of 15381537
Calvary: the only starting and stopping placeMcCandless, Murray2016Waukesha, WIGospelConference8 of 15421538
Two men in eternityShutt, Daniel2016Waukesha, WIGospelConference9 of 15271539
MaryMcCullough, Eric2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference11 of 15151540
Living a life that counts for eternityCrawford, Brian2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference13 of 15301541
Find fault or find fulfillmentMcCandless, Murray2016Waukesha, WIMinistryConference14 of 15361542
GospelMcCullough, Eric2016Waukesha, WIGospelConference15 of 15301543
Hannah and her sorrowCain, Marcus2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference1 of 14301544
Overcoming Conflict in our relationshipsRodgers, Bruce2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference2 of 14341545
Things thrown in to remedy a problemThibodeau, Brody2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference3 of 14331546
Hannah and her supplicationCain, Marcus2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference4 of 14361547
WorshipThibodeau, Brody2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference5 of 14441548
Hannah and her sonCain, Marcus2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference6 of 14451549
Overcomnig conflict and Our CallingRodgers, Bruce2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference7 of 14431550
The Character of GodThibodeau, Brody2016Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 14261551
Look unto MeFrazier, Isaiah2016Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 14221552
Overcoming conflict and Honoring one anotherRodgers, Bruce2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference10 of 14331553
Hannah and her songCain, Marcus2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference11 of 14371554
Overcoming conflict and honestyRodgers, Bruce2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference12 of 14471555
1 JohnThibodeau, Brody2016Garnavillo, IAMinistryConference13 of 14431556
The most important thingsSharp, Gary2016Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 14311557
Testimony of Clive BarberBarber, Clive2016Hampton, IATestimonyConference1 of 155N/A1558
LaborOrr, Robert2016Lancaster, WIMinistryConference1 of 4221559
Nearness before serviceErickson, Cal2016Lancaster, WIMinistryConference2 of 4201560
Delighting in the Word of GodChristopherson, Allan2016Lancaster, WIMinistryConference3 of 4401561
Until He ComesWeber, Roy2016Lancaster, WIMinistryConference4 of 4271562
Times Paul sent someone with a purposeDoll, Brandon2016Highland, WIMinistryConference1 of 20231563
The Wedding in CanaSona, Frank2016Highland, WIMinistryConference2 of 20351564
Christ in Zechariah 10:4Dunsire, Duncan2016Highland, WIMinistryConference4 of 20261565
MalachSeguel, Pablo2016Highland, WIMinistryConference5 of 20311566
Assemblies as lampstandsSteers, Larry2016Highland, WIMinistryConference6 of 20321567
Joseph and Jesus in Genesis 41Thibodeau, Brody2016Highland, WIMinistryConference7 of 20311568
Christ the Apostle and High PriestLavery, William2016Highland, WIMinistryConference8 of 20371569
Testimony of Zach WengerWenger, Zach2016Highland, WIMinistryConference9 of 2081570
Testimony of Ted LarsonLarson, Ted2016Highland, WIMinistryConference10 of 20111571
Testimony of Duncan DunsireDunsire, Duncan2016Highland, WIMinistryConference11 of 2051572
Testimony of Tom NovakNovak, Tom2016Highland, WIMinistryConference12 of 2051573
His own way, body, bloodCrawford, Brian2016Highland, WIMinistryConference13 of 20251574
SavedSteers, Larry2016Highland, WIMinistryConference14 of 20161575
Bible Reading: Philippians 2:5-11n/a2016Highland, WIMinistryConference15 of 20531576
Occupation with ChristDunsire, Duncan2016Highland, WIMinistryConference16 of 20121577
Godliness and its trialsPortman, Joel2016Highland, WIMinistryConference17 of 20291578
EphesiansMcCullough, Eric2016Highland, WIMinistryConference18 of 20381579
GilgalSkates, William2016Highland, WIMinistryConference19 of 20301580
Luke 1:76-79Lavery, William2016Highland, WIMinistryConference20 of 20241581
Zacharias and Elizabeth: Never too oldJennings, Jerry2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference1 of 17231582
How to share the gospelThibodeau, Brody2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference2 of 17371583
Contrast of bringing back the arkMacLeod, Scott2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference3 of 17321584
Zechariah 13:7 - Jehovah's ShepherdDunsire, Duncan2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference4 of 17431585
David's experience in Psalm 23McCullough, Eric2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference5 of 17281586
Four sins that hinder God's workDoll, Brandon2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference6 of 17181587
Amalek, a picture of the fleshMcCandless, Murray2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference7 of 17301588
Testimony of Rylan JohnsonJohnson, Rylan2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference8 of 1761589
Testimony of Cameron StanekStanek, Cameron2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference9 of 1791590
Testimony of Ron DollDoll, Ron2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference10 of 17131591
Words from the CrossThibodeau, Brody2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference11 of 17271592
John 3:17, 36Orr, Robert2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference12 of 17261593
Faithfulness, SeparationMacLeod, Scott2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference13 of 17351594
SeparationJennings, Jerry2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference14 of 17271595
The Suffering SaviorMcCandless, Murray2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference15 of 17221596
Contemplation on ChristDunsire, Duncan2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference16 of 17141597
Remember Lot's WifeMcCullough, Eric2016La Crosse, WIMinistryConference17 of 17311598
Prophecy chartMacLeod, Scott2016La Crosse, WIMinistrySeriesN/AIMGN/A1599
Bible Prophecy: The Most HighMacLeod, Scott2016La Crosse, WIMinistrySeries1 of 546N/A1600
Bible Prophecy: God's program: DispensationsMacLeod, Sco