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Play (minutes)DownloadSpeaker
PlayAssembly History (28)Download (6.9 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWorship Part1 (55)Download (12.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayWorship Part2 (56)Download (12.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGlory of God Part 1: Introduction (51)Download (14.7 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGlory of God Part 2: Christ Glorified God (60)Download (17.2 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGlory of God Part 3: Holiness (52)Download (14.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGlory of God Part 4: Fruit-bearing (55)Download (15.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGlory of God Part 5: Relationship (60)Download (17.2 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayHebrews 1 (53)Download (12.2 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayHebrews 2 (53)Download (12.2 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayChrist as Great High Priest-1 (52)Download (12 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayChrist as Great High Priest-2 (51)Download (11.7 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayHebrews 2-Gospel (53)Download (12.2 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayTrials in the Christian life (39)Download (9 MB)Oliver, David
PlayCreation vs. evolution (47)Download (10.7 MB)Oliver, David
PlayHead Coverings (34)Download (7.7 MB)Gustafson, Walter
PlayCalled to Japan (48)Download (11 MB)Fairfield, Elton
PlayVisit to China (12)Download (2.6 MB)Fairfield, Elton
PlayBorn Crucified (45)Download (10.2 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayMind: battlefield for the throne (54)Download (12.3 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayLessons from Nets (43)Download (9.8 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayWorld's Biggest Lie (13)Download (2.9 MB)MacDonald, William
Play"I Come Quickly" (39)Download (8.8 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEternal Life (33)Download (7.5 MB)Foreshew, Byrne
PlayPeace with God (27)Download (6.2 MB)Foreshew, Byrne
PlayIt is Finished! (24)Download (5.4 MB)Dennison, John
PlayJonah and John (29)Download (6.5 MB)Oliver, David
PlayWithout Equal (30)Download (6.8 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlaySaying "NO" (35)Download (7.9 MB)Dennison, John
PlayCare-free, Careful, Caring (31)Download (7.1 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlayRestoration (37)Download (8.3 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlayUniqueness of Christianity1 (7)Download (1.7 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlayUniqueness of Christianity2 (13)Download (2.9 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlayUniqueness of Christianity3 (8)Download (1.9 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlayUniqueness of Christianity4 (4)Download (0.5 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlayUniqueness of Christianity5 (7)Download (1.6 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlayUniqueness of Christianity6 (5)Download (1 MB)Nicholson, J.B., Jr.
PlaySilence of Sisters (20)Download (4.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayHow to be born again (44)Download (12.5 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayHebrews 1, Bible Reading (80)Download (12.2 MB)(none)
PlayHebrews 2, Bible Reading (71)Download (16.3 MB)(none)
PlayFrom Drugs to Christ (54)Download (12.4 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayThe Bible and the Chinese language-- they are related! (36)Download (8.2 MB)Vance, Stephen
Play1 John 4-5 (65)Download (14.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayChrist on the Highway, in the Heart, in the Scriptures (31)Download (7.1 MB)Paisley, Harold
PlayJoseph in his Parents' house (54)Download (12.3 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJoseph in Potiphar's house (41)Download (9.3 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJoseph in the Prison house (39)Download (9 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJoseph in Pharaoh's house (49)Download (11.3 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJoseph in his Personal house (51)Download (11.7 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJoseph in God's house (54)Download (12.4 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayBurnt Offering (59)Download (13.4 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlayMeal Offering (59)Download (13.4 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlayPeace Offering (61)Download (13.9 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlaySin Offering (61)Download (14 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlayTrespass Offering (60)Download (13.7 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlayLaw of the Offerings (67)Download (15.3 MB)Bentley, Thomas
PlayFellowship (48)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayWorship (49)Download (11.2 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayDiscipleship (46)Download (10.6 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayLeadership (43)Download (12.6 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayLordship (33)Download (9.7 MB)Higgins, Eugene
(reserved)Stubbs, John
(reserved)Stubbs, John
(reserved)Stubbs, John
(reserved)Stubbs, John
PlayActivity of the Saints in the Eternal State (51)Download (11.6 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayGospel: "Master" (15)Download (4.5 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGospel: Wounded (27)Download (8 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayNot ashamed (61)Download (17.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayHe restoreth my soul (45)Download (10.5 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayGod's mighty hand: Creation vs. Evolution (41)Download (12.1 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayEphesians 1:1-14a (71)Download (33 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEphesians 1:1-14b (16)Download (7.5 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEphesians 1:15-23 (70)Download (32 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayEphesians 2:1-22 (82)Download (37 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayGospel (24)Download (11 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayGospel (33)Download (15 MB)Oliver, David
PlayMinistry (15)Download (6.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayMinistry (25)Download (11 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEphesians 3 (108)Download (50 MB)Lavery, William
PlayEphesians 4:1a (54)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayEphesians 4:1b (56)Download (16 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayEphesians 4:25a (44)Download (12 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEphesians 4:25b (38)Download (11 MB)Oliver, David
PlayEphesians 5:18a (45)Download (13 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayEphesians 5:18b (36)Download (10 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayForgiven (37)Download (10.8 MB)Oliver, David
PlayGlory of God (13)Download (3.8 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayHast thou heard? (15)Download (4.2 MB)Oliver, David
PlayObedience (10)Download (2.8 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayEphesians 6:10a (52)Download (15 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayEphesians 6:10b (61)Download (17 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayInterpreting the Bible (51)Download (16 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayDefinition of an assembly (50)Download (16 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayLocal Body (52)Download (16 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayLord's Supper (53)Download (16.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly: Headship (49)Download (15.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly: Holy Spirit (52)Download (16 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly Gospel Testimony (51)Download (16 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly: Reception, Fellowship, Seat of Unlearned (50)Download (15.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly Giving (48)Download (15 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayAssembly Discipline (50)Download (15.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayIntroduction: The mind in Philippians (46)Download (26 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Gospel Mind (35)Download (20 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayTechnology & the Christian (8)Download (4.9 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayGuarded Mind: feelings of depression, bitterness, uselessness (41)Download (24 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayGod-centered Mind: living self-lessly (38)Download (22 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayGodly Mind: avoiding self-centeredness; Submission, Service (51)Download (29 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayGentle Mind: dealing with problems (36)Download (21 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayGrateful, Giving Mind (45)Download (26 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayGarrisoned Mind: deliverance from anxiety (48)Download (27 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRevealer / Rebel / Ransom (37)Download (26 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlaySamuel in his place (28)Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayLooking to the future (37)Download (15 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayHow God Guides (31)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayFocus in life (37)Download (15 MB)Dennison, John
PlayFollowing your focus (31)Download (13 MB)Dennison, John
PlayJeshua- A man that stood (30)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayAtmosphere in the assembly (37)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayAtmosphere in the home (33)Download (13 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayIt is Finished (24)Download (9.6 MB)Dennison, John
PlayGreat Salvation (29)Download (12 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayThe Gospel of John (36)Download (14 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayFixing your focus (28)Download (11 MB)Dennison, John
PlayShammah- A man that stood (35)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayHow will I serve? (38)Download (15 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayGospel (27)Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayEntering the Holiest (32)Download (18 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayLeaving God's Presence (16)Download (9.1 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayProgress (30)Download (17 MB)Skates, William
PlayRevival, Restoration, Renewal (34)Download (20 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayWhat does the Lord require? (27)Download (16 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe inheritance (34)Download (20 MB)Lavery, William
PlayGrowing Samuel (31)Download (18 MB)Rodriguez, Harrys
PlayRon Hollnagel Testimony (7)Download (4.3 MB)Hollnagel, Ron
PlayTestimony, Anthony Elliott (10)Download (5.6 MB)Elliott, Anthony
PlayMatthew Kundert Testimony (12)Download (7.2 MB)Kundert, Matthew
PlayAfar Off (20)Download (11 MB)Fowler, Eric
PlayGospel (26)Download (15 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayBlessed Hope (8)Download (4.9 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayPurpose of Heart (34)Download (20 MB)Fowler, Eric
PlayPrice of Obedience (15)Download (8.8 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayRuth's Choice (19)Download (11 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayLuke 5:1-11 (20)Download (11 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayBeing like the Lord Jesus (23)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
PlayBible Reading: Luke 4 (56)Download (25 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayPsalm 28 (19)Download (10.9 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayDavid, man after God's own heart (33)Download (18.9 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayDaniel (28)Download (16 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayPaul & Witnessing (20)Download (11.3 MB)Cliff, Greg
PlayAssembly at Antioch (38)Download (21.7 MB)Skates, William
PlayUnderstanding; Word of God (40)Download (23 MB)Fowler, Eric
PlayImportance of the Holy Spirit (40)Download (22.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayTestimony of Lyle Dempster (9)Download (5.1 MB)Dempster, Lyle
PlayTestimony of Jonathan Ward (6)Download (3.3 MB)Ward, Jonathon
PlayTestimony of Aaron Taylor (4)Download (2.3 MB)Taylor, Aaron
PlayTestimony of James Hubbord (5)Download (2.8 MB)Hubbord, James
PlaySeeking Savior, Sorrowing Savior, Sovereign Christ (30)Download (17.2 MB)Skates, William
PlaySin: Pleasures, Punishment, Putting Away (23)Download (13.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayPsalm 23 (36)Download (20.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayLessons from the shipwreck (28)Download (15.8 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayChristian Sobriety (29)Download (16.4 MB)Frazier, Jim
PlayStrong Desires, will (19)Download (11.1 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayA Little Coat, Cloud, Chamber, Cake (29)Download (16.4 MB)Fowler, Eric
PlayLessons from a Potter (26)Download (5.8 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlaySecret of a saved life, sure likeness, steady labour, steady race (23)Download (6.5 MB)Thompson, T.J.
PlayMystery of Godliness: 1Tim. 3:14-16 (29)Download (8.5 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayChrist on the mountain, on the sea, in the boat (35)Download (10 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayDivine Movement; Destructive Movement (35)Download (10.3 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayPrayer (25)Download (7.3 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayKnowledge (29)Download (8.5 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayPreservation of truth (28)Download (8.1 MB)Badgely, Eugene
PlayTestimony, Marvin Studnicka (7)Download (2 MB)Studnicka, Marvin
PlayTestimony, Philip Pancake (6)Download (1.8 MB)Pancake, Philip
PlayTestimony, Brent Studnicka (8)Download (2.3 MB)Studnicka, Brent
PlayTestimony, Glenn Moore (11)Download (3.2 MB)Moore, Glenn
PlayGospel: "Master" (15)Download (4.5 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGospel: Wounded (27)Download (8 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayJohn 1:1-14 (61)Download (17.5 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayChildren's Meeting: Lost Sheep (24)Download (6.9 MB)Moore, Glenn
PlayThe Millennium (28)Download (8.3 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayWindows (28)Download (8.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayEndurance (25)Download (7.3 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAbel, Enoch, Noah (19)Download (5.5 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayThe Lord's Presence (33)Download (9.6 MB)Thompson, T.J.
PlayGod is not like men (14)Download (4 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayGod is our Refuge- updated 11-3-08 (33)Download (9.7 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Great Commission (24)Download (6.9 MB)Thompson, T.J.
PlayOverseers (27)Download (7.8 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayChildren's meeting (30)Download (8.5 MB)Wardell, Don
PlayImportant "Day"s of Scripture (34)Download (9.7 MB)Portman, Joel
PlaySeparation- Positive Aspect (34)Download (9.6 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayLiving in the good of God's presence (24)Download (7 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayLuke 19:6-14, 1Tim 4:11-16,1Cor 11:23-26 (25)Download (7.1 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayTestimony- Robert Orr (7)Download (2 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayTestimony- Zach Winger (6)Download (1.7 MB)Wenger, Zach
PlayGospel- What is a Christian? (15)Download (4.4 MB)Thompson, T.J.
PlayGospel- Prodigal Son (26)Download (7.4 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayChrist stills the storm (14)Download (3.9 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayGarments of the Lord Jesus (21)Download (6 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayChrist, Cross, Crown, Cup- updated 11-10-08 (11)Download (3.1 MB)Wardell, Don
PlaySunday School (19)Download (5.4 MB)Osborne, David
PlayLiving for God (36)Download (10.5 MB)Wardell, Don
PlayA Believer's Walk (24)Download (7 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayLast words of the Lord Jesus (25)Download (7.3 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayLast words of the Apostle Paul (23)Download (6.7 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe Assembly - 1st half (47)Download (21.6 MB)Multiple
PlayThe Assembly - 2nd half (74)Download (13.6 MB)Multiple
Outline, The AssemblyLinkN/A
PlayBreaking of Bread Meeting - 1st half (60)Download (17.5 MB)Multiple
PlayBreaking of Bread Meeting - 2nd half (62)Download (18.3 MB)Multiple
Outline, Breaking of Bread MeetingLinkN/A
PlayPrayer Meeting (66)Download (19.4 MB)Multiple
Outline, the Prayer MeetingLinkN/A
PlayTeaching Meeting (55)Download (16.2 MB)Multiple
Outline, Teaching MeetingLinkN/A
PlaySong: I will sing of my Redeemer (5)Download (3.3 MB)Multiple
PlayReport Meeting (60)Download (17.6 MB)Multiple
Outline, the Report MeetingLinkN/A
PlayGospel Meeting (61)Download (17.9 MB)Multiple
Outline, Gospel meetingLinkN/A
PlaySong: Great Shepherd (1)Download (1.4 MB)Multiple
PlayShepherds & Sheep (Ministry) (21)Download (6 MB)Mark Van Der Hart
PlayDiscipline Meeting (74)Download (22 MB)Multiple
Outline, Discipline MeetingLinkN/A
PlayMeeting of the Elders (51)Download (15 MB)Multiple
Outline, Elders' meetingLinkN/A
PlayGospel Worker I (77)Download (22.2 MB)Multiple
PlayGospel Worker II (77)Download (22.2 MB)Multiple
Outline, Gospel WorkerLinkN/A
PlayThe Worshipper I (74)Download (21.2 MB)Multiple
PlayThe Worshiper II (76)Download (21.7 MB)Multiple
PlayWorship (29)Download (8.3 MB)Van der Hardt, Mark
PlayWarning Signs (23)Download (6.3 MB)Cliff, Greg
PlayThe Teacher I (75)Download (21.3 MB)Multiple
PlayThe Teacher II (75)Download (21.4 MB)Multiple
Outline, the teacherLinkN/A
PlayOverseers I (77)Download (22 MB)Multiple
PlayOverseers II (77)Download (22.1 MB)Multiple
Outline, overseersLinkN/A
PlayDeacons I (73)Download (20.9 MB)Multiple
PlayDeacons II (73)Download (20.9 MB)Multiple
Outline, DeaconsLinkN/A
PlayPrayer I (75)Download (17.3 MB)Multiple
PlayPrayer II (76)Download (17.4 MB)Multiple
Outline, prayerLinkN/A
Glorious Gospel: ChartLinkSimms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: The Sovereignty of God (41)Download (11.8 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: The Origin of Evil (39)Download (11.3 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: The Fallen Man (53)Download (15 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Propitiation (53)Download (15.2 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Redemption (53)Download (15.2 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Reconciliation (44)Download (12.6 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Justification (54)Download (15.3 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Regeneration (35)Download (10 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Forgiveness (35)Download (10 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Sanctification (57)Download (16.4 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: New Covenant (52)Download (14.8 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Eternal Security (48)Download (13.7 MB)Simms, Peter
PlayThe Gospel: Eternal Punishment / Glorification (70)Download (20.2 MB)Simms, Peter
The Gospel: Zip, all files, high qualitySimms, Peter
Play2 Men in Life, in Death, in Eternity (28)Download (8.3 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayGenesis 22: Abraham & Isaac (77)Download (21.9 MB)Multiple
PlayGenesis 24: Rebecca & Isaac (85)Download (24.4 MB)Multiple
PlayA Reason For Living (50)Download (11.5 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayAccount of a missionary's experiences in Japanese labor camps, WWII (61)Download (13.9 MB)Rose, Darlene Deibler
PlayCreation: Genesis 1:1-25a (53)Download (12.1 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayCreation: Genesis 1:1-25b (53)Download (12.2 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayCreation: Genesis 1:26-2:7 (70)Download (16 MB)Oliver, David
PlayCreation: Genesis 2:8-25 (77)Download (17.7 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayCreation: Genesis 3 (71)Download (16.3 MB)Paisley, Harold
PlayCreation: Genesis 4 (75)Download (17.1 MB)Baker, Jim
PlayGrace Part 1 (33)Download (7.5 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGrace Part 2 (61)Download (13.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGrace Part 3: in relationships: dealing with conflict (64)Download (14.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLove Part 1 (58)Download (13.3 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLove Part 2 (55)Download (12.6 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayCommitment (45)Download (9.2 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayHeadship, Lordship, Fellowship (54)Download (8.5 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayPrayer (54)Download (9.2 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayUnity (54)Download (9.2 MB)Orasuk, Peter
PlayRestoration (45)Download (10.3 MB)Orasuk, Peter
Romans 5-8 Bible Study OutlineLinkMultiple
PlayRomans 5:12-6:23 Part A (62)Download (14 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 5:12-6:23 Part B (60)Download (14 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 7:1-25 Part A (44)Download (10 MB)Oliver, David
PlayRomans 7:1-25 Part B (36)Download (8.3 MB)Oliver, David
PlayRomans 8:1-17 Part A (41)Download (9.5 MB)Skates, William
PlayRomans 8:1-17 Part B (47)Download (11 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe other side (21)Download (4.8 MB)Meekin, John
PlaySimeon (30)Download (6.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayOne who seeks the welfare of God's people (18)Download (4.2 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayHe shall deliver thee (22)Download (5 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 8:18-39 Part A (58)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
PlayRomans 8:18-39 Part B (58)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
PlayBible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 1) (56)Download (13 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible Reading: Ephesians 1:1-14 (Part 2) (40)Download (9.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Church, the Bride (19)Download (4.4 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayHow far will my love go? (25)Download (5.8 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayDavid's lament over Saul & Jonathon (30)Download (6.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe presence of the Ever-existing One (30)Download (6.8 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayThe coming of the Lord (27)Download (6.2 MB)Skates, William
PlayI am the Door, the Shepherd, the Bread of Life (25)Download (5.8 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayNo Excuse (28)Download (6.5 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayThe coming of the Lord (39)Download (9 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlaySpiritual Perspective (22)Download (5.1 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayProfitable Things (30)Download (6.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPlaces relating to the Crucifixion (30)Download (6.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe Sun (20)Download (4.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe Man of God (36)Download (8.3 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayManna (31)Download (7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayCourtship (33)Download (7.6 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayChildren (40)Download (9.2 MB)Surgenor, Robert
PlayMarriage (26)Download (6 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayGod's Call (24)Download (5.4 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayRepent & Believe (31)Download (7.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Reading : Hebrews 2 (60)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayHoly Brethren (21)Download (4.9 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayHistory of Waterloo Assembly (24)Download (5.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayHistory of Waterloo Assembly (7)Download (1.6 MB)Nesbit, Russell
PlayHonour (33)Download (7.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPsalm 23 (33)Download (7.5 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayThe Shepherd (21)Download (4.9 MB)Lavery, William
PlayAppreciation of Christ (58)Download (17 MB)Oliver, David
PlayThe Believer and Trials (51)Download (5.9 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayWhiter than snow (session 1) (9)Download (2.6 MB)Smith, Peter
PlayWhiter than snow (session 2) (10)Download (2.9 MB)Smith, Peter
PlayWhiter than snow (session 3) (12)Download (3.4 MB)Smith, Peter
PlayWhiter than snow (session 4) (10)Download (2.7 MB)Smith, Peter
PlayWhiter than snow (session 5) (15)Download (4.2 MB)Smith, Peter
PlayHouseholds (32)Download (9.2 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayJoy (34)Download (9.6 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayPentateuch linked with John 1-5 (29)Download (8.4 MB)Skates, William
PlayChild rearing (36)Download (10 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayAttraction of world, Weakness of flesh, Wiles of Devil (30)Download (8.7 MB)Mitchell, Lorne
PlayAssembly History (41)Download (12 MB)Badgley, Eugene
PlayStewardship of the treasures of Christ (46)Download (13 MB)Roy, Gerard
PlayTestimony 1 (9)Download (2.4 MB)?
PlayTestimony 2 (5)Download (1.6 MB)Sauseda, Sam
PlayTestimony 3 (7)Download (2 MB)?
PlayWounded (23)Download (6.6 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayChrist died for the ungodly (34)Download (9.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayBible Reading: Hebrews 10:4-18 (58)Download (17 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayTill I Come (13)Download (3.8 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayHis appearing (29)Download (8.4 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayRevelation 5, Lion & Lamb (27)Download (7.6 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayWho art Thou, Lord? What... to do? (28)Download (7.9 MB)Portman, Joel
Play1 Thessalonians 5 (19)Download (5.4 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayFood in 1Samuel 10, 17, 30 (16)Download (4.7 MB)Mitchell, Lorne
PlayHigh Priestly Ministry of Lord Jesus (41)Download (12 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayGod is in Control (29)Download (8.2 MB)Skates, William
PlayChristian Soul Trouble (10)Download (2.8 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayReport on Postville, IA and Mexico (31)Download (8.9 MB)Sluiter, Shad
PlayWe Have's in Hebrews (31)Download (8.8 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayPriesthood, worship (27)Download (7.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayJosiah: Youth for God (22)Download (6.2 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayTestimony-S. Gentz (15)Download (4.3 MB)Gentz, S
PlayTestimony- D. Brandt (8)Download (2.2 MB)Brandt, D
PlaySoul, Sacrifice, Salvation (32)Download (9.1 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayThe Fire and the Lamb (25)Download (7.1 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayShowing (20)Download (5.8 MB)Wardell, Don
PlayThe Walk of the Lord Jesus (17)Download (4.8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe Will of God (32)Download (9.2 MB)Slabaugh, John
PlayCallings (25)Download (7.1 MB)Frazier, Jim
PlayChosen, Controlled, Called (29)Download (8.3 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayLast words of Paul (16)Download (4.5 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayBackground to Romans 12:1 (57)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 12:1-5 (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 12:6-8 (54)Download (15 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 12:9-11 (54)Download (15 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayRomans 12:12-21 (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayDaniel: Introduction (54)Download (15 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayDaniel: Chapters 2-4 (52)Download (15 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayDaniel: Chapters 7-8 (52)Download (15 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayDaniel: Chapter 9 (48)Download (14 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayDaniel: Chapter 10-12 (49)Download (14 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayAbraham, the friend of God (61)Download (18 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayDavid, a man after God's own heart (60)Download (18 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayPaul, a servant of God (59)Download (17 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayTimothy, a man of God (57)Download (16.3 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayReport: Siberia and India (70)Download (20 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayIntroduction to Stewardship (34)Download (9.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship with our spiritual gifts (58)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship of truth (57)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship: Intro to foundational relationships (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship: Relationships & Temperaments (56)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship: Relationships & Preserving Unity (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship: Relationships between husband and wife (43)Download (12 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship with finances (part 1) (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship with finances (part 2, budget) (57)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship goals (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship and the Judgement Seat of Christ (58)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayStewardship and the Judgement Seat of Christ Part II (61)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTemptation and the sympathizing Christ (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayPromises of God & priesthood of Christ (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayWomen in the Scriptures (47)Download (14 MB)Van Der Hart, Mark
PlayWomen in the Home (study) Part 1 (74)Download (25 MB)Multiple
PlayWomen in the Home (study) Part 2 (73)Download (25 MB)Multiple
Outline, Women in the HomeLinkN/A
PlayWomen in the Assembly (study) Part 1 (70)Download (20 MB)Multiple
PlayWomen in the Assembly (study) Part 2 (78)Download (22 MB)Multiple
Outline, women in the assemblyLinkN/A
PlayWomen in Society (study) Part 1 (74)Download (21 MB)Multiple
PlayWomen in Society (study) Part 2 (74)Download (21 MB)Multiple
Outline, women in societyLinkN/A
PlayWomen in different stages of life (study) Part 1 (69)Download (19.6 MB)Multiple
PlayWomen in different stages of life (study) Part 2 (79)Download (22.5 MB)Multiple
Outline, Women in different stages of lifeLinkN/A
PlayThe Love of God (26)Download (7.5 MB)Multiple
Gospel stories for children (link)Smith, Harold
PlayHeadship Part 1 (41)Download (5.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayHeadship Part 2, Long hair (6)Download (0.9 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Why Separation? (50)Download (11 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: just A place? (24)Download (5.5 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Baptism (7)Download (1.6 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Open table? (12)Download (2.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Denominational ties (28)Download (8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Should we have a paid pastor? (19)Download (5.5 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly: Women (44)Download (10 MB)Portman, Joel
Outline, Romans 9-12LinkMultiple
PlayRomans 9 Part A (50)Download (14.3 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayRomans 9 Part B (61)Download (17.3 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayRomans 10 (77)Download (21.9 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRomans 11 Part A (38)Download (10.9 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayRomans 11 Part B (47)Download (13.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayRomans 12 Part A (34)Download (9.7 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayRomans 12 Part B (76)Download (21.7 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayPhilippians (38)Download (10.9 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayParable of the vineyard (31)Download (9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayDoxologies (Worship) in Romans (31)Download (8.9 MB)Skates, William
PlayShepherding (25)Download (7.3 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayWisdom of men vs. Power of God (34)Download (9.7 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBring Back the Book, Ark, King (24)Download (7 MB)Bergsma, Andrew
PlayTools for a successful life (28)Download (8.1 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayThree Spheres of Testing (33)Download (9.3 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayBible Study: Psalm 22 (61)Download (17.4 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayPsalm 1 (26)Download (7.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayService (25)Download (7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayHis will, Living worthy, strengthened, giving thanks (23)Download (6.6 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayCoronation of Christ (20)Download (5.7 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayEutychus, Acts 20:7-11 (16)Download (4.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPreposition of Hope, Help, Home (15)Download (4.2 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBehold- your sin, the Savior, the Sovereign (31)Download (8.8 MB)Skates, William
PlayArmageddon, Calvary, Heaven, Hell (26)Download (7.4 MB)Burgsma, Andrew
PlayGod feeds (31)Download (8.8 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayAbide in Him (35)Download (9.9 MB)Vance, Stephen
PlayTemple (33)Download (9.5 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayThy Gentleness (35)Download (10 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayAssembly as a temple (39)Download (11 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayLampstand (42)Download (12 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThe church as a body (45)Download (13 MB)Vance, Stephen
PlayDestroy this temple (22)Download (6.3 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGet a fresh grip (40)Download (11 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayI sought for a man (41)Download (12 MB)Vance, Stephen
PlayThe future holy temple (40)Download (11 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGospel (30)Download (8.5 MB)Vance, Stephen
PlayGospel (22)Download (6.4 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGospel (28)Download (8 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThere is sin (39)Download (11 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayJob (26)Download (7.5 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayHe is risen (19)Download (5.4 MB)Bergsma, Andrew
PlayBe not afraid (23)Download (6.5 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayCares, lust, deceitfulness (22)Download (6.4 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayBrokenness (35)Download (10 MB)Skates, William
PlayOur Great High Priest (38)Download (11 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayWorshipper of God (30)Download (8.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayOur God (26)Download (7.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayPsalm 122 (23)Download (6.7 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayA woman of God (34)Download (9.7 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayBible Reading, Col. 1:10-29 (56)Download (16 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlaySelf protection, self promotion (7)Download (2.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayTestimony, Andrew Bergsma (5)Download (1.4 MB)Bergsma, Andrew
PlayGospel (34)Download (9.8 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayGospel (31)Download (8.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayMy Call, David Booth (43)Download (3.8 MB)Booth, David
PlayReport on Russia, David Booth (13)Download (12.2 MB)Booth, David
PlayReady to Die (26)Download (7.4 MB)Booth, David
PlayWhere should I gather? (68)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOracles of God (34)Download (7.7 MB)Oliver, David
PlayBible Reading, 1Peter 1 (77)Download (18 MB)Oliver, David
PlayBible Reading, 1Peter 2 (84)Download (19 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayCarnal Man (30)Download (6.9 MB)Williams, Gordon
Play3 Men (22)Download (5 MB)Ronald Jr., James
PlayExceeding Joy (21)Download (4.9 MB)Richards, David
PlayEnigmas (26)Download (5.9 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayPeace (27)Download (6.3 MB)Oliver, David
PlayReport on Mexico, David Alves Jr. (44)Download (10 MB)Alves Jr., David
PlayReport on Mexico, Dan Harvey (71)Download (16 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayGod's Work (34)Download (7.8 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayDiscipleship (34)Download (7.7 MB)Richards, David
PlayNo sacrifice sufficient (37)Download (8.4 MB)Oliver, David
PlayHe must increase (25)Download (5.8 MB)Gould, Jack
PlayJesus of Nazareth (29)Download (6.5 MB)Alves Jr., David
PlayHow can I be justified? (31)Download (7.1 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayHouse of God (30)Download (6.8 MB)Oliver, David
PlayLord's Supper (27)Download (6.3 MB)Williams, Gordon
PlayPreparation or Recreation (38)Download (8.7 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayFaith (16)Download (3.6 MB)Bergsma, Andrew
PlayThe Lamb of God (30)Download (6.9 MB)Oliver, David
PlayMan at Bethesda (30)Download (6.8 MB)Richards, David
PlayPsalm 28 (23)Download (5.3 MB)Orr, Robert
Play2 Corinthians 5 (25)Download (5.8 MB)Johnson, Marvin
PlayPrayer of Jabez (32)Download (7.4 MB)Patterson, George
PlayPerson, Purpose, Promise of Revelation (28)Download (6.3 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayLiving for God (41)Download (9.4 MB)Wardell, Don
PlayCommunity of an assembly: keeping Christians (32)Download (7.3 MB)Dudgeon, Richard
PlayIntro to family relationships (43)Download (9.8 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayCourtship & finding a partner (43)Download (9.8 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayFoundational principles of marriage (42)Download (9.7 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayAvoiding drudgery in marriage (40)Download (9.2 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOvercoming marriage difficulties (51)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRaising small children (46)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRaising teenagers (38)Download (8.6 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayHonor God (32)Download (7.4 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayMoney and Mansions (26)Download (5.9 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlaySome man (21)Download (4.9 MB)Oliver, David
PlayLiving for Christ (34)Download (7.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayWhat are you buying (33)Download (7.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayWalking with Jesus (37)Download (8.5 MB)Skates, William
PlayRelationships (25)Download (5.7 MB)Oliver, David
PlayBuy the truth (17)Download (4 MB)Bruley, Richard
PlayThe Voice of God (28)Download (6.5 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayEternity (30)Download (6.9 MB)Oliver, David
PlayHeaven (34)Download (7.8 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayShepherding (30)Download (6.9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Word of God (25)Download (5.8 MB)Oliver, David
PlayCreation (29)Download (6.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySin (24)Download (5.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe House of God (27)Download (6.2 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayGalatians: the Gospel Under Attack (36)Download (8.2 MB)Skates, William
PlayColossians: Fullness (36)Download (8.3 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThe Greatness of God (33)Download (7.5 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe Development of a Man of God (37)Download (8.6 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayMusts for the Lord and us (30)Download (7 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlaySecrets of Revival (25)Download (5.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayTestimony, Jeremy Kundert (9)Download (2 MB)Kundert, Jeremy
PlayTestimony, Stephen Gentz (11)Download (2.5 MB)Gentz, Stephen
PlayTestimony, Stephen Moffitt (15)Download (3.5 MB)Moffitt, Stephen
PlayThe Most Important Things (25)Download (5.8 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayGod speaks, the Spirit Strives, the Savior Suffered (28)Download (6.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlaySteps in the Will of God (47)Download (11 MB)Dyck, Abe
PlayThe Authority of the Lord Jesus (36)Download (8.2 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayA good start (22)Download (5.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayWaiting on God (21)Download (4.8 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayBible Reading: Isaiah 53 (59)Download (13 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayMy relationship with God (58)Download (17 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMy relationship with my brethren (52)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMy relationship with saints in need (41)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMy relationship with believers not in the assembly and unsaved (41)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMy relationship with my spouse (53)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMy relationship to the assembly (45)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRelationships of shepherds and sheep (53)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayFaithfulness and Commitment (58)Download (13 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayChrist the pattern of faithfulness and commitment (58)Download (13 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayFaithfulness, priorities and the Great Commission (61)Download (13.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTrue life: Springs or cistern? (20)Download (4.6 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayFood (28)Download (6.4 MB)Lavery, William
PlayPaul's life (29)Download (6.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayDifficulties (28)Download (6.5 MB)Skates, William
PlayReport on the work in Ukraine (24)Download (5.4 MB)Smith, Louis
PlayGood works (24)Download (5.6 MB)Fitch, Jesse
PlayThe church pictured in O.T. brides (43)Download (9.8 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayOur Great High Priest: Trials and Temptations (31)Download (7.2 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe power of personal decision (19)Download (4.4 MB)Sluiter, Shad
PlayTestimony, Andrew Kundert (4)Download (1 MB)Kundert, Andrew
PlayTestimony, Alex McCullough (2)Download (0.5 MB)McCullough, Alex
PlayTestimony, John Xiong (12)Download (2.8 MB)Xiong, John
PlayTestimony, Jaren Ruff (9)Download (2.1 MB)Ruff, Jerren
PlayA woman loosed, a sinner saved (28)Download (6.4 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe message of the cross (26)Download (5.8 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThe meal offering (37)Download (7.9 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayEphesians (33)Download (7.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
Play1John 2:1-3:3 (30)Download (6.8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe Mount of Olives (29)Download (6.6 MB)Skates, William
PlaySpiritual Longings (19)Download (4.3 MB)Wardell, Don
PlayObedience (14)Download (3.3 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayLaw and Grace (31)Download (7 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySpiritual Progress (29)Download (6.6 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe power of God (23)Download (5.3 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayAssembly truths (32)Download (7.4 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayLeah (27)Download (6.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayFaith (26)Download (6.1 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayThe heart (33)Download (7.7 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlayCleansing (19)Download (4.3 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySimon or Peter (31)Download (7.1 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayConvictions (32)Download (7.3 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlayMighty men (34)Download (7.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayGospel (23)Download (5.2 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayGospel (30)Download (6.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible Reading Part 1, Regeneration & The New Birth (77)Download (17.6 MB)N/A
PlayBible Reading Part 2, Regeneration & The New Birth (65)Download (14.8 MB)N/A
Outline, Regeneration & The New BirthLinkN/A
PlayBible Reading Part 1, Propitiation (79)Download (18 MB)
PlayBible Reading Part 2, Substitution (59)Download (13.5 MB)
Outline, Propitiation & SubstitutionLinkN/A
PlayBible Reading Part 1, Forgiveness (80)Download (18.2 MB)
PlayBible Reading Part 2, Reconciliation (64)Download (14.7 MB)
PlayWorking with Children (Part 1) (54)Download (16.6 MB)
PlayWorking with Children (Part 2) (53)Download (17 MB)
Outline: Children's workLinkN/A
PlayEnoch: Walking with God (42)Download (9.7 MB)Hunter, Jack
PlayHow to please God (32)Download (7.3 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayPaul's ambition (35)Download (8.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlaySimeon: a man of God (46)Download (10.5 MB)Hunter, Jack
PlayKeeping thy heart (32)Download (7.3 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayThe Majesty of Christ (37)Download (8.4 MB)Hunter, Jack
PlayThe Worth of the Lord Jesus (29)Download (6.6 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWhat we hope for controls our behavior: likeness to Christ (28)Download (6.5 MB)Oliver, David
PlayElijah (40)Download (9.2 MB)Hunter, Jack
PlaySong of Solomon (23)Download (5.3 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayDivine Love (27)Download (6.3 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayFour sources of encouragement (36)Download (8.2 MB)Pearcey, Frank
PlayRevival (26)Download (6 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayYoung men God used (23)Download (5.3 MB)McLeod, Oswald
Bible Study outline: RedemptionLinkN/A
PlayJustification (70)Download (16 MB)N/A
PlaySanctification (67)Download (15.4 MB)N/A
Outline: Justification & SanctificationN/A
Play7 Churches: Introduction (56)Download (16 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Ephesus, the loveless assembly; the physician and their failure (53)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Smyrna, the loyal assembly; the refiner and the furnace (51)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Pergamos: the lax assembly; the assessor and His fairness (49)Download (14 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Thyatira, the leavened assembly: the Judge and His faithfulness (47)Download (14 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Sardis, the lifeless assembly; the recorder and his future (54)Download (16 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Philadelphia, the loving assembly; the porter and his fondness (54)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play7 Churches: Laodicea, the lukewarm assembly; the inspector and His findings (51)Download (15 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Hearts (54)Download (25 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Holiness (54)Download (25 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Helpfulness (56)Download (25 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Homes (54)Download (25 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Hotheadedness (75)Download (34 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Hopelessness (55)Download (25 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayOur Minds and our Hardships (46)Download (21 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Jackson Conference 2012 (link)
PlayUtterances from the cross: Woman, behold thy son (57)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayUtterances from the cross: My God, My God (52)Download (15 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayUtterances from the cross:I thirst, It is Finished! (54)Download (15 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayUtterances from the cross:It is finished (cont.), Into Thy hands (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayPanama report (56)Download (19 MB)Foreshew, Byrnell
PlayLeadership in the Life of Moses (30)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayNew Carts and Old Ruts (29)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlayThe Example of Barnabas (18)Download (6.1 MB)Higgins, Eugene
PlaySaintly Saints - Super Nice People (30)Download (10 MB)Ramsay, Peter
PlaySaintly Saints in Contempory Society (41)Download (14 MB)Ramsay, Peter
PlayEl Salvador - East Coast report (58)Download (20 MB)St. Clair, Shawn
PlayPrayer (part 1) (19)Download (8.7 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayWATCH (33)Download (15 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
Play1 John (31)Download (14 MB)Skates, William
Play"My helper," Hebrews 13:5-6 (24)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayDiscipline (42)Download (19 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThe Overcomer (31)Download (14 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayThe cross (41)Download (19 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayWhat will you do with Jesus? (4)Download (2 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlaySerious (23)Download (11 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayTwo hours (30)Download (14 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayBible Reading: Psalm 23 (58)Download (26 MB)N/A
PlayAssembly fellowship (40)Download (18 MB)Baker, Tom
PlayWorship (24)Download (11 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayPrayer (part 2) (22)Download (10 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayGuided and received into glory (11)Download (5 MB)Fitch, Jesse
PlayTrials (26)Download (12 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayNot saved (28)Download (13 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayGarments of the High Priest: Overview of the High Priestly Ministry (56)Download (16 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayGarments of the High Priest: Robe of blue and Ephod (56)Download (16 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayGarments of the High Priest: Breastplate, Urim and Thummim (59)Download (17 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayGarments of the High Priest: Mitre and Golden Crown (56)Download (16 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayGarments of the High Priest: Day of Atonement (37)Download (11 MB)Stubbs, John
PlayHebrews 9 (49)Download (14 MB)Stubbs, John
The Little WoodchopperBible Truth Publishers
PlayIsaiah 64 (21)Download (9.4 MB)Stubbs, John
Outline, Romans 13-16LinkN/A
PlayRomans 13, Part 1 (47)Download (21 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 13, Part 2 (61)Download (28 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 14, Part 1 (47)Download (22 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 14, Part 1 (35)Download (16 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 15, Part 1 (47)Download (22 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 15, Part 2 (33)Download (15 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 16, Part 1 (65)Download (30 MB)N/A
PlayRomans 16, Part 2 (46)Download (21 MB)N/A
PlayA Lost Coin (30)Download (13 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayForgiveness (24)Download (11 MB)Meekin, John
PlayNumbers 13 (11)Download (5.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayJonah (33)Download (15 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayPhoebe (30)Download (14 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayBrotherly love (28)Download (13 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayChange (25)Download (11 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayA passing priesthood (35)Download (16 MB)Lavery, William
PlayFive double types (42)Download (19 MB)Smith, Jim
PlaySingleness (28)Download (13 MB)Sluiter, Shad
PlayThe cross (24)Download (11 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayNicodemus meets the Savior (27)Download (12 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayWork in Corinth (40)Download (18 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayRelationship with the Father (16)Download (7.4 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayPsalm 22, 23 (25)Download (11 MB)Lavery, William
PlayChoices at a cross-road (17)Download (8 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayChrist is life (30)Download (14 MB)Thompson, Stuart
Teaching: Outline (PDF)LinkRodgers, Bruce
PlayKnowing God: a prerequisite to teaching (45)Download (13 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTeaching: Connecting with people (56)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTeaching: The Purpose of the Message (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTeaching: The Preparation of the Message (54)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTeaching: Principles for teaching and Bible study (55)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTeaching: Presentation of the message (59)Download (17 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayEzra and Recovery (27)Download (13 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayManna (32)Download (15 MB)Kember, Shad
PlayThe Conscience, Part 1 (35)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayConditions for approach to God, Part 1 (40)Download (18 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayConditions for approach to God, Part 2 (42)Download (19 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayJacob's encounter with God (39)Download (18 MB)Kember, Shad
PlayThe Conscience, Part 2 (46)Download (21 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayJudgement (24)Download (11 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayJustified (32)Download (14 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayRemember Me (35)Download (16 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayReport on India (45)Download (21 MB)Coulson, Phil
PlayCommendation Considerations (48)Download (22 MB)Kember, Shad
PlayThe Conscience, Part 3 (44)Download (20 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayYour sins (29)Download (13 MB)Kember, Shad
Face to face with lions & other children's storiesBible Truth Publishers
Lost in the woods & other children's storiesBible Truth Publishers
PlaySeparation (39)Download (18 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayOne of you (24)Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayKeep me (23)Download (11 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayKeep close to the Lord (28)Download (13 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayEsther (32)Download (15 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayTwo Josephs (31)Download (14 MB)Meekin, John
PlayThe Father's Hand, honour, house (27)Download (12 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayBut God demonstrates His love (31)Download (14 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayLord, save me (27)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible Reading: Isaiah 53 (55)Download (25 MB)N/A
PlayShepherding (28)Download (13 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayEven so, come (23)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe Lord is coming (26)Download (12 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayHe goeth before you (28)Download (13 MB)Meekin, John
PlayEagle flight (30)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Least of all Saints (41)Download (16 MB)Vanstone, Ross
PlayShowing forth the praises of Him (44)Download (20 MB)Baker, Tom
PlayGospel - Isaiah 53:5 (45)Download (21 MB)St. Clair, Shawn
PlayThe value of the Scriptures illustrated in Abraham's life (31)Download (14 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayHeaven (36)Download (17 MB)Skates, William
PlayTeaching principles to our children (7)Download (3.1 MB)Erickson, Cal
PlayDavid's difficulties (33)Download (15 MB)Jennings, Jerry
Play10 things salvation does to a believer (42)Download (19 MB)Aspenson, Paul
PlayExhortation to pray (21)Download (9.5 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayForgiveness (39)Download (8.9 MB)Sluiter, Shad
Similes in the Psalms (by request)Gilliland, David
True Prayer, true powerSpurgeon, Charles
Restoration (by request)Hoy, Tom
PlayFervent Prayer (29)Download (10 MB)Robertson, Andrew
PlayChosen and Choices (27)Download (9.4 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayHang on until He comes (33)Download (11 MB)Smith, Jim
Holiness and the Unmarried (by request)Shutt, Daniel
1 Peter 1 (by request)Hoy, Tom
Be Strong (by request)Frazier, Jim
PlayThe perfume (28)Download (6.4 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayNothing and Everything (28)Download (9.6 MB)Robertson, Andrew
PlayActs 4:12 (29)Download (93 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayDagger of the Word (24)Download (8.3 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayGod-centered Prayer (30)Download (10 MB)Robertson, Andrew
Discipleship (by request)Shutt, Daniel
Esther: a surrendered life (by request)Hoy, Tom
PlayLast words (31)Download (11 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayJustified (27)Download (2 MB)Hoy, Tom
PlayRomans 8 (29)Download (6.5 MB)Skates, William
PlayWhich side of the cross are you on? (14)Download (3.3 MB)Bergsma, Andrew
PlayGaining the wells of our fathers (42)Download (9.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
Play2 Tim 2 (37)Download (8.5 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayOrdinary men in John (28)Download (6.5 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayGreat High Priest (20)Download (4.5 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe Lord gave the word (20)Download (4.6 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayPharisee and Publican (31)Download (7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayLevites (27)Download (6.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayDavid and the Lord Jesus (36)Download (8.3 MB)Lavery, William
Living for Christ (Req 31)Gilliland, David
PlayArmor (17)Download (3.9 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayThe great gospel feast (22)Download (5.1 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayBrought Low (31)Download (7.1 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayHeadship (27)Download (6.1 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayGive me thine heart (25)Download (5.6 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlaySigns, sound, storms, song (cut short) (4)Download (867 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayPrayer (23)Download (5.2 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayBehavior in the house of God (27)Download (6.2 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayTwo kinds of wisdom (32)Download (7.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayAuthority of Christ (31)Download (7.1 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayTestimony, Larry Steers (32)Download (7.4 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayTestimony, Alex Dryburgh (11)Download (2.4 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayTower, Tree, House, Hen (18)Download (4.1 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayLife is brief (19)Download (4.4 MB)Thompson, Stuart
Play(Reading) The heavenly bridegroom & bride (55)Download (13 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayHow the gospels begin and end (8)Download (1.8 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayColossians refuting error (33)Download (7.6 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayThe Lord for us, with us, in us, among us (28)Download (6.4 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayGod will preserve His people (30)Download (6.9 MB)Lavery, William
PlayMy Beloved (23)Download (5.3 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayMy heart (15)Download (3.4 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayBearing fruit (27)Download (6.2 MB)Bednarik, Rob
PlayJohn's gospel; The Lord's coming in the past, present, future. (33)Download (7.5 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayEnoch: walking with God (26)Download (5.9 MB)Cliff, Greg
PlayCare and anxiety (41)Download (9.5 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayTaking advantage of the opportunity (13)Download (2.9 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlaySteadfastness (20)Download (4.6 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayHusbands, love your wives (29)Download (6.7 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayPriestly ministry (15)Download (3.5 MB)Lavery, William
PlayTestimony, John Fleming (16)Download (3.7 MB)Fleming, John
PlayTestimony, Kent Orr (8)Download (1.8 MB)Orr, Kent
PlayLost (28)Download (6.5 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayReceiving Christ, new birth (28)Download (6.4 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayMary of Bethany (31)Download (7.1 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayGiving myself (30)Download (7 MB)Barnes, Howard
Play"Behold My Servant" (28)Download (6.4 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayPreparation for service (25)Download (5.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayAs for man, As for God, As for me (29)Download (6.6 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayRevelation, Part 1 (46)Download (21 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayRevelation, Part 2 (56)Download (25 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayRevelation, Part 3 (48)Download (22 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayRevelation, Part 4 (50)Download (23 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayRevelation, Part 5 (49)Download (22 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayRevelation, Part 6 (47)Download (22 MB)Wells, Stanley
Revelation Chart (Harry Ironside)Ironside, Harry
PlaySolomon referenced outside Kings/Chronicles (49)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon elevated to the throne (45)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon established in the kingdom (49)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon enabled for leadership (41)Download (9.4 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon enlarging and enriching the kingdom (44)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon engaged in building (48)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon's erosion and enemies (38)Download (8.8 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySolomon's Psalm 72 (33)Download (7.7 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayRuth 1 (Part 1) (46)Download (10.6 MB)N/A
PlayRuth 1 (Part 2) (64)Download (14.7 MB)N/A
Outline, Ruth 1LinkN/A
PlayRuth 2 (Part 1) (60)Download (13.8 MB)N/A
PlayRuth 2 (Part 2) (53)Download (12.1 MB)N/A
Outline, Ruth 2LinkN/A
Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret (YouTube)
PlayRuth 3 (Part 1) (54)Download (12.5 MB)N/A
PlayRuth 3 (Part 2) (53)Download (12.2 MB)N/A
Outline, Ruth 3LinkN/A
PlayRuth 4 (Part 1) (60)N/A
PlayRuth 4 (Part 2) (58)N/A
Outline, Ruth 4LinkN/A
PlayWorship, Part 1 (Abraham) (58)Download (13.3 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayWorship, Part 2 (Job, Marys) (60)Download (13.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTake the low place (9)Download (2.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayDealing with trials (24)Download (5.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayPsalm 75 (31)Download (7.1 MB)Skates, William
PlayPassovers and Progress in John (36)Download (8.3 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayOvercoming the wicked one (35)Download (8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayDavid's 3 mighty men (34)Download (7.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayLove one another (29)Download (6.6 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayThe sin struggle (24)Download (5.6 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayThe woman at the well (25)Download (5.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayJoseph (26)Download (5.9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPsalm 23 (20)Download (4.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayHebrews 11 (18)Download (4.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlaySovereignty of God / Responsiblilty of man (23)Download (5.3 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayThe tried Saints (20)Download (4.5 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayBad beginnings (16)Download (3.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayIt is finished. It is enough. (22)Download (5 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayPrayer (29)Download (6.5 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe Will of God (30)Download (6.8 MB)Goff, Gaius
PlayPattern Prayer - Part 1 (38)Download (8.7 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayContinuing (31)Download (7.1 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayPattern Prayer - Part 2 - Forgiveness (40)Download (9 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayDavid (44)Download (10 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe power of God; gifts (41)Download (9.4 MB)Goff, Gaius
PlayMy sin, My punishment, My Lord (25)Download (5.8 MB)Wahls, Jason
PlaySeek ye the LORD (25)Download (5.6 MB)Saword, Craig
PlayThe Word of God (27)Download (6.3 MB)Goff, Gaius
PlayHeaven (37)Download (8.5 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayTemptations; The work of God; throwing in the towel (46)Download (10 MB)Harvey, Dan
PlayThe Foundation of God (43)Download (9.8 MB)Goff, Gaius
PlayWise and Foolish (29)Download (6.7 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
Play1 Corinthians: "Among you" (55)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Fellowship" (53)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Think" (39)Download (8.9 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Subject" (4)Download (9.2 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Any man" (54)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Judge" (41)Download (9.4 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Shame" (56)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 Corinthians: "Charity (love)" (55)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play"Declare unto us" (24)Download (5.6 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayBabylon (35)Download (8.1 MB)Skates, William
PlayWinning, Welcoming, Weeping for souls (17)Download (3.9 MB)Nesbit, Russell
PlayFellowship, 1 John 1 (44)Download (10 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayBelieving yes, Understanding yes, Loving yes (21)Download (4.9 MB)McLean, Max
PlayChrist as the Branch (48)Download (11 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayThe storm of Psalm 29 (22)Download (5 MB)Topley, Terry
PlayTestimony (10)Download (2.2 MB)
PlayTestimony (10)Download (2.4 MB)Wenger, Zach
PlayTestimony (6)Download (1.3 MB)
PlayRomans 1:16, the Gospel (25)Download (5.7 MB)McLean, Max
PlayThe voice of the Son of God (23)Download (5.3 MB)Topley, Terry
PlayBible Reading: The Lord's Coming (54)Download (12 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe holiness of Christ (last part) (11)Download (2.4 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayTriplets in 1 Corinthians (38)Download (8.8 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayPsalm 63: Consolation in Times of Anxiety (28)Download (6.3 MB)Skates, William
PlayThings not seen but very real (22)Download (5.1 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayGrace (21)Download (4.8 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlaySalvation of an ethiopian (29)Download (6.6 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe presence of God (26)Download (5.9 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayWisdom (34)Download (7.8 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayPsalm 119:129-136 (15)Download (3.3 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayThe Levitical Offerings (43)Download (9.8 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayTrue to the Word (19)Download (4.4 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayPhilippians 1:21 (10)Download (2.3 MB)Topley, Terry
PlaySo (29)Download (6.7 MB)Skates, William
PlayChrist on 4 Thrones in Hebrews (22)Download (4.9 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayPsalm 24 (38)Download (8.8 MB)Skates, William
PlayBe's in Romans 12 (26)Download (5.9 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayBeing Wise (24)Download (5.5 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayMatthew 5:1-16a (61)Download (13.9 MB)
PlayMatthew 5:1-16b (56)Download (12.9 MB)
Outline, Matthew 5:1-16LinkN/A
PlayMatthew 5:17-30 (71)Download (20.2 MB)
PlayMatthew 5:31-48 (70)Download (20.1 MB)
Outline, Matthew 5:17-48LinkN/A
PlayChrist died for the ungodly (25)Download (5.8 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayGod's lovingkindness (8)Download (1.8 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayHe cares for you (20)Download (4.6 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayHe died for me (9)Download (2 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayOne Sacrifice for sins forever (27)Download (6.3 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlaySpiritual growth (22)Download (5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe love of Christ (17)Download (4 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe new birth (27)Download (6.1 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe perfect manhood of the Lord Jesus (20)Download (4.7 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe Savior in Isaiah 53 (16)Download (3.8 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe substitute accepted for me (27)Download (6.2 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe sufferings of the Lord Jesus (13)Download (3 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayThe testimony of the cross (12)Download (2.7 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayTwo books of God's revelation (20)Download (4.5 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayTypes of the Lord Jesus (17)Download (3.9 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWhat Manner of Man is This (21)Download (4.7 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWhat it means to be lost (27)Download (6.1 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWhat it means to be saved (27)Download (6.1 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayWhy did Christ die for me (26)Download (6 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayYou need to locate yourself (26)Download (6 MB)Crawford, Norman
PlayIsaac - Possession & Progress of sonship (51)Download (14 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayMoses - Peril of sonship (39)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySamson - Potential and Power of sonship (45)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySamuel - Perseverance of sonship (39)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayJohn Baptist - Purpose of sonship (36)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayLord Jesus - Perfection of sonship (38)Download (11 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1 John 1 (15)Download (4.2 MB)Meekin, John
Outline, 2 PeterLinkN/A
Play2 Peter 1 - part 1 (64)Download (18 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play2 Peter 1 - part 2 (46)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play2 Peter 2 - part 1 (47)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
Play2 Peter 2 - part 2 (37)Download (11 MB)Lavery, William
Play2 Peter 3 - part 1 (46)Download (13 MB)Meekin, John
Play2 Peter 3 - part 2 (40)Download (11 MB)Meekin, John
Outline, JudeLinkN/A
PlayJude - part 1 (66)Download (19 MB)Vallance, David
PlayJude - part 2 (54)Download (16 MB)Vallance, David
PlayIsaiah 53 (40)Download (12 MB)Vallance, David
PlayI am the Way (29)Download (8.2 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayChrist Jesus came into the world to save sinners (24)Download (6.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayHearing (15)Download (4.3 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayShepherding (28)Download (8.1 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayThe Shepherd Seeking (25)Download (7.1 MB)Lavery, William
Play1 John 1 (29)Download (8.4 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayLight, Life, Love in John (43)Download (12 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayKnowing the will of God (30)Download (8.6 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayThe Distant Shepherd of John 11 (24)Download (6.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayWalking Worthy (23)Download (6.6 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayGospel (23)Download (6.7 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayGospel (28)Download (7.9 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayNight Seasons (15)Download (4.4 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayMary & Martha in John 11 (34)Download (9.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe rejection of the Lord Jesus, the Perfect Servant (22)Download (6.3 MB)Lavery, William
PlayAbraham, Long vision (32)Download (9.1 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayPutting your children under the sound of the Word (10)Download (3 MB)Toombs, Gary
PlayGospel (25)Download (7.1 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayService (29)Download (8.3 MB)Sluiter, Shad
PlayWasting your life for Christ (32)Download (9.1 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayUnique things (31)Download (9 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe divine plan (33)Download (9.3 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayChristian home & wandering (26)Download (7.5 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayDavid (28)Download (8.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPsalm 22 (30)Download (8.6 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayJohn 3:16 (24)Download (6.8 MB)Hunt, David
PlayThe cross in light of time and eternity (28)Download (8 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayBible Reading, Genesis 22 (55)Download (16 MB)N/A
PlayThe sinless perfection of Christ (17)Download (4.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayPictures of the local assembly (26)Download (7.3 MB)Lavery, William
PlayPsalm 23 (24)Download (6.9 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayDiscouragement & Encouragement (21)Download (6 MB)Hunt, David
PlayThe coming of the Lord Jesus (28)Download (8.1 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayAfter these things (23)Download (10 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayProgress in assembly condition (38)Download (17 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayLosing heart (27)Download (12 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayThe grace of acceptance (32)Download (15 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayWho is the greatest? (25)Download (11 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayA prepared place (35)Download (16 MB)Lavery, William
PlayJohn the Baptist (29)Download (13 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayThey came and went (29)Download (13 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayChrist the Sovereign, Stranger, Savior (29)Download (13 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayPsalm 69, Bible reading (50)Download (23 MB)N/A
PlayCrowns (15)Download (6.9 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayWhat made Timothy who he was (28)Download (13 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayApplications from Solomon (18)Download (8.2 MB)Lavery, William
Play1 Corinthians 13 (21)Download (9.7 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayEncouragement for Sunday School teachers (14)Download (6.5 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayPhilippians 1 (16)Download (7.5 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayBroken things (17)Download (7.6 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayIntroduction to Family Relationships ()Download (8.6 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayMarriage and the home ()Download (12 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayHusband and wife relationships ()Download (12 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayChildren and parenting ()Download (14 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayCourtship ()Download (13 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayNeed for physical intimacy ()Download (3.2 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayFinances in a marriage ()Download (9.8 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlaySpent all (29)Download (6.6 MB)St. Clair, Shawn
PlayEnoch (18)Download (4.1 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayThe sin of railing (31)Download (7.2 MB)Skates, William
PlayThree dangerous unknown conditions (28)Download (6.4 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayMarriage (42)Download (9.6 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayAssembly truth (30)Download (6.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThings the Lord has (26)Download (6 MB)Lavery, William
PlayApplications for the gates of Jerusalem (27)Download (6.2 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayPurpose to be with Him (15)Download (3.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayYou can be sure, saved, satisfied (14)Download (3.1 MB)Topley, Terry
Play1Timothy 1:15 (27)Download (6.3 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayBread and Wine (7)Download (1.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayJeremiah, like Christ (30)Download (6.8 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayAssembly responsibility (32)Download (7.4 MB)Dyck, Abe
PlayOld Paths (17)Download (3.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Lord Jesus in Isaiah 50:4-10 (20)Download (4.5 MB)Topley, Terry
PlayThe New Birth (27)Download (6.2 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayThe Resurrection - Mark 16 (60)Download (14 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayCertain men who were wrong ()Download (7.6 MB)Skates, William
PlayDiscouragement ()Download (6.3 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayNazariteship and Devotion to God ()Download (5.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayA Christ-centered life ()Download (7.8 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayThe wood offering: the humanity of Christ ()Download (6.9 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayA separated life ()Download (6.1 MB)Baker, Tom
PlayThe unity of the assembly ()Download (7.1 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayNothing to pay ()Download (6 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayNot saved - Are saved ()Download (7.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPeace Offering ()Download (5 MB)Ronald Jr., James
PlayMark 8-9:7 ()Download (3.6 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe first day of the week ()Download (7.6 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayMyrrh: a fragrant life ()Download (6.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayI will come again ()Download (3.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayMyrrh and frankincense in the life of the Lord Jesus ()Download (3.1 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayGreat Salvation ()Download (7.5 MB)Baker, Tom
PlayMatthew 6:1-18 Part 1 (60)Download (13.7 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 6:1-18 Part 2 (53)Download (12.1 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 6:19-34 Part 1 (59)Download (16.8 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 6:19-34 Part 2 (54)Download (15.3 MB)N/A
Outline, Matthew 6:19-34N/A
PlayMatthew 7:1-14 Part 1 (53)Download (15 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 7:1-14 Part 2 (61)Download (17.4 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 7:15-29 Part 1 (59)Download (16.9 MB)N/A
PlayMatthew 7:15-29 Part 2 (47)Download (13.5 MB)N/A
Outline, Matthew 7:15-29N/A
PlayCloak, Books, Scriptures, John Mark (13)Download (3.1 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayJohn 1 Part 1 (58)Download (13 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayJohn 1 Part 2 (50)Download (11 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayColossians 1 Part 1 (44)Download (10 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayColossians 1 Part 2 (37)Download (8.4 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayHebrews 1 Part 1 (41)Download (9.3 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayHebrews 1 Part 2 (40)Download (9.2 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe sinner of John 8:1-11 (26)Download (5.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayEphesians 2:8-9 (26)Download (6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayIn Remembrance of Me (16)Download (3.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayLet this mind be in you (10)Download (2.3 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayRevelation 1 Part 1 (51)Download (12 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayRevelation 1 Part 2 (64)Download (15 MB)Barnes, Howard
PlayNear-drowning experience of Scott Hayes (52)Download (12 MB)Hayes, Scott
PlayThe Deity of Christ (48)Download (14 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe Humanity of Christ (41)Download (12 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe Messiah- boyhood, temptations, impeccability (56)Download (16 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe atonement of Christ (23)Download (6.6 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe death and resurrection of Christ (34)Download (9.8 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe downstooping, exhaltation, and coming of Christ (43)Download (12 MB)Vallance, David
PlayChrist in the Garden (28)Download (8.1 MB)Vallance, David
PlayWhich way are you leaning? (29)Download (6.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayInterpersonal relationships (30)Download (6.8 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayReality in God's family (21)Download (4.8 MB)Lavery, William
Play3 Voices in 1 Kings 3 (33)Download (7.6 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayGaius (20)Download (4.5 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayLeaving the presence of the LORD (15)Download (3.4 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayJosiah (34)Download (7.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayJohn 21 (18)Download (4.2 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayAs Moses lifted up the serpent (25)Download (5.7 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThey shall come (24)Download (5.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayJohn 17 (53)Download (12 MB)Lavery, William
PlayForgot him (16)Download (3.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayCharacteristics of the Apostle Paul (22)Download (4.9 MB)Lavery, William
PlayCharacteristics of the Lord Jesus (12)Download (2.8 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySacrifice, Sought, Service (16)Download (3.8 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThomas the Honest (26)Download (5.9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPrayer (29)Download (6.7 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayLearning more about the place to which we are going (10)Download (3 MB)Lavery, William
PlayHeaven (31)Download (8.7 MB)McCullough, Eric
Play3 outstanding nights in the life of Jacob (33)Download (9.3 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayLiving with a fresh view of judgment (18)Download (5.2 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayLord's supper: are we willing to give God the best? (37)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayOneness of believers; "Walk" in Ephesians (31)Download (8.8 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayRomans 12:1 - Present your bodies; the meal offering (28)Download (8.1 MB)Lavery, William
Play2Kings 13 - the influence of older men (30)Download (8.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlaySpiritual sobriety (17)Download (4.8 MB)Frazier, Jim
PlayA time to be born and a time to die (30)Download (8.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayJesus and Nicodemus (23)Download (6.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayDevotional (12)Download (3.3 MB)Lavery, William
Play4 Things that produce rest (25)Download (7.1 MB)Smith, Jim
PlayWatch your love (30)Download (8.6 MB)Badgely, Eugene
PlayFaithfulness to Christ in a day of departure (20)Download (5.8 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlaySuffering saints (31)Download (8.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayTwo men who wanted to see the Lord Jesus (26)Download (7.4 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayPsalm 73 (34)Download (7.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayWorship (13)Download (2.9 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayTrials (23)Download (5.2 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayTurning points in David's life (28)Download (6.5 MB)Perkins, Larry
Play5 Until's in the book of Ruth (25)Download (5.7 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayTransferral of garments (37)Download (8.4 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayTestimony, Scott Hayes (8)Download (1.8 MB)Hayes, Scott
PlayTestimony, Gary Southerd (7)Download (1.7 MB)Southerd, Gary
PlayTestimony, Laverne Weber (9)Download (2.1 MB)Weber, Laverne
PlayTestimony, Sid Hayes (5)Download (1.1 MB)Hayes, Sid
PlayChrist died for our sins (24)Download (5.5 MB)Hunt, David
PlayBlood, book, song, wrath of the Lamb (29)Download (6.6 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayBible study, 1 Cor. 15:35 (54)Download (12 MB)n/a
PlayElijah leaves Elisha (30)Download (6.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayA changed life (13)Download (3 MB)Hunt, David
PlayConsecration (35)Download (8.1 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayThe resurrection (31)Download (7.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe crucified, conquering, coming Christ (27)Download (6.2 MB)Hull, Albert
PlayGod calling (29)Download (6.7 MB)Hunt, David
PlayLessons at Kadesh (18)Download (4 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayMen in the book of Ruth (27)Download (6.2 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayThree songs in Revelation (30)Download (6.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayRestoration under Hezekiah (28)Download (6.5 MB)Skates, William
PlayJacob the grave digger (41)Download (9.3 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPrayer (26)Download (6 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayThe Word came (34)Download (7.8 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayBurnt Offering (26)Download (6 MB)Smith, Jim
PlaySo far (24)Download (5.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayWhere are you, where are you going? (28)Download (6.4 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayIsaiah 53 (57)Download (13 MB)n/a
PlayColdness of heart (25)Download (5.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayNeed for restoration (23)Download (5.4 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayVessels - used of God (23)Download (5.3 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayThe coming of the Lord (20)Download (4.7 MB)Skates, William
PlayHeaven (28)Download (6.5 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayHome (7)Download (1.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayFollower of Christ (40)Download (9.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe person of Christ (15)Download (3.4 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayGold (31)Download (7.1 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayLord of me (22)Download (5.1 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayBe a friend of God (31)Download (7.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayLord Jesus Christ (22)Download (5 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe garment (39)Download (9 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayYour way (25)Download (5.8 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayThe Light (34)Download (7.7 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible reading, John 20 (54)Download (12 MB)n/a
PlayElders (33)Download (7.7 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayEmpty seats (21)Download (4.9 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe Lord's coming (13)Download (3 MB)Lavery, William
PlaySleep in Jesus (18)Download (4.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayWork today (25)Download (5.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPsalm 119:11 (21)Download (4.7 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe gospel and reaction to it (29)Download (6.7 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlaySo great salvation (23)Download (5.2 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe Passover (53)Download (12 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayAccounts of the Passover (50)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Passover continued (49)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Feast of Firstfruits (48)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Feast of Weeks (45)Download (10 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayGap in the feasts: Report on the work (56)Download (13 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Feast of Trumpets (54)Download (12 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Day of Atonement (43)Download (9.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Feast of Tabernacles (50)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayProphesies in Zechariah (49)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Millennium (41)Download (9.4 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayPrayer (30)Download (6.9 MB)Vallance, David
PlayRunning the Race (33)Download (7.6 MB)Ramsay, Peter
PlayThe God of Endurance and Encouragement (29)Download (6.7 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayJeremiah: serving in youth (41)Download (9.4 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe God of Hope (40)Download (9.2 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayEzra: Rise up and build (50)Download (11 MB)Vallance, David
PlayWorship (49)Download (11 MB)Ramsay, Peter
PlayMethuselah (28)Download (6.3 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayThe God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (26)Download (6.1 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayMatthew 18 (46)Download (10 MB)Vallance, David
PlayThe Bible (46)Download (11 MB)Ramsay, Peter
PlayBehold God (39)Download (8.9 MB)Cain, Matthew
PlayGenesis 22 (36)Download (8.3 MB)Vallance, David
PlayOur speech (20)Download (5.8 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayGod knows (35)Download (10 MB)Skates, William
PlayFour requests of the Lord Jesus in John 17 (25)Download (7.2 MB)Nesbit, Russell
PlaySocial drinking (32)Download (9.2 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayLocal assembly truths to faithfully uphold (30)Download (8.6 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayDevelopment of the church in Acts (40)Download (12 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe presence of God (28)Download (7.9 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayTestimony, Marvin Studnicka (10)Download (2.8 MB)Studnicka, Marvin
PlayTestimony, Randy Johnson (14)Download (4 MB)Johnson, Randy
PlayTestimony, Jeff Novak (5)Download (1.3 MB)Novak, Jeff
PlayPrepare to meet God (20)Download (5.7 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe love of God (21)Download (6 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayResurrection, Bible reading (57)Download (16 MB)N/A
PlayOur relationship with Christ seen in Song of Songs (38)Download (11 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe ascension of Christ (28)Download (8.1 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayChrist the Forerunner (28)Download (7.9 MB)Skates, William
PlayConversion of the ethiopian eunuch (26)Download (7.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe Golden Altar and Prayer (34)Download (9.8 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe Cloud in Exodus (39)Download (11 MB)Frazier, Jim
PlayAndrew (31)Download (9 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayBeing prepared (26)Download (7.5 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayLabor (31)Download (8.8 MB)Hendrickson, Kent
PlayBible translations and the peril of changing the Word of God (45)Download (13 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayWays that God tests us (19)Download (5.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayGetting a glimpse of Christ (20)Download (5.8 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayMetaphors for the assembly in Ephesians (31)Download (8.9 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe Lampstand (44)Download (13 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe coming of the Lord (30)Download (8.5 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe setting of the meal offering (26)Download (7.5 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayTestimony of Mike Wenger (14)Download (4 MB)Wenger, Mike
PlayTestimony of Jeremiah Collins (12)Download (3.4 MB)Collins, Jeremiah
PlayHow God views sin (26)Download (7.5 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayNicodemus (23)Download (6.6 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayVinegar given to the Lord (24)Download (6.8 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayKeeping our focus in deteriorating conditions (39)Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Word of God (19)Download (5.4 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe methods of the meal offering (43)Download (12 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayWithout Christ, Strength, Hope (22)Download (6.2 MB)Steers, Larry
PlaySpiritual Progress: a fresh start (32)Download (9.3 MB)Allen, James
PlaySpiritual Potential (36)Download (10.3 MB)Allen, James
Play1 Thessalonians 1-2:12 part 1 (78)Download (22.3 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 1-2:12 part 2 (36)Download (10.3 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 2:13-3:13 part 1 (65)Download (18.5 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 2:13-3:13 part 2 (47)Download (13.3 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 4 part 1 (58)Download (13.2 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 4 part 2 (60)Download (13.7 MB)N/A
PlayTestimony of William Lavery (50)Download (14.4 MB)Lavery, William
PlayProvision in the house (The Great Supper) (48)Download (13.8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe Prodigal in the house (The Prodigal Son) (48)Download (13.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayPartaking in the house (The Lord's Supper) (48)Download (13.7 MB)Lavery, William
Play1 Thessalonians 5 part 1 (67)Download (19.3 MB)N/A
Play1 Thessalonians 5 part 2 (54)Download (15.4 MB)N/A
PlayA wise son makes a glad father (19)Download (5.3 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayLuke 2 Part 1 (63)Download (18 MB)N/A
PlayLuke 2 Part 2 (45)Download (13 MB)N/A
PlayPhilippians 2 part 1 (38)Download (11 MB)N/A
PlayPhilippians 2 part 2 (49)Download (14 MB)N/A
PlayHebrews 2 part 1 (38)Download (11 MB)N/A
PlayHebrews 2 part 2 (47)Download (14 MB)N/A
PlayLeviticus 2 part 1 (60)Download (17 MB)N/A
PlayLeviticus 2 part 2 (52)Download (15 MB)N/A
PlaySo Great Salvation (21)Download (5.9 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBoth Hands (29)Download (8.4 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayFeed My Sheep (43)Download (12 MB)Meekin, John
PlayI sat down under His shadow (10)Download (3 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayMessengers of the churches (34)Download (9.6 MB)Skates, William
PlaySpirituality (26)Download (7.4 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayIsrael's History as our Teacher (22)Download (6.2 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlaySpiritual Lessons from Kings who had diseases (28)Download (8 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayUnspotted from the world (35)Download (10 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe unequal yoke (21)Download (5.9 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayLevi and Levites (22)Download (6.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayA blind man receives sight (23)Download (6.5 MB)Procopio, Jonathan
PlayBible Reading, Psalm 69 (59)Download (17 MB)N/A
PlayIsrael's Wilderness Experience (26)Download (7.4 MB)Krauss, Fred
PlayCain & Abel's Offerings (31)Download (8.9 MB)Procopio, Jonathan
PlayWatch (26)Download (7.4 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayWandering from his Place (33)Download (9.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Purpose of the assembly (57)Download (16 MB)Petterson, David
PlayThe Presidency the assembly allows (46)Download (13 MB)Petterson, David
PlayThe Privilege the assembly bestows (47)Download (14 MB)Petterson, David
PlayThe People the assembly blesses (42)Download (12 MB)Petterson, David
PlayLord, is it I? (14)Download (3.9 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayDeparture and recovery (35)Download (10 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayWhat David saw, heard, said, did (26)Download (7.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayJudges 9 and 3 John (30)Download (8.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayChrist the Overcomer (29)Download (8.2 MB)Skates, William
PlayPsalm 84, love for the assembly (27)Download (7.8 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBorders (38)Download (11 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayCalvary: the only starting and stopping place (42)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayTwo men in eternity (27)Download (7.7 MB)Shutt, Daniel
PlayMary (15)Download (4.3 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayLiving a life that counts for eternity (30)Download (8.7 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlayFind fault or find fulfillment (36)Download (10 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayGospel (30)Download (8.6 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayHannah and her sorrow (30)Download (8.4 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayOvercoming Conflict in our relationships (34)Download (9.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThings thrown in to remedy a problem (33)Download (9.4 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayHannah and her supplication (36)Download (10 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayWorship (44)Download (13 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayHannah and her son (45)Download (13 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayOvercomnig conflict and Our Calling (43)Download (12 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Character of God (26)Download (7.5 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayLook unto Me (22)Download (6.4 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayOvercoming conflict and Honoring one another (33)Download (9.4 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayHannah and her song (37)Download (11 MB)Cain, Marcus
PlayOvercoming conflict and honesty (47)Download (14 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1 John (43)Download (12 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayThe most important things (31)Download (9 MB)Sharp, Gary
PlayTestimony of Clive Barber (55)Download (26 MB)Barber, Clive
PlayLabor (22)Download (6.2 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayNearness before service (20)Download (5.6 MB)Erickson, Cal
PlayDelighting in the Word of God (40)Download (11.4 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayUntil He Comes (27)Download (7.8 MB)Weber, Roy
PlayTimes Paul sent someone with a purpose (23)Download (6.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThe Wedding in Cana (35)Download (10 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayChrist in Zechariah 10:4 (26)Download (7.6 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayMalach (31)Download (9 MB)Seguel, Pablo
PlayAssemblies as lampstands (32)Download (9.2 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayJoseph and Jesus in Genesis 41 (31)Download (8.8 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayChrist the Apostle and High Priest (37)Download (11 MB)Lavery, William
PlayTestimony of Zach Wenger (8)Download (2.2 MB)Wenger, Zach
PlayTestimony of Ted Larson (11)Download (3.1 MB)Larson, Ted
PlayTestimony of Duncan Dunsire (5)Download (1.5 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayTestimony of Tom Novak (5)Download (1.6 MB)Novak, Tom
PlayHis own way, body, blood (25)Download (7.1 MB)Crawford, Brian
PlaySaved (16)Download (4.7 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayBible Reading: Philippians 2:5-11 (53)Download (15 MB)n/a
PlayOccupation with Christ (12)Download (3.5 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayGodliness and its trials (29)Download (8.4 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayEphesians (38)Download (11 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayGilgal (30)Download (8.7 MB)Skates, William
PlayLuke 1:76-79 (24)Download (6.8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayZacharias and Elizabeth: Never too old (23)Download (6.5 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayHow to share the gospel (37)Download (11 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayContrast of bringing back the ark (32)Download (9.1 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayZechariah 13:7 - Jehovah's Shepherd (43)Download (12 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayDavid's experience in Psalm 23 (28)Download (8.1 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayFour sins that hinder God's work (18)Download (5.2 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayAmalek, a picture of the flesh (30)Download (8.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayTestimony of Rylan Johnson (6)Download (1.6 MB)Johnson, Rylan
PlayTestimony of Cameron Stanek (9)Download (2.5 MB)Stanek, Cameron
PlayTestimony of Ron Doll (13)Download (3.7 MB)Doll, Ron
PlayWords from the Cross (27)Download (7.8 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayJohn 3:17, 36 (26)Download (7.5 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayFaithfulness, Separation (35)Download (10 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySeparation (27)Download (7.6 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe Suffering Savior (22)Download (6.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayContemplation on Christ (14)Download (3.9 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayRemember Lot's Wife (31)Download (8.9 MB)McCullough, Eric
Prophecy chartMacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Prophecy: The Most High (46)Download (21 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Prophecy: God's program: Dispensations (51)Download (23 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Prophecy: Covenants (61)Download (28 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Prophecy: Parable of the Sower (56)Download (26 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Prophecy: Parables (43)Download (20 MB)MacLeod, Scott
Play2 Thessalonians 1 - part 1 (51)Download (24 MB)n/a
Play2 Thessalonians 1 - part 2 (52)Download (24 MB)n/a
2 Thessalonians 1 - Outline & notesn/a
Play2 Thessalonians 2 - part 1 (61)Download (27.9 MB)n/a
Play2 Thessalonians 2 - part 2 (54)Download (24.6 MB)n/a
PlayLocal Church: New Testament Pictures of a Local Assembly (Church) (56)Download (25.5 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLocal Church: Preeminence of His Name; The Pattern, Fellowship Together (59)Download (27.2 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLocal Church: Reception to the Fellowship; Priesthood of Believers (57)Download (25.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLocal Church: Spiritual Gifts Functioning (58)Download (26.7 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayLocal Church: Symbols Used To Communicate Truth in the Gathering (56)Download (25.5 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1 Thessalonians: The Beginning of a Testimony: Background & Analysis of a Book (50)Download (23 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1Thessalonians: The Study of a Theme: Assembly Traits (41)Download (19 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1Thessalonians: The Bearers of Truth: Living Templates for the Saints (42)Download (19 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1Thessalonians: The Study of a Topic: The Coming of the Lord (41)Download (19 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Play1Thessalonians: Biography of a Life: Timothy's Influence (40)Download (19 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1Thessalonians: The Study of a Term: Faith (42)Download (19 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayIsaiah 43:11 (28)Download (13 MB)Seguel, Pablo
Play1 Timothy 1:15 (26)Download (12 MB)Sona, Frank
Play1Thessalonians: The Barriers to Temptation (55)Download (25 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play1Thessalonians: The Study of a Text: Assembly Atmosphere (39)Download (18 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayHearing the voice of God (26)Download (12 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayPsalm 110:1 (24)Download (11 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Play2 Thessalonians 3 - Part 1 (52)Download (24 MB)N/A
Play2 Thessalonians 3 - Part 2 (52)Download (23.6 MB)N/A
PlayDays of Scripture - Part 1 (65)Download (29.7 MB)N/A
PlayDays of Scripture - Part 2 (57)Download (26.3 MB)N/A
PlayThe Wondrous Creation (54)Download (12.3 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Wondrous Formation of Man (56)Download (12.7 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Wondrous Incarnation (58)Download (13.3 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Wondrous Inspiration of Scripture (52)Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Wondrous Exultation of Christ (55)Download (12.6 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayNumbers 6: 6 sayings, 3 couplets ()Download (6 MB)
PlayThe Formation of an Assembly, Part 1 ()Download (12 MB)N/A
PlayThe Formation of an Assembly, Part 2 ()Download (14 MB)N/A
PlayThe Fundamentals of an Assembly, Part 1 ()Download (14 MB)N/A
PlayThe Fundamentals of an Assembly, Part 2 ()Download (6.1 MB)N/A
PlayThe Fellowship of an Assembly ()Download (18 MB)N/A
PlayWounds (Isaiah 1, 53) ()Download (5.4 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayThree sons ()Download (5 MB)Lavery, William
PlayGod's ways are behind the scenes ()Download (4.8 MB)
PlaySpiritual gift ()Download (4.7 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Fostering of an Assembly (Shepherding), Part 1 ()Download (12 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Fostering of an Assembly (Shepherding), Part 2 ()Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
Mount Sterling Conference 2017 OutlineN/A
PlayThe Man of God (16)Download (3.8 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayA Bush, Basket, and Basin (37)Download (8.5 MB)Wells, Stanley
Play7 Things God Hates (25)Download (5.8 MB)Skates, William
PlayLiving in Love (30)Download (6.9 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Foundation for Spirtual Strength (28)Download (6.4 MB)MacLeod, Scott
Play"Lord" in John 21 (23)Download (5.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayDefilement (15)Download (3.4 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayRebuilding for God ()Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
Play4 Things Men Don't Know (24)Download (5.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThe Forgiveness of Sins (27)Download (6.1 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible Reading - Psalm 23 (57)Download (13 MB)N/A
PlayPaul Beseeching in Romans (31)Download (7.1 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe Local Assembly (32)Download (7.2 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayMatthew ch 16-17 (23)Download (5.3 MB)Lavery, William
PlayBe Still. Be Strong. Be Steadfast. (25)Download (5.7 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayWhat shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel? (24)Download (5.4 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe Last Recorded Words of the Lord Jesus (28)Download (6.5 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe Old Waste Places (20)Download (4.6 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPrayer (23)Download (5.3 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThings Joshua Saw (33)Download (7.5 MB)Doll, Brandon
Play4 Men of 3 John (26)Download (6 MB)Skates, William
Play3 Individuals who may be in a local assembly (33)Download (7.5 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlaySamson and the 7 churches of Asia (33)Download (7.5 MB)Lavery, William
PlayMoral Holiness (38)Download (8.6 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayPleasing God (27)Download (6.2 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayA wounded Savior for wounded sinners (26)Download (5.9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe difference between a need and a want (22)Download (5.1 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlaySufferer, Substitute, Sovereign (12)Download (2.8 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayTraditions (40)Download (9.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Lord's Hand, Heart, House (23)Download (5.2 MB)Lavery, William
PlayPrayer (27)Download (6.1 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayJonah (29)Download (6.6 MB)Skates, William
PlayTransparent Glass (23)Download (5.3 MB)Skates, William
PlaySee thou do it not: Worship God (13)Download (3.1 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayRejoicing, Patient, Continuing in Prayer (25)Download (5.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Rock (26)Download (6 MB)Ronald Jr., James
PlayChristians that differ (24)Download (5.5 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlaySowing and reaping (30)Download (6.9 MB)Snippe, Bert
PlayWake up, cheer up, stand up, caught up (32)Download (7.3 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayHouse of God (20)Download (4.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe importance of our youth (23)Download (5.2 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayHow will you die? (25)Download (5.8 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayBearing (24)Download (5.5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayBible Reading: Hebrews 10 (57)Download (13 MB)N/A
PlayDay of Atonement (22)Download (5 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayRevival (31)Download (7.1 MB)Snippe, Bert
PlayFive things to be occupied with (25)Download (5.8 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThings found in the family of God (16)Download (3.6 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe Spirit of God (20)Download (4.6 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayHis appearing (15)Download (3.5 MB)Ronald Jr., James
PlayThe future day (18)Download (4.1 MB)Skates, William
PlayThree characteristics of the love God desires (23)Download (5.3 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlaySpiritual Commitment (34)Download (7.8 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlayDaniel: Standing for God (37)Download (8.5 MB)Grant, Stephen
PlayFive characteristics of Christ in Resurrection (38)Download (8.6 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlayRaising Children (47)Download (11 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlaySamson: link with heaven, love for the world (41)Download (9.4 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlayElders / Overseers (47)Download (11 MB)Grant, Stephen
PlayLife and Eternity (25)Download (5.8 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayEnter In (26)Download (5.9 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayHis Coming (32)Download (7.4 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlaySympathy and Empathy (46)Download (10 MB)Grant, Stephen
PlayThe local church - the human body (44)Download (10 MB)Ussher, Andrew
PlayA rewarding God (38)Download (8.8 MB)Derksen, Marvin
PlayThe divide for life and eternity (29)Download (6.6 MB)Grant, Stephen
PlayThe garments of the High Priest (39)Download (18 MB)Skates, William
PlayUnity (21)Download (9.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe obedience of Christ (25)Download (12 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayLessons for us from Israel's journey from Egypt to Canaan (38)Download (17 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayMy near-death experience (30)Download (14 MB)Johnson, Marvin
PlayPrayer (17)Download (7.8 MB)Nesbitt, Russel
PlayUntil He Comes (32)Download (15 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayPaul the apostle (28)Download (13 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayAbsolute Truth (26)Download (12 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe fellowship (33)Download (15 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayLessons from Malachi (29)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
PlayOur Attitude (29)Download (13 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayServing God in the assembly - Exodus 35 (35)Download (16 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayPhilippians 1-2 (23)Download (10 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayTestimony, David Spurl (10)Download (4.4 MB)Spurl, David
PlayTestimony, Kevin Orr (12)Download (5.5 MB)Orr, Kevin
PlayTestimony, Jeff Novak (5)Download (2.2 MB)Novak, Jeff
PlayTestimony, Timothy Anderson (8)Download (3.8 MB)Anderson, Timothy
PlayBecause there is wrath (18)Download (8.1 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe self-humbling of Christ (24)Download (11 MB)Lavery, William
PlayBible reading, John 1:14-18 (55)Download (25 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayPraising the Lamb (9)Download (3.9 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayOur brother's conscience (33)Download (15 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe coming of Christ (21)Download (9.8 MB)Dryburgh, Alex
PlayThe hours of darkness (31)Download (14 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Lord walking (16)Download (7.5 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe fire and the Lamb (29)Download (13 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThe temptation of Jesus (39)Download (18 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayObedience (21)Download (9.8 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayGod's building (32)Download (14 MB)Skates, William
PlayPhilippians (27)Download (12 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThey gave all but themself (46)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe sinlessness of Christ (25)Download (11 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayCompanionship (24)Download (3.7 MB)Lavery, William
PlayTestimony, Cal Erickson (8)Download (8.5 MB)Erickson, Cal
PlayTestimony, Aubrey Butler (18)Download (11 MB)Butler, Aubrey
PlayExceptional Things (25)Download (14 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe one-handed sinner (30)Download (3.5 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Lord's knees (8)Download (6.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayA reed in the Lord's hand (14)Download (2.9 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe Lord's feet (6)Download (13 MB)Erickson, Cal
PlayRevelation 4:1 (29)Download (17 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayDo not be ignorant (38)Download (15 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe Day of Atonement (32)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayGod knows how to deal with sin (23)Download (21 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayFoundational Truth Part 1 (58)Download (26 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayFoundational Truth Part 2 (59)Download (27 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayFoundational Truth Part 3 (58)Download (26 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayFoundational Truth Part 4 (56)Download (26 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayFoundational Truth Part 5 (61)Download (28 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe First Adam and the Last Adam (68)Download (31 MB)N/A
PlayThe First Adam and the Last Adam (41)Download (18.7 MB)N/A
Adam, OutlineN/A
PlayJoseph, Part 1 (63)Download (29 MB)N/A
PlayJoseph, Part 2 (52)Download (24 MB)N/A
PlayElisha, Part 1 (60)Download (27.5 MB)N/A
PlayElisha, Part 1 (64)Download (29.5 MB)N/A
Elisha OutlineN/A
PlayFellowship (53)Download (12 MB)Gould, Jack
PlayPaul, Part 1 (59)Download (23.7 MB)N/A
PlayPaul, Part 2 (52)Download (27.1 MB)N/A
Mount Sterling Conference 2018 OutlineLinkN/A
PlayChrist: Apostle and High Priest (20)Download (5.9 MB)Sweetnam, Mark
PlayThe Garments of the high priest - The Character of Christ - Part 1 (68)Download (19 MB)Sweetnam, Mark
PlayThe Garments of the high priest - The Character of Christ - Part 2 (46)Download (13 MB)Sweetnam, Mark
PlayThe Consecration of the priests - The Conduct of Christ - Part 1 (49)Download (14 MB)Meekin, John
PlayThe Consecration of the priests - The Conduct of Christ - Part 2 (36)Download (10 MB)Meekin, John
PlayThe Priesthood of Christ contrasted with Aaron - The Consideration of Christ - Part 1 (46)Download (13 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe Priesthood of Christ contrasted with Aaron - The Consideration of Christ - Part 2 (39)Download (11 MB)Skates, William
PlayChristian Priesthood - Our responsibility - Part 1 (45)Download (13 MB)Petterson, David
PlayChristian Priesthood - Our responsibility - Part 2 (71)Download (20 MB)Petterson, David
PlayIn that day - Zachariah 12-13 (25)Download (7.1 MB)Meekin, John
PlayThe sufferings of the Savior - Isaiah 53:5 (27)Download (7.9 MB)Sweetnam, Mark
PlayPitching tents and Building altars (36)Download (10 MB)Sweetnam, Mark
Play1 Peter 3:18 (23)Download (6.7 MB)Petterson, David
PlaySo Faithful (23)Download (11 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayOur life compared to 4 seasons (38)Download (17 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayPurpose (34)Download (15 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayHouse of God (35)Download (16 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayDecisions of Moses (27)Download (12 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayExhortations from 1 Thessalonians (28)Download (13 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayDaniel Chapter 3 (33)Download (15 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayTwo sent things (27)Download (12 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayIt is (26)Download (12 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayBible Reading, Matthew 28 (58)Download (26 MB)n/a
PlaySeparation (38)Download (17 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayElders & Teachers (46)Download (21 MB)Sona, Frank
PlaySay No (39)Download (18 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayWhy the blind man called out (27)Download (12 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayThe Good Samaritan (26)Download (12 MB)Sona, Frank
Play1 Timothy 1 intro, Goal for ministry (33)Download (19 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayFaithful soldier, servant (22)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe great commission (29)Download (16 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayThe assembly defined, developed, destroyed, delivered (41)Download (19 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayNot yet (37)Download (17 MB)Davidson, Alan
PlayTaking a stand in last day conditions (37)Download (17 MB)Lavery, William
PlayTestimony, Darrel Raynor (13)Download (5.8 MB)Raynor, Darrel
PlayTestimony, Zach Wenger (8)Download (3.6 MB)Wenger, Zach
PlayTestimony, Tom Novak (6)Download (2.8 MB)Novak, Tom
PlayTestimony, Bernard Weber (6)Download (2.7 MB)Weber, Bernard
PlayA day of opportunity (27)Download (12 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayThe value of a soul (22)Download (10 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayBible reading, Matthew 26:30-75 (51)Download (23 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe storm of Mark 6 (17)Download (7.7 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayBe of good cheer (11)Download (5.2 MB)Fitch, Jesse
PlayAbraham (29)Download (13 MB)Lavery, William
PlayIsaiah 9:6 (31)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
Play1 Corinthians 3: Wisdom, workers, worth, witness (36)Download (16 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayLaying hold of God's purpose for me (17)Download (7.8 MB)Thibodeau, Brody
PlayMaturity and faith ()Download (14.6 MB)
PlayChannels of blessing ()Download (14.4 MB)
PlayWearing humility ()Download (18.2 MB)
PlayImpact of maturity ()Download (16.1 MB)
PlayPreservation in dark days ()Download (19.9 MB)
PlayInstructions of maturity ()Download (23 MB)
PlayJesus of Galilee ()Download (21 MB)
PlayDefining Moments ()Download (13.5 MB)
PlayGalatians 2:20 ()Download (13 MB)
Playthe Christ of God ()Download (14.7 MB)
PlayThe influence of maturity ()Download (20.6 MB)
PlayThe Lord of Glory ()Download (21.9 MB)
PlayKeep thy heart ()Download (23 MB)
PlayActs 4 ()Download (14.8 MB)
PlayDiscontentment: the devil's tool (28)Brandt, James
PlayMetaphors in 2 Timothy 2 (38)Barrett, Scott
PlayThe unequal yoke (19)Hagen, Grant
PlaySpiritual sight (16)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayBuy the truth (36)Frazier, James
Play"All" in Colossians chapter 1 (28)Hendrickson, Kent
PlayJohn 7 (49)Download (22 MB)Rudge, Daniel
PlayJohn 7 (2) (58)Download (27 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayJohn 8 (53)Download (24 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayJohn 8 (2) (56)Download (26 MB)Thompson, Stuart
PlayLuke 24, Emmaus road (54)Download (31 MB)Rudge, Daniel
PlayThe Feast of Firstfruits (30)Download (14 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayFruitfulness (22)Download (10 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayDavid (40)Download (18 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe House of God (30)Download (14 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayLiving for God (26)Download (12 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe prodigal's father: What a father should be (25)Download (11 MB)McLean, Max
PlayThe care of elders (22)Download (10 MB)Dyck, Abe
PlayTestimony, Ethan Frazier (3)Download (1.4 MB)Frazier, Ethan
PlayTestimony, Ben Collins (4)Download (1.8 MB)Collins, Ben
PlayTestimony, Ben Wenger (4)Download (1.8 MB)Wenger, Ben
PlayTestimony, Tom Anderson (6)Download (2.6 MB)Anderson, Tom
PlayTestiomony, Joel Frazier (7)Download (3 MB)Frazier, Joel
PlayIt is Finished (26)Download (12 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayRefusal (18)Download (8.3 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayBible Reading, 1 Corinthians 15:1-15 (53)Download (24 MB)N/A
PlayThree cups (16)Download (7.4 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayThings that happened after the resurrection (32)Download (15 MB)Lavery, William
PlayA man sent from God (22)Download (10 MB)Skates, William
PlayRevelation 5 (24)Download (11 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayWhat shall the end be...? (27)Download (12 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe peril of leaving God's pattern (39)Download (18 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThree families in 2 Samuel 6 (32)Download (15 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayGlorifying God in our gathering (17)Download (7.6 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayAmos and Divine Intervention (29)Download (13 MB)Skates, William
PlayThree sights of Isaiah (43)Download (19 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayHold Fast (28)Download (13 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe Grace of God (25)Download (12 MB)McCullough, Eric
PlayTestimony, Jerry Jennings (11)Download (4.8 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayTestimony, Jeremiah Collins (14)Download (6.3 MB)Collins, Jeremiah
PlayRiches and poverty (25)Download (12 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayJerusalem in Luke 13 (31)Download (14 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayThe Lord Jesus in Hebrews (36)Download (16 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe relationship between the Father and the Son (41)Download (19 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayThe cost of feeding, following and fleeing (29)Download (13 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe Conscience (25)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe wages, ages, and pages (27)Download (12 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayLaboring Together (22)Download (10 MB)Perkins, Larry
PlayThree prayers in 2 Thessalonians (31)Download (14 MB)Skates, William
PlayDoctrine vs. issues (32)Download (15 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlaySix days of the christian life (26)Download (12 MB)Fitzpatrick, John
PlayThree cries of Christ (38)Download (18 MB)Rudge, Daniel
PlayThe Power of Influence (31)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPriestly activity (26)Download (12 MB)Lavery, William
PlayHeaven (34)Download (16 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe Truth, Terms, Test of Discipleship (24)Download (9.4 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe Apple of Thy Eye (13)Download (5.2 MB)Fitzpatrick, John
PlayPsalm 22 (19)Download (7.6 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayThe first and last Adam looking in (21)Download (7.3 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayPhilemon (the person) - part 1 (60)Download (27.5 MB)N/A
PlayPhilemon (the person) - part 2 (47)Download (21.6 MB)N/A
PlayThe local assembly, introduction (38)Download (17 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe local assembly, its order (59)Download (27 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe local assembly, the special presence of the Lord (62)Download (29 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe local assembly, Fellowship (59)Download (27 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe local assembly, Headship (65)Download (30 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe local assembly, assembly meetings (63)Download (29 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayThe man Daniel, part 1 (60)Download (28 MB)N/A
PlayThe man Daniel, part 2 (47)Download (22 MB)N/A
Outline, the man DanielN/A
PlayThe man Timothy, part 1 (52)Download (25 MB)N/A
PlayThe man Timothy, part 2 (50)Download (24 MB)N/A
Outline, TimothyN/A
PlayThe man Abraham, part 1 (68)Download (32 MB)N/A
PlayThe man Abraham, part 2 (51)Download (24 MB)N/A
Outline, AbrahamN/A
PlayThe apostle John, part 1 (60)Download (28 MB)N/A
PlayThe apostle John, part 2 (61)Download (28 MB)N/A
Outline, Apostle JohnN/A
PlayLuke's last look at Christ: Luke 22:1-38 (55)Download (26 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayLuke's last look at Christ: Luke 22:39-71 (52)Download (24 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayLuke's last look at Christ: Luke 23:1-49 (50)Download (24 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayLuke's last look at Christ: Luke 23:47 - 24:12 (50)Download (23 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayLuke's last look at Christ: Luke 24:13-53 (50)Download (24 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayEphesians: Fitted to be His fullness (40)Download (19 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayEphesians: In Love (39)Download (18 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayEphesians: Love and Truth; honoring God's work (40)Download (19 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayEphesians: Relinquish your claim (41)Download (19 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
Feasts of Jehovah, ChartN/A
Feasts of Jehovah, OutlinesN/A
PlayJohn 12:23-28, If it die (17)Download (7.6 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Feast of the Passover (73)Download (34 MB)N/A
PlayThe Feast of Unleavened Bread (38)Download (17 MB)N/A
PlayThe Feast of Firstfruits (40)Download (18 MB)N/A
PlayThe Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) (40)Download (18 MB)N/A
PlayThe Day of Atonement (part 1) (49)Download (22 MB)N/A
PlayThe Day of Atonement (part 2) (32)Download (15 MB)N/A
PlayThe Way, Day of Salvation (22)Download (10 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayWhile (29)Download (13 MB)Wells, Stanley
PlayTwo sons taken in OT, Two sons given in NT (22)Download (9.9 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe divine perspective on death for a Christian (23)Download (11 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayThe Feast of Trumpets (54)Download (25 MB)N/A
PlayThe Feast of Tabernacles (52)Download (24 MB)N/A
PlayIsaiah 1, God's appeal as a Father, Farmer, Physician (26)Download (12 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayWhy are you here? What are you looking for? (13)Download (6 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayYou're not too old (27)Download (12 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayChrist formed in me (25)Download (11 MB)Christopherson, Allan
PlayGod's pattern for marriage (25)Download (11 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayThe glory of Christ in the book of Hebrews (37)Download (17 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe law of the Nazarite applied to the Christian (32)Download (14 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe commitment of a Hebrew servant applied to the Christian (25)Download (11 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayTestimony (3)Download (1.3 MB)Wenger, Sam
PlayTestiomony, John Novak (4)Download (1.8 MB)Novak, John
PlayTestimony, Thomas Anderson (6)Download (2.8 MB)Anderson, Tom
PlayTestimony, Thad Harbaugh (9)Download (4 MB)Harbaugh, Thad
PlayThe Greatest Invitation (24)Download (11 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayWhy did You make me? Why did You forsake me? Why did You love me? (23)Download (10 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayBible Reading, John 19:12-37 (56)Download (26 MB)N/A
PlayLeaving Bethlehem-Judah (12)Download (5.4 MB)Beattie, Jim
Play[One reason why] we should live for God (36)Download (16 MB)Beattie, Jim
Play1 John 2:15-3:3 (21)Download (9.7 MB)Skates, William
PlayPhilippians 2-3 and lessons/reminders of the Old Testament (23)Download (10 MB)Lavery, William
PlaySent by God for such a time as this (18)Download (8.3 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThings that are open (13)Download (6 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayThe glory of the LORD (28)Download (13 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayWho do you want to be like? (22)Download (10 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThe walk of the believer (35)Download (16 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe Lordship of Christ (28)Download (13 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayA work for you, in you, by you, through you (12)Download (5.6 MB)Lavery, William
PlayResting on the words of the King (24)Download (11 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayBible Reading: Philippians 2:5-11 (57)Download (26 MB)N/A
PlayKnowing Him (29)Download (13 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayKnowing Him (17)Download (7.9 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayJohn 15- the Vine and branches (20)Download (9 MB)Skates, William
PlayObedience (17)Download (7.7 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayThe Centurion at Calvary (28)Download (13 MB)Sona, Frank
PlayStrive to enter at the narrow gate (27)Download (12 MB)Lavery, William
PlayThe believer's calling (34)Download (16 MB)Rodgers, Bruce
PlayTitles of God used in Abraham's life (41)Download (19 MB)Wahls, Jason
PlayMatthew: A Unique Invitation (29)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Word of God and Conviction, Obedience (40)Download (18 MB)Dennison, John
PlayThe Name Jehovah (37)Download (17 MB)Wahls, Jason
PlayThe Word of God and Administration (48)Download (22 MB)Dennison, John
PlayThe Holy One (43)Download (20 MB)Wahls, Jason
PlayMark: Unique Insertions (43)Download (20 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayThe Patience of God (30)Download (14 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayRahab: Safe from Judgment (25)Download (11 MB)Dennison, John
PlayJohn: Unique Insights (28)Download (13 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlayGod as our Father (49)Download (22 MB)Wahls, Jason
PlayLuke: Unique Incidents (45)Download (20 MB)Higgins, Dr. A. J.
PlaySubmission (51)Download (23 MB)Dennison, John
PlayNicodemus' encounter with Christ (37)Download (17 MB)Wahls, Jason
Play"Gospel" in Galatians (55)Download (26 MB)Ronald, James
PlayMalachi (57)Download (27 MB)Ronald, James
PlayWays our Heaveny Father is Perfect (32)Download (15 MB)Hendrickson, Kent
PlayThe Full Assurance of Faith (32)Download (15 MB)Skates, William
PlayThe Christian's Confidence (23)Download (11 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayFive Hazards in the Christian Life (37)Download (17 MB)Jennings, Jerry
PlayThe Temple likened to God's Assembly (30)Download (14 MB)Frazier, Jim
PlayTrials and Suffering in the Christian Life (27)Download (13 MB)Frazier, Isaiah
PlayLet not your heart be troubled (27)Download (13 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayJohn the Baptist (32)Download (15 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayA life transformed by the gospel (16)Download (8 MB)McLean, Max
PlayIntroduction to Ephesians (37)Download (17 MB)Topley, Terry
Play2 Timothy chapter 2 (26)Download (13 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayRomans 1-3, 6-7 (35)Download (17 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayThe unity of God's assembly (30)Download (14 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe importance of the prayer meeting (13)Download (6 MB)Orr, John
PlayTestimony, Abraham Brisuela (8)Download (4 MB)Brisuela, Abraham
PlayTestimony, Seth Collins (11)Download (5 MB)Collins, Seth
PlayThe soul (30)Download (14 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayBelieving God (19)Download (9 MB)Topley, Terry
PlayPaul poured out (34)Download (16 MB)Steers, Larry
PlayThe LORD reigneth (30)Download (14 MB)Portman, Joel
PlayDivine grace (23)Download (11 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayThere is hope (17)Download (8 MB)Topley, Terry
PlayPsalm 40:1-3: God is for you (20)Download (10 MB)McLean, Max
PlayRegaining what we lost (27)Download (12 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayIs Christ enough? (29)Download (13 MB)Doll, Brandon
PlayChrist, the True Light, True Bread, True Vine (34)Download (15 MB)Skates, William
PlayElders, Part 1 (54)Download (25 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
Outline, EldersLinkDunsire, Duncan
PlayLessons from Joshua 5-7 (27)Download (12 MB)Lavery, William
PlayTestimony, Mike Wenger (14)Download (6.5 MB)Wenger, Mike
PlayTestimony, Benjamin Scherer (6)Download (2.6 MB)Scherer, Benjamin
PlayA call never made, message never sent, delivery never made (31)Download (14 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayComing short of God's glory (27)Download (12 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayUnto us, Isaiah 9:6 (16)Download (7.2 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe perfect Servant (13)Download (6.1 MB)Orr, Robert
PlayChapters in Abraham's life (35)Download (16 MB)Beattie, Jim
PlayElders, Part 2 (35)Download (16 MB)Dunsire, Duncan
PlayNaomi (28)Download (13 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayComing to Christ (24)Download (11 MB)Skates, William
PlayDavid, a man after God's own heart, Part 1 (75)Download (35 MB)N/A
PlayDavid, a man after God's own heart, Part 2 (42)Download (20 MB)N/A
PlayNehemiah, Part 1 (58)Download (27 MB)N/A
PlayNehemiah, Part 2 (57)Download (27 MB)N/A
Outline, NehemiahLinkN/A
PlayPeter, Part 1 (61)Download (29 MB)N/A
PlayPeter, Part 2 (62)Download (29 MB)N/A
Outline, PeterLinkN/A
PlayThe Old Paths (27)Download (12 MB)Fitzpatrick, John
PlayThe assembly: God's land under cultivation (32)Download (15 MB)Skates, William
PlayWhat brings joy? Truth. (43)Download (20 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayComings and goings in 1 Corinthians 16 (45)Download (18 MB)Barber, Clive
PlayA Certain Disciple (32)Download (13 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayInheritance in Hebrews 12 (38)Download (15 MB)Lavery, William
PlayLinks between Christ and David (27)Download (11 MB)MacLeod, Scott
PlayGathering to Jesus' Name (22)Download (8.8 MB)Fitzpatrick, John
PlayHeart engagement (26)Download (10 MB)McCandless, Murray
PlayThe weeping prophet (25)Download (10 MB)Skates, William
PlayA greater One is here (35)Download (14 MB)Barber, Clive