Our Puerto Rico

I read about Puerto Rico this morning. The island in shambles after hurricane Maria. The people desperate for water. Supplies available, but how to get them to the people who need them? No electricity a widespread problem, with some places potentially without power for the next month. Communication difficult or impossible. A crisis.

Thinking on such a crisis this morning, the thought came to me… we have just as big a crisis in the United States as they have in Puerto Rico, but the big problem many have is they don’t know they are in the crisis. The water of God’s word is available to them, but they are not drinking it. The power of God is ready to save them, but they aren’t asking for it. Communication with God is broken. Men and women are perishing daily without a Savior. Some were told that they were in danger. Others perhaps were not. Some pray to a Maria who cannot save while others are┬átotally or willfully oblivious to their danger. And a bigger hurricane of God’s righteous indignation is coming. If we were to look on the spiritual state of the United States, it would look worse than hurricane-torn Puerto Rico. What a crisis!

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