102. Grace

The wonder of God’s love and grace is that He takes an unworthy sinner and makes him/her a child of God (Rom 5:8)– that He would become a worm to save a worm from eternal death (Psalm 22:6, Job 25:6)! He takes a vessel that is marred and worthless and makes it into a vessel of honor and glory (1Pet 1:7, 2Tim 2:21). Truly, by the grace of God I am what I am (1Cor 15:10), and I can do all things through Christ who pours His strength into me (Phil 4:13). Without Him, I can do nothing that is worth doing (John 15:5). I cannot glory in self, but I am glorified in Christ (1Cor 3:21, John 17:22). Without Christ, and without love, I am nothing and have nothing (1Cor 13, 1Cor 4:7). But in Christ, I am a child of the Most High God, possessor of heaven and earth (1John 3:1, Gen 14:19) and the bride of the eternal King (Rev. 19:16, 21:9). “Christ is all, and in all” (Col. 3:11). It does not matter who I am, for God chooses the weak and lowly. All that matters is whose I am.

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