107. Poem about Waiting on God

Waiting on Him

Rachel E. Kundert

To Thee, O Lord we raise our eyes
With worries, fears, an anxious mind;
With troubled soul and tearful cries
Our anxious heart doth now implore,
“O Lord, What wait I for?”
(Psalm 39:7)

When He no answer doth supply,
Though nights of darkness sleepless be,
Though prayer and plea we raise on high,
Yet trembling still His Word we see:
“Wait,” says He, “wait on Me.”
(Psalm 27:14)

Our God dwells in eternity;
A thousand years to Him – a day.
The number of the stars knows He,
And thus we say, though daylight dim,
“Wait patiently for Him.”
(Is. 57:15, 2 Pet. 3:8, Psalm 37:7)

For God has promised good to all
Who wait for Him and seek His face.
With strength and love He hears our call.
His time is right, He’ll not be late.
On God alone we wait.
(Lam. 3:25, Psalm 62:5)

God need not tell wherefore and why,
E’en if we leave this life behind.
He’s good and faithful, hears each sigh.
We trust Him still with heart outpoured:
“Wait, I say, on the Lord.”
(Psalm 27:14)

The pebble that endures the storm,
Yields beauty not seen heretofore.
From ragged roughness – graceful form,
And from the depths comes joyous song.
Wait on the LORD: be strong.
(Psalm 27:14, Jos.1:7)

Our Great High Priest can sympathize,
For He went through the same, nay, more,
Despised, rejected, crucified.
We humbly bow before Him, awed.
My soul waits upon God.
(2 Cor. 12:9, Heb. 2:18 4:15, Psalm 62:1)


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