109. My Shepherd

My Shepherd!
Blessed thought!
By Thee I’m bought.
By Thee I’m sought and found;
Upon strong shoulders brought to heavenly ground.
My Shepherd!

My Shepherd!
Blessed hands!
That broke sin’s bands.
They brought Thy plans to birth
And rule and tend the ends of all the earth!
My Shepherd!

My Shepherd!
Blessed feet!
Thy voice most sweet!
My soul completely freed.
Then call my feet to follow where You lead,
My Shepherd!

My Shepherd!
Blessed head!
Once stained with red;
Once bowed to dread death’s wound.
Now risen from the dead; now glory crowned!
My Shepherd!


A meditation on Genesis 1, Psalm 22, Psalm 23, Psalm 145, Luke 15, and John 10.
Penned by Steve Lamb

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