14. “All… against me” Part II

This is an expanded version of post #8

Lessons from Trials in Jacob’s family

I. Plight of the trials

a. Jacob – Gen. 42:36 — Circumstances

i. Emotional: Son he loved is “dead”; Simeon imprisoned, Benjamin taken
ii. Practical: Famine; unable to provide for family

b. Brethren — Sin

i. Emotional: Felt unloved, neglected
ii. Practical: Not given dreams as Joseph

c. Joseph — The World

i. Emotional: Hated, despised, forgotten
ii. Practical: Sold, imprisoned, mistreated

II. Purpose of the trials

a. Jacob-Gen. 45:27-28

i. Must surrender his heart (dearest son) to the will & working of God
ii. Learned: Goodness and greatness (sovereignty) of God
iii. His view: “All these things are against me” How could things get worse?
iv. God’s view: “Who can be against us?” How could things be better?

b. Brethren – Gen 50:18-20

i. Must surrender their wills to the chastisement/correction of God
ii. To learn: Government & grace of God
iii. Their view: It’s hidden to man
iv. God’s view: “All things… opened”

c. Joseph

i. Must surrender his life to the ways of God
ii. Learned: Guidance (protection & provision) & Glory of God
iii. Joseph’s view: Prison, humiliation
iv. God’s view: Throne, exaltation & blessing

III. Power for the trials

a. Jacob-Rom. 8:28,31 “all things…for good”; “who can be against us?”

i. Certainty of the past (calling, v32), present (in control of God, v31), future (crown, v32,39), Rom. 8:14-34
ii. Comfort of the Scriptures, Son, Spirit, “God of all comfort”

b. Brethren- Mark 7:37 “all things well”

i. Care of Son/Father, Rom. 8:35-39; Heb. 12:6

c. Joseph-Rom 8:35-37 “all things…conquerors through Him that loved us”

i. Christ, Rom. 8:35-39; Heb 2:18; Phil 4:13

d. More “all things”: Matt 19:26, 2Cor 4:7-18; 1Cor 3:21,23

e. God brings Sweet out of Bitter, Strength out of Weakness, Triumph out of Tragedy, Blessing out of Broken hearts (Jerry Jennings)

f. God can bring feast out of famine, fruit out of failings, faith out of floundering


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