52. The Man of Sorrows (hymn)


1. O Lord, Thy wondrous story
Our inmost soul doth move,
And, ending in the glory,
We trace Thy path of love.

2. No eye was found to pity,
No heart to bear Thy woe,
But shame, and scorn, and spitting:
None cared Thy Name to know.

3. O day of greatest sorrow,
Day of unfathomed grief!
When Thou didst taste the horror
Of wrath without relief.

4. Thus, with all grief acquainted,
Blest Man of sorrows here,
Thy love, by ill untainted,
To death Thy feet did bear.

5. In death, obedience yielding
To God Thy Father’s will,
Love still its power was wielding
To meet all human ill.

6. But, O divine Sojourner,
Midst man’s unfathomed ill,
Love that made Thee a mourner,
It is not man’s to tell!

7. We worship when we see Thee
In all Thy sorrowing path;
We long soon to be with Thee
Who bore for us the wrath!

8. Come then, expected Saviour;
Thou Man of sorrows, Come!
Almighty, blest Deliv’rer,
And take us to Thee – home.

J. N. Darby

Note: this comes from a much longer poem, found here.

I found this audio clip of it online…

The Man of Sorrows

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