87. Who touched Me?

Luke 8:40-48

The crowds were surrounding Him, jostling Him, constantly bumping into Him. Yet suddenly, the Savior says, “Who touched Me?” ┬áThe crowd denies it, though just seconds before they had obviously been coming into contact with Him. Yet this was not the Savior’s interest. Someone had touched the hem of His garment, and she had been instantly healed of her illness. She is unnamed, but singled out in the Word of God as one who had the touch of faith.

Millions today go to church every week. They chatter about this, that and the other thing, and perhaps hardly listen to the message that is given. They crowd into the pews and enjoy the entertaining music. They jostle the Savior and bump into Him religiously, even giving generously. Yet among the crowd, the Lord’s voice can still be heard, centuries after that occasion near the Sea of Galilee: “Who touched Me?

Many deny it. They deny it in their unholy thoughts, in their daily talk, in their fruitless walk. Yet one by one, the Savior is still saving those who reach out in faith to receive the forgiveness that they have for so long longed for. The church’s doctors couldn’t cure them, the crowd certainly didn’t help them. Only the Son of God could bring light and life into their souls. Yes, still there are those who place their faith in the Great Physician; who simply and solely reach out and receive the gift He has offered, surrendering to His Lordship and acknowledging His grace to an unworthy sinner.

Who touched Me?

Have you?

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