88. “God shall all your need supply”

This poem came to my remembrance for some reason today, and I realized I haven’t posted it yet.


Who shall tell our untold need,
Deeply felt, though scarcely known?
Who the hungering soul can feed,
Guard and guide, but God alone?
Blessed promise! while we see
Earthly friends must powerless be,
Earthly fountains quickly dry,
God” shall all your need supply.

He hath said it! so we know
Nothing less can we receive.
Oh that thankful love may glow
While we restfully believe, –
Ask not how, but trust Him still;
Ask not when, but wait His will:
Simply on His word rely,
God “shall” all you need supply.

Through the whole of life’s long way,
Outward, inward need we trace;
Need arising day by day,
Patience, wisdom, strength, and grace.
Needing Jesus most of all,
Full of need, on Him we call;
Then how gracious His reply,
God shall “all” your need supply.

Great our need, but greater far
Is our Father’s loving power;
He upholds each mighty star,
He unfolds each tiny flower.
He who numbers every hair,
Earnest of His faithful care,
Gave His Son for us to die:
God shall all “your” need supply.

Yet we often vainly plead
For a fancied good denied,
What we deemed a pressing need
Still remaining unsupplied.
Yet from dangers all concealed,
Thus our wisest friend doth shield;
No good thing will He deny,
God shall all your “need” supply.

Can we count redemption’s treasure,
Scan the glory of God’s love?
Such shall be the boundless measure
Of His blessings from above.
All we ask or think, and more,
He will give in boundless store,
He can fill and satisfy,
God shall all your need “supply.”

One the channel, deep and broad,
From the Fountain of the Throne,
Christ the Saviour, Son of God,
Blessings flow through Him alone.
He, the Faithful and the True,
Brings us mercies ever new:
Till we reach His home on high,
God shall all your need supply.

(Phil. 4:19)


2 thoughts on “88. “God shall all your need supply”

  • April 30, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    dear god i need you to come and see me becuse i am hurting from my heart

  • April 30, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    May the God of all grace strengthen you, and may the God of all comfort relieve you in your distress. (1Pet 5:10, 2Cor 1:3)


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