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These audio mp3 messages tell the wonderful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only Savior of the world who came from heaven to earth to die for our sins and give us the way to eternal life. He rose again from the dead and is enthroned at the right hand of God. All who repent of their sins and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior find forgiveness and eternal life.

For reading material and more information on God's way to heaven, please visit https://blackrivergospel.org/gospel.html.

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Things Nicodemus didn't understandMeekin, John2024Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference13 of 1325N/A2449Last posted message
Hebrews 2-GospelPortman, Joel2008Black River Falls, WIGospelGeneral1 of 553N/A29
World's Biggest LieMacDonald, William??GospelGeneral1 of 113N/A44Clear, concise gospel presentation
Peace with GodForeshew, Byrne2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference3 of ?27N/A47Excellent introduction to God's salvation
It is Finished!Dennison, John2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference4 of ?24N/A48
Jonah and JohnOliver, David2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference5 of ?29N/A49
Without EqualDerksen, Marvin2007Stark Road, MIGospelConference6 of ?30N/A50
Uniqueness of Christianity1Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral1 of 67N/A54Only 2 beliefs
Uniqueness of Christianity2Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral2 of 613N/A55Evidence in prophecy
Uniqueness of Christianity3Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral3 of 68N/A56You can be honest
Uniqueness of Christianity4Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral4 of 64N/A57One Savior
Uniqueness of Christianity5Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral5 of 67N/A58Instant change of status
Uniqueness of Christianity6Nicholson, J.B., Jr.??GospelGeneral6 of 65N/A59God both just and loving
How to be born againHiggins, Eugene2006?GospelGeneral1 of 14461Clip
From Drugs to ChristOrasuk, Peter?Ballymena Gospel Hall, Northern IrelandTestimonyGeneral1 of 154N/A65Testimony of Peter Orasuk. Powerful. Life changing. Isa 53
The Bible and the Chinese language-- they are related!Vance, Stephen2006Ontario, CanadaGospelGeneral3 of 1836N/A68www.gospeloutreach.ca, used with permission
Gospel: "Master"Cain, Matthew2008Blue River, WIGospelConference15N/A94
Gospel: WoundedWells, Stanley2008Blue River, WIGospelConference27N/A95
God's mighty hand: Creation vs. EvolutionCrawford, Norman1998Blue River, WIGospelGeneral1 of 141N/A104Excellent
Revealer / Rebel / RansomCrawford, Norman2009Ontario, WIGospelConference1 of 137N/A190
A Reason For LivingKrauss, Fred?Ontario, WITestimonyGeneral1 of 150376
Testimony 2Sauseda, Sam2010Highland, WITestimonyConference9 of 195468
SeriousSharp, Gary2012Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 1723N/A856
Two hoursHull, Albert2012Stout, IAGospelConference10 of 1730N/A857
A Lost CoinMcCandless, Murray2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)GospelConference10 of 1130N/A881
ForgivenessMeekin, John2012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)GospelConference11 of 1124N/A882
JudgementRodgers, Bruce2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 1424N/A912
JustifiedCoulson, Phil2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1432N/A913
Your sinsKember, Shad2012Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1429N/A918
Gospel - Isaiah 53:5St. Clair, Shawn2012Hamilton, OntarioGospelConference16 of 1645N/A951
Romans 1:16, the GospelMcLean, Max2013Highland, WIGospelConference11 of 19251127
The voice of the Son of GodTopley, Terry2013Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 19231128
SoSkates, William2013La Crosse, WIGospelConference7 of 11291142
John 3:16Hunt, David2013Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference8 of 15241225
The cross in light of time and eternityHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference9 of 15281226
You can be sure, saved, satisfiedTopley, Terry2014Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 19141279
1Timothy 1:15Steers, Larry2014Highland, WIGospelConference13 of 19271280
The New BirthDavidson, Alan2014Highland, WIGospelConference19 of 19271286
Nothing to payDoll, Brandon2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference8 of 161295
Not saved - Are savedMcCandless, Murray2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference9 of 161296
Great SalvationBaker, Tom2014La Crosse, WIGospelConference16 of 161303
Near-drowning experience of Scott HayesHayes, Scott2015Stout, IATestimonyGeneral1 of 1521329
Christ died for our sinsHunt, David2013Stout, IAGospelConference12 of 20241381
Blood, book, song, wrath of the LambHull, Albert2013Stout, IAGospelConference13 of 20291382
The crucified, conquering, coming ChristHull, Albert2013Stout, IAGospelConference19 of 20271388
God callingHunt, David2013Stout, IAGospelConference20 of 20291389
How God views sinFrazier, Isaiah2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference10 of 16261480
NicodemusWeber, Roy2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference11 of 16231481
Without Christ, Strength, HopeSteers, Larry2015La Crosse, WIGospelConference16 of 16221486
Testimony of Clive BarberBarber, Clive2016Hampton, IATestimonyConference1 of 155N/A1558
Isaiah 43:11Seguel, Pablo2017Marion, IAGospelConference7 of 1228N/A1621
1 Timothy 1:15Sona, Frank2017Marion, IAGospelConference8 of 1226N/A1622
Hearing the voice of GodChristopherson, Allan2017Marion, IAGospelConference11 of 1226N/A1625
Psalm 110:1Rodgers, Bruce2017Marion, IAGospelConference12 of 1224N/A1626
Life and EternityDoll, Brandon2017Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 14251707
Enter InFrazier, Isaiah2017Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 14261708
Testimony, Cal EricksonErickson, Cal2017La Crosse, WITestimonyConference8 of 188N/A1787
Testimony, Aubrey ButlerButler, Aubrey2017La Crosse, WITestimonyConference9 of 1818N/A1788
Exceptional ThingsSkates, William2017La Crosse, WIGospelConference10 of 1825N/A1789
The one-handed sinnerMcCandless, Murray2017La Crosse, WIGospelConference11 of 1830N/A1790
God knows how to deal with sinDoll, Brandon2017La Crosse, WIGospelConference18 of 1823N/A1797
In that day - Zachariah 12-13Meekin, John2018Gays Mills, WIGospelConference10 of 13251824
The sufferings of the Savior - Isaiah 53:5Sweetnam, Mark2018Gays Mills, WIGospelConference11 of 13271825
A day of opportunityFrazier, Isaiah2018Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference11 of 1927N/A1853
Testiomony, Joel FrazierFrazier, Joel2018Highland, WITestimonyConference12 of 207N/A1916
It is FinishedChristopherson, Allan2018Highland, WIGospelConference13 of 2026N/A1917
RefusalSteers, Larry2018Highland, WIGospelConference14 of 2018N/A1918
What shall the end be...?Wells, Stanley2018Highland, WIGospelConference20 of 2027N/A1924
The Way, Day of SalvationHiggins, Dr. A. J.2019Gays Mills, WIGospelConference5 of 1022N/A1991
WhileWells, Stanley2019Gays Mills, WIGospelConference6 of 1029N/A1992
Isaiah 1, God's appeal as a Father, Farmer, PhysicianMcCandless, Murray2019Gays Mills, WIGospelConference10 of 1026N/A1997
The Greatest InvitationFrazier, Isaiah2019Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference12 of 1924N/A2009
Why did You make me? Why did You forsake me? Why did You love me?Doll, Brandon2019Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference13 of 1923N/A2010
The Patience of GodFrazier, Isaiah2019Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 1430N/A2039
Rahab: Safe from JudgmentDennison, John2019Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1425N/A2040
Nicodemus' encounter with ChristWahls, Jason2019Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1437N/A2045
A call never made, message never sent, delivery never madeMcCandless, Murray2019La Crosse, WIGospelConference8 of 1531N/A2078
Coming short of God's gloryBeattie, Jim2019La Crosse, WIGospelConference9 of 1527N/A2079
Coming to ChristSkates, William2019La Crosse, WIGospelConference15 of 1524N/A2085
Without Holiness, Blood, Faith (Hebrews)Paisley, Harold??GospelGeneral1 of 136N/A2154
Thus saith the LORDDoll, Brandon2021Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 1826N/A2163
The World's/Wounded/Worthy/Wrathful LambSkates, William2021Stout, IAGospelConference10 of 1829N/A2164
Testimony, John FitzpatrickFitzpatrick, John2021Stout, IATestimonyConference17 of 1820N/A2171
Testimony, Jerry JenningsJennings, Jerry2021Stout, IATestimonyConference18 of 1823N/A2172
Testimony, Paul ElliottElliott, Paul??TestimonyGeneral1 of 127N/A2173
Testimony, Jim BeattieBeattie, Jim1998Ontario, WITestimonyGeneral1 of 147N/A2174
Testimony, Willie MullanMullan, Willie??TestimonyGeneral1 of 165N/A2175
Testimony, Harold PaisleyPaisley, Harold??TestimonyGeneral1 of 143N/A2176
Testimony, John FitzpatrickFitzpatrick, John2021Blue River, WITestimonyConference9 of 2010N/A2186
Matthew 11:28 - Person, Problem, PossessionSona, Frank2021Blue River, WIGospelConference20 of 2026N/A2197
SavedThibodeau, Brody2022Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference4 of 926N/A2210
PardonMcCandless, Murray2022Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference5 of 923N/A2211
The CrossSona, Frank2022Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference9 of 927N/A2215
Testimony: David NesbittNesbitt, David2022Cedar Falls, IATestimonyConference8 of 185N/A2223
John 3:16McCandless, Murray2022Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference11 of 1821N/A2226
FelixThibodeau, Brody2022Stout, IAGospelConference9 of 1723N/A2243
CalvaryMeekin, John2022Stout, IAGospelConference10 of 1727N/A2244
Acquaint thyself with God and be at peaceMeekin, John2022Stout, IAGospelConference16 of 1725N/A2250
Conversion of CorneliusMacLeod, Scott2022Stout, IAGospelConference17 of 1724N/A2251
As for man/God/meBarber, Clive2022Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 1423N/A2261
He came not to destroy but to saveDoll, Brandon2022Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1426N/A2262
The Value/View/Victory of the Savior's BloodSkates, William2022Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1430N/A2267
A Centurion's FaithMacLeod, Scott2022Highland, WIGospelConference9 of 1914N/A2276
So Great Sin, Suffering, Salvation, SeparationGould, Jack2022Highland, WIGospelConference10 of 1928N/A2277
Three men who got savedMeekin, John2022Highland, WIGospelConference11 of 1920N/A2278
One MediatorThibodeau, Brody2022Highland, WIGospelConference12 of 1920N/A2279
FoundElliott, Paul?Ontario, WIGospelGeneral1 of 147N/A2304
Message to my friend FredElliott, Paul?Ontario, WIGospelGeneral1 of 129N/A2305
Something to Say, to See, to GiveDoll, Brandon2023Gays Mills, WIGospelConference7 of 1326N/A2313
The Silence of the LordBaker, Joe2023Gays Mills, WIGospelConference8 of 1323N/A2314
Salvation Testimony of Phil CoulsonCoulson, Phil2023Gays Mills, WITestimonyConference13 of 1330N/A2319
Testimony of Kevin DoskocilDoskocil, Kevin2023Cedar Falls, IATestimonyConference9 of 1912N/A2328
Testimony of Lyle DempsterDempster, Lyle2023Cedar Falls, IATestimonyConference10 of 199N/A2329
We dead in sins, God rich in mercyThibodeau, Brody2023Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference11 of 1925N/A2330
Cleanse MeMeekin, John2023Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference12 of 1927N/A2331
The most important Place, Choice, MomentSharp, Gary2023Cedar Falls, IAGospelConference19 of 1931N/A2339
The blood that speaksThibodeau, Brody2023Garnavillo, IAGospelConference8 of 1426N/A2363
CalvaryDoll, Brandon2023Garnavillo, IAGospelConference9 of 1424N/A2364
Jesus dividesGrant, Stephen2023Garnavillo, IAGospelConference14 of 1427N/A2369
Christ suffered for sinSona, Frank2023Highland, WIGospelConference9 of 1512N/A2391
How can I be saved? How will we escape?Roy, Gerard2023Highland, WIGospelConference10 of 1513N/A2392
From a ChildBaker, Ken2023Highland, WIGospelConference11 of 1514N/A2393
Three Seeking MenSona, Frank2023La Crosse, WIGospelConference8 of 1326N/A2413
Two Comings of ChristRoy, Gerard2023La Crosse, WIGospelConference9 of 1325N/A2414
Consider Your OptionsPerkins, Larry2023La Crosse, WIGospelConference13 of 1324N/A2418
Nothing to doKundert, Andrew2023Black River FallsGospelGeneral1 of 115N/A2434
Face the LightThibodeau, Brody2024Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference7 of 1323N/A2443
Things the jailor knewArmstrong, Donald2024Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference8 of 1323N/A2444
Things Nicodemus didn't understandMeekin, John2024Mount Sterling, WIGospelConference13 of 1325N/A2449