Hymnbook Mobile Apps



General Hymn Book App notes:

The web version of these apps may be used on any device that has Internet access. Just go to the site and add it as a favorite.

Special Instructions for Kindle Fire users:

When you are on the website, you can see a small bookmark icon on your right side of the bottom ribbon (if you aren’t seeing the bottom ribbon, try tapping the page). That will take you to a screen where you will see the site with a big plus on it. Tap that, and it will bookmark the site, which may be what you mean by a “favorite”.

The current website you have open will also appear on your Carousel on the homescreen. If you long press (hold your finger tip on it for about a second) the site on the Carousel, you’ll see a choice to add it to Favorites. That will keep it available to you on the lower bookshelves on that homescreen, and you’ll be able to launch it from there. You can long press it on those bottom shelves to remove it from Favorites.

Special Instructions for iPhone/iTouch/iPad users:

If the app isn’t available yet for iTunes, you can add the website to your home screen and it will work just like an app.

1) Navigate to the online link with Safari browser
2) Tap the button with the arrow on it at the bottom center
3) tap add to home screen.


New Believers Hymn Book App (paid)

NBHB icon

Android (Google Play) | Apple App Store (iOS)

A new edition of the Believers Hymn Book with 700 hymns, along with the old edition.

Two easy to use hymnals with features such as:

  • Sheet music and lyrics side by side
  • Audio playback of the score
  • Show melody notes only
  • Presentation (distraction free) mode
  • Favorites
  • Color/Dark mode
  • Add your own text-notes
  • Choose from multiple tune options per hymn
  • Over 700 hymns (in two hymnals)
  • Includes copyrighted hymns such as “How Great Thou Art” and “How Deep the Father’s Love for us”. We are still working to try to obtain permission for 10 of the 700 hymns in the new edition.


Believers Hymn Book + App

Click the icon to access:



  • 465 hymns in BHB, plus other gospel hymnals
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • 560+ audio tunes (Internet access not required)
  • Lyrics search (case and punctuation insensitive)
  • Zoom functionality
  • Dark mode display option
  • Easy number entry
  • Alphabetical index of first lines
  • Show hymns by category
  • Browse all hymns
  • No ads
  • Installs to SD
New version:
Old version:

Favorite Hymns/Hymnals

Favorite Hymns

Born out of a desire to promote singing hymns on the go, this free Android app lets you do just that!

This app contains 11 hymnals containing lyrics to 1400+ hymns and Christian songs (along with some audio), without the copyrighted hymns. The audio does not include the lyrics.


  • Favorite Hymns (Favorites from the hymnals below along with others, including Christmas carols.)
  • The Believers Hymn Book (465 hymns with tunes, all tunes present, no sheet music)
  • The Children’s Hymn Book 1987
  • Classic Gospel Hymns
  • Gospel Hymn Book North America 1989
  • Gospel Hymn Book North America 2001
  • Gospel Hymn Book UK 1897
  • Gospel Hymn Book UK 1996
  • Gospel Hymns (Oliver & Higgins)
  • Sacred Songs and Solos


  • Easily enter a hymn number to go directly to that hymn
  • Search lyrics (case and punctuation insensitive)
  • Play tunes on selected hymns
  • View sheet music for selected hymns
  • Zoom functionality
  • Dark mode display option
  • No ads
  • Option to install to SD
  • Includes Christmas songs suitable for caroling

Note: Most hymns are in the public domain. Favorite Hymns Premium includes more copyrighted hymns.

google-play-badge.png link-badge-appstore.png

Computer | Apple App Store (iOS) | Android | BlackBerry | Windows Phone

Note: all of the above features may not yet be available for Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Favorite Hymns/Hymnals Premium


Hymn List

Android | Apple App Store (iOS)

Includes copyrighted songs. Click the icon above for more information.

Choice Hymns of the Faith

This hymnal is digitized, but our request for permission to create an app was denied after ownership was transferred to a new organization after initially being granted by the previous organization.

Make Your Own Hymnal App

Discontinued for now due to lack of interest and lack of time.




Gospel Hymn Book (John Ritchie), The Gospel Hymn Book (Western Gospel Publishing Foundation), Gospel Hymns (Oliver and Higgins)

These are now included in the Believers Hymn Book Plus app above.

Spanish Hymnbook Apps

Himnario Cristiano (Mexico)

Himnos del Evangelio (Venezuela)

Himnario Mensajes Del Amor De Dios (El Salvador)


For now, email nbruley@gospelriver.com with support questions or bug reports.