Terms of Use

We appreciate your interest in the resources found on this site and hope they are a blessing to you.

GospelRiver.com offers various resources for download. The terms of use for these materials have been divided into two categories: (A) music and (B) all other materials.

Although GospelRiver.com (or share.gospelriver.com) links to other external resources, GospelRiver.com cannot give permission for materials that it does not host on its server. If you have to go to another site to view or access the content, you must obtain permission from that site, not GospelRiver.com.

A. Terms of use for Music that is hosted by GospelRiver.com (not linked music)

Music found on GospelRiver.com may be downloaded and enjoyed freely for offline, non-commercial use, including use in churches. It may not be sold or bundled with anything sold.

If you wish to use the music in something that is posted online (e.g. social media, YouTube, website, etc.), the following restrictions apply. (You may request exceptions in the form below.)

  1. It may not be sold or bundled with anything sold without permission from GospelRiver.com. (This isn’t for profit, but for the benefit of God’s people.)
  2. Please let us know you are using the music by submitting the website URL where it can be found in the form below (first two questions only). This will encourage us that people are benefitting from the music.
  3. You may share a maximum of five (5) songs online.
  4. Include the following readable statement somewhere with the music, and create a clickable link when possible:
    Music used with permission from GospelRiver.com. The music performer(s) may not agree with the theological positions of this site.
  5. It should not be made available for download on the site/location where it is being used.

B. Terms of use for other downloadable content hosted by GospelRiver.com

All information Copyright © GospelRiver.com. Unless otherwise indicated, content may be freely downloaded, distributed and printed with the following limitations:

  1. It may not be sold or bundled with anything sold without permission from GospelRiver.com. (This isn’t for profit, but for the benefit of God’s people.)
  2. Site identifying or copyright information on or included with the materials must remain with the content.
  3. It may not be posted online elsewhere in any form, whether original or modified, without our consent. You may link to them such as via social networking.
  4. Audio files may not be modified without permission (to maintain the integrity and context of the message)

These terms are in place for the preservation of testimony and the continuation of this work, as well as to honor requests of other copyright holders. Thank you for your compliance. Please use the form below to request permission for online use or to ask questions.

Note: some of the images used in bookmarks and wall hangings on this site come from sxc.hu, and will be marked as such. Sxc’s terms of use are as follows:

You may use the Image:

  • In digital format on websites, multimedia presentations, broadcast film and video, cell phones.
  • In printed promotional materials, magazines, newspapers, books, brochures, flyers, CD/DVD covers, etc.
  • Along with your corporate identity on business cards, letterhead, etc.
  • To decorate your home, your office or any public place.

Thank you!


3/23/16 – added streamed, #2; clarified #4

3/1/21 – added less restrictive terms of use for music