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Download (high quality)Min. CategoryComments Speaker Mon. Year LocationEvent
1Assembly HistoryPlayDownload (6.9 MB)N/A28MinistryHistory of assemblies gathering in gospel halls. Crawford, Norman???General
18Worship Part1PlayDownload (12.8 MB)N/A55Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2008Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
19Worship Part2PlayDownload (12.9 MB)N/A56Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2008Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
20Glory of God Part 1: IntroductionPlayDownload (14.7 MB)Download (29.5 MB)51Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
21Glory of God Part 2: Christ Glorified GodPlayDownload (17.2 MB)Download (34.5 MB)60Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
22Glory of God Part 3: HolinessPlayDownload (14.9 MB)Download (29.7 MB)52Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
23Glory of God Part 4: Fruit-bearingPlayDownload (15.9 MB)Download (31.7 MB)55Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
24Glory of God Part 5: RelationshipPlayDownload (17.2 MB)Download (34.4 MB)60Ministry Rodgers, Bruce?2007Kapuskasing, Ont. Can.General
25Hebrews 1PlayDownload (12.2 MB)N/A53MinistryExcellent on the Person of ChristPortman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral
26Hebrews 2PlayDownload (12.2 MB)N/A53MinistryExcellent on the Person of ChristPortman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral
27Christ as Great High Priest-1PlayDownload (12 MB)N/A52MinistryExcellent on the Person of ChristPortman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral
28Christ as Great High Priest-2PlayDownload (11.7 MB)N/A51MinistryExcellent on the Person of ChristPortman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral
29Hebrews 2-GospelPlayDownload (12.2 MB)N/A53Gospel Portman, Joel42008Black River Falls, WIGeneral
30Trials in the Christian lifePlayDownload (9 MB)N/A39MinistryWhy? Gives a few reasons and encouragement.Oliver, David???General
31Creation vs. evolutionPlayDownload (10.7 MB)N/A47MinistryA different approach than you may have heard, excellent.Oliver, David???General
32Head CoveringsPlayDownload (7.7 MB)N/A34MinistryBiblical teaching on head coverings from 1Cor. 11Gustafson, Walter???General
33Called to JapanPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A48MissionaryGod calls! God equips! God guides!Fairfield, Elton??Mansfield, OHGeneral
34Visit to ChinaPlayDownload (2.6 MB)N/A12MissionaryGod saves! God hears our prayers!Fairfield, Elton??Mansfield, OHGeneral
35Born CrucifiedPlayDownload (10.2 MB)N/A45MinistryFundamental teaching on self; challenging & excellentSmith, Jim?2007La Crosse, WiGeneral
36Mind: battlefield for the thronePlayDownload (12.3 MB)N/A54Ministry Smith, Jim?2007La Crosse, WiGeneral
43Lessons from NetsPlayDownload (9.8 MB)N/A43Ministry Jennings, Jerry122007Black River Falls, WIGeneral
44World's Biggest LiePlayDownload (2.9 MB)N/A13GospelClear, concise gospel presentationMacDonald, William???General
45"I Come Quickly"PlayDownload (8.8 MB)N/A39MinistryLiving for ETERNITYOliver, David?2007Stark Road, MIConference
46Eternal LifePlayDownload (7.5 MB)N/A33MinistryWhat is Eternal Life?Foreshew, Byrne?2007Stark Road, MIConference
47Peace with GodPlayDownload (6.2 MB)N/A27GospelExcellent introduction to God's salvationForeshew, Byrne?2007Stark Road, MIConference
48It is Finished!PlayDownload (5.4 MB)N/A24Gospel Dennison, John?2007Stark Road, MIConference
49Jonah and JohnPlayDownload (6.5 MB)N/A29Gospel Oliver, David?2007Stark Road, MIConference
50Without EqualPlayDownload (6.8 MB)N/A30Gospel Derksen, Marvin?2007Stark Road, MIConference
51Saying "NO"PlayDownload (7.9 MB)N/A35MinistryGeared for younger generationDennison, John?2007Stark Road, MIConference
52Care-free, Careful, CaringPlayDownload (7.1 MB)N/A31MinistryChristian living, Help with anxietyUssher, Andrew?2007Stark Road, MIConference
53RestorationPlayDownload (8.3 MB)N/A37MinistryTouching and EncouragingUssher, Andrew?2007Stark Road, MIConference
54Uniqueness of Christianity1PlayDownload (1.7 MB)N/A7GospelOnly 2 beliefsNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
55Uniqueness of Christianity2PlayDownload (2.9 MB)N/A13GospelEvidence in prophecyNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
56Uniqueness of Christianity3PlayDownload (1.9 MB)N/A8GospelYou can be honestNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
57Uniqueness of Christianity4PlayDownload (0.5 MB)N/A4GospelOne SaviorNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
58Uniqueness of Christianity5PlayDownload (1.6 MB)N/A7GospelInstant change of statusNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
59Uniqueness of Christianity6PlayDownload (1 MB)N/A5GospelGod both just and lovingNicholson, J.B., Jr.???General
60Silence of SistersPlayDownload (4.5 MB)N/A20MinistrySpeaking in the assemblyCrawford, Norman???General
61How to be born againPlayDownload (12.5 MB)Download (25 MB)44GospelClipHiggins, Eugene92006?General
62Hebrews 1, Bible ReadingPlayDownload (12.2 MB)N/A80Bible StudyThe supremacy, deity, and glory of Christ(none)52008Grants Pass, ORConference
63Hebrews 2, Bible ReadingPlayDownload (16.3 MB)N/A71Bible Study(none)52008Grants Pass, ORConference
65From Drugs to ChristPlayDownload (12.4 MB)N/A54TestimonyTestimony of Peter Orasuk. Powerful. Life changing. Isa 53Orasuk, Peter??Ballymena Gospel Hall, Northern IrelandGeneral
68The Bible and the Chinese language-- they are related!PlayDownload (8.2 MB)N/A36Gospelwww.gospeloutreach.ca, used with permissionVance, Stephen72006Ontario, CanadaGospel
701 John 4-5PlayDownload (14.8 MB)N/A65MinistryPortman, Joel???Series
71Christ on the Highway, in the Heart, in the ScripturesPlayDownload (7.1 MB)N/A31MinistryThis message should warm your heart!Paisley, Harold92007Hitesville, IAConference
72Joseph in his Parents' housePlayDownload (12.3 MB)N/A54MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
73Joseph in Potiphar's housePlayDownload (9.3 MB)N/A41MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
74Joseph in the Prison housePlayDownload (9 MB)N/A39MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
75Joseph in Pharaoh's housePlayDownload (11.3 MB)N/A49MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
76Joseph in his Personal housePlayDownload (11.7 MB)N/A51MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
77Joseph in God's housePlayDownload (12.4 MB)N/A54MinistryPractical teachingHiggins, Dr. A.J.92007Waterloo, IAConference
78Burnt OfferingPlayDownload (13.4 MB)N/A59MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
79Meal OfferingPlayDownload (13.4 MB)N/A59MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
80Peace OfferingPlayDownload (13.9 MB)N/A61MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
81Sin OfferingPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A61MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
82Trespass OfferingPlayDownload (13.7 MB)N/A60MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
83Law of the OfferingsPlayDownload (15.3 MB)N/A67MinistryTypical TeachingBentley, Thomas??Blue River, WIGeneral
84FellowshipPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A48MinistryHiggins, Eugene??Sunnyslope, AZGeneral
85WorshipPlayDownload (11.2 MB)N/A49MinistryHiggins, Eugene??Sunnyslope, AZGeneral
86DiscipleshipPlayDownload (10.6 MB)N/A46MinistryHiggins, Eugene??Sunnyslope, AZGeneral
87LeadershipPlayDownload (12.6 MB)N/A43MinistryHiggins, Eugene??Sunnyslope, AZGeneral
88LordshipPlayDownload (9.7 MB)N/A33MinistryHiggins, Eugene??Sunnyslope, AZGeneral
93Activity of the Saints in the Eternal StatePlayDownload (11.6 MB)N/A51MinistryStubbs, John92008Waukesha, WIGeneral
94Gospel: "Master"PlayDownload (4.5 MB)N/A15GospelCain, Matthew102008Blue River, WIConference
95Gospel: WoundedPlayDownload (8 MB)N/A27GospelWells, Stanley102008Blue River, WIConference
96Not ashamedPlayDownload (17.8 MB)N/A61MinistryHelpful, challengingRodgers, Bruce112008Black River Falls, WiGeneral
101He restoreth my soulPlayDownload (10.5 MB)N/A45MinistryA passionate exhortationOrasuk, Peter???Series
104God's mighty hand: Creation vs. EvolutionPlayDownload (12.1 MB)N/A41GospelExcellentCrawford, Norman61998Blue River, WIGeneral
155ObediencePlayDownload (2.8 MB)N/A10MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32009Gays Mills, WIConference
158Interpreting the BiblePlayDownload (16 MB)N/A51MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
159Definition of an assemblyPlayDownload (16 MB)N/A50MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
160Local BodyPlayDownload (16 MB)N/A52MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
161Lord's SupperPlayDownload (16.5 MB)N/A53MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
162Assembly: HeadshipPlayDownload (15.5 MB)N/A49MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
163Assembly: Holy SpiritPlayDownload (16 MB)N/A52MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
164Assembly Gospel TestimonyPlayDownload (16 MB)N/A51MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
165Assembly: Reception, Fellowship, Seat of UnlearnedPlayDownload (15.5 MB)N/A50MinistryIncludes explanation on the practice of a "back seat"Crawford, Norman???Series
166Assembly GivingPlayDownload (15 MB)N/A48MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
167Assembly DisciplinePlayDownload (15.5 MB)N/A50MinistryCrawford, Norman???Series
181Introduction: The mind in PhilippiansPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A46MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
182The Gospel MindPlayDownload (20 MB)N/A35MinistryCrawford, Norman62009Ontario, WIConference
183Technology & the ChristianPlayDownload (4.9 MB)N/A8MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
184Guarded Mind: feelings of depression, bitterness, uselessnessPlayDownload (24 MB)N/A41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
185God-centered Mind: living self-lesslyPlayDownload (22 MB)N/A38MinistryCrawford, Norman62009Ontario, WIConference
186Godly Mind: avoiding self-centeredness; Submission, ServicePlayDownload (29 MB)N/A51MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
187Gentle Mind: dealing with problemsPlayDownload (21 MB)N/A36MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
188Grateful, Giving MindPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A45MinistryCrawford, Norman62009Ontario, WIConference
189Garrisoned Mind: deliverance from anxietyPlayDownload (27 MB)N/A48MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Ontario, WIConference
190Revealer / Rebel / RansomPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A37GospelCrawford, Norman62009Ontario, WIConference
193How God GuidesPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A31MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.62009Garnavillo, IAConference
368Genesis 22: Abraham & IsaacPlayDownload (21.9 MB)N/A77Bible StudyMultiple?2008Portage La Prairie, CanadaConference
369Genesis 24: Rebecca & IsaacPlayDownload (24.4 MB)N/A85Bible StudyMultiple?2008Portage La Prairie, CanadaConference
376A Reason For LivingPlayDownload (11.5 MB)Download (28.8 MB)50TestimonyKrauss, Fred??Ontario, WIGeneral
377Account of a missionary's experiences in Japanese labor camps, WWIIPlayDownload (13.9 MB)Download (34.8 MB)61MissionaryPowerful and movingRose, Darlene Deibler???General
378Genesis 1:1-25aPlayDownload (12.1 MB)Download (30.2 MB)53Bible StudyIncludes typical teaching; evolution refuted; gap theory discussed.Crawford, Norman?2000Saugus, MAConference
379Genesis 1:1-25bPlayDownload (12.2 MB)Download (30.5 MB)53Bible Studyboth simple and deepCrawford, Norman?2000Saugus, MAConference
380Genesis 1:26-2:7PlayDownload (16 MB)Download (40 MB)70Bible StudyYou'll get something new each time you listen.Oliver, David?2000Saugus, MAConference
381Genesis 2:8-25PlayDownload (17.7 MB)Download (44.2 MB)77Bible StudyExcellentHull, Albert?2000Saugus, MAConference
382Genesis 3PlayDownload (16.3 MB)Download (40.7 MB)71Bible StudyExcellentPaisley, Harold?2000Saugus, MAConference
383Genesis 4PlayDownload (17.1 MB)Download (42.8 MB)75Bible StudyExcellentBaker, Jim?2000Saugus, MAConference
384Grace Part 1PlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (18.8 MB)33MinistryRodgers, Bruce32010Black River Falls, WIGeneral
385Grace Part 2PlayDownload (13.9 MB)Download (34.7 MB)61MinistryRodgers, Bruce32010Black River Falls, WIGeneral
386Grace Part 3: in relationships: dealing with conflictPlayDownload (14.8 MB)Download (36.9 MB)64MinistryRodgers, Bruce32010Black River Falls, WIGeneral
387Love Part 1PlayDownload (13.3 MB)Download (33.2 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce32010La Crosse, WIGeneral
388Love Part 2PlayDownload (12.6 MB)Download (31.5 MB)55MinistryRodgers, Bruce32010La Crosse, WIGeneral
389CommitmentPlayDownload (9.2 MB)N/A45MinistryOrasuk, Peter???Series
390Headship, Lordship, FellowshipPlayDownload (8.5 MB)N/A54MinistryOrasuk, Peter???Series
391PrayerPlayDownload (9.2 MB)N/A54MinistryOrasuk, Peter???Series
392UnityPlayDownload (9.2 MB)N/A54MinistryOrasuk, Peter???Series
393RestorationPlayDownload (10.3 MB)N/A45MinistryOrasuk, Peter???Series
453Appreciation of ChristPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryOliver, David?2010Prince Edward IslandGeneral
454The Believer and TrialsPlayDownload (5.9 MB)N/A51MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112007Hamilton, OntarioGeneral
465Assembly HistoryPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (23 MB)41MinistryBadgley, Eugene102010Highland, WIConference
468Testimony 2PlayDownload (1.6 MB)Download (3.1 MB)5TestimonySauseda, Sam102010Highland, WIConference
4771 Thessalonians 5PlayDownload (5.4 MB)Download (11 MB)19MinistryOrr, Robert102010Highland, WIConference
478Food in 1Samuel 10, 17, 30PlayDownload (4.7 MB)Download (9.4 MB)16MinistryMitchell, Lorne102010Highland, WIConference
481Christian Soul TroublePlayDownload (2.8 MB)Download (5.7 MB)10MinistryDoll, Brandon102010La Crosse, WIConference
496Background to Romans 12:1PlayDownload (16 MB)Download (33 MB)57MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010Ontario, WIGeneral
497Romans 12:1-5PlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)55MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010Ontario, WIGeneral
498Romans 12:6-8PlayDownload (15 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010Ontario, WIGeneral
499Romans 12:9-11PlayDownload (15 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010Ontario, WIGeneral
500Romans 12:12-21PlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010Ontario, WIGeneral
501Daniel: IntroductionPlayDownload (15 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryWells, Stanley102010Ontario, WIGeneral
502Daniel: Chapters 2-4PlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)52MinistryWells, Stanley102010Ontario, WIGeneral
503Daniel: Chapters 7-8PlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)52MinistryWells, Stanley102010Ontario, WIGeneral
504Daniel: Chapter 9PlayDownload (14 MB)Download (27 MB)48MinistryWells, Stanley102010Ontario, WIGeneral
505Daniel: Chapter 10-12PlayDownload (14 MB)Download (28 MB)49MinistryWells, Stanley102010Ontario, WIGeneral
506Abraham, the friend of GodPlayDownload (18 MB)Download (35 MB)61MinistryDavidson, Alan102010Ontario, WIGeneral
507David, a man after God's own heartPlayDownload (18 MB)Download (35 MB)60MinistryDavidson, Alan102010Ontario, WIGeneral
508Paul, a servant of GodPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryDavidson, Alan102010Black River Falls, WIGeneral
509Timothy, a man of GodPlayDownload (16.3 MB)Download (32.6 MB)57MinistryDavidson, Alan102010Black River Falls, WIGeneral
510Report: Siberia and IndiaPlayDownload (20 MB)Download (40 MB)70MissionaryDavidson, Alan102010Ontario, WIGeneral
511Introduction to StewardshipPlayDownload (9.8 MB)Download (20 MB)34MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
512Stewardship with our spiritual giftsPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
513Stewardship of truthPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)57MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
514Stewardship: Intro to foundational relationshipsPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
515Stewardship: Relationships & TemperamentsPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)56MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
516Stewardship: Relationships & Preserving UnityPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
517Stewardship: Relationships between husband and wifePlayDownload (12 MB)Download (24 MB)43MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
518Stewardship with finances (part 1)PlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
519Stewardship with finances (part 2, budget)PlayDownload (16 MB)Download (33 MB)57MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
520Stewardship goalsPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)55MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
521Stewardship and the Judgement Seat of ChristPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
522Stewardship and the Judgement Seat of Christ Part IIPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (35 MB)61MinistryRodgers, Bruce112010La Crosse, WIGeneral
525Women in the ScripturesPlayDownload (14 MB)Download (22 MB)47MinistryVan Der Hart, Mark122010Ontario, WIWI Winter Bible Readings
536Headship Part 1PlayDownload (5.8 MB)N/A41MinistryPortman, Joel?2010?General
537Headship Part 2, Long hairPlayDownload (0.9 MB)N/A6MinistryPortman, Joel?2010?General
538Assembly: Why Separation?PlayDownload (11 MB)N/A50MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
539Assembly: just A place?PlayDownload (5.5 MB)N/A24MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
540Assembly: BaptismPlayDownload (1.6 MB)N/A7MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
541Assembly: Open table?PlayDownload (2.8 MB)N/A12MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
542Assembly: Denominational tiesPlayDownload (8 MB)N/A28MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
543Assembly: Should we have a paid pastor?PlayDownload (5.5 MB)N/A19MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
544Assembly: WomenPlayDownload (10 MB)N/A44MinistryPortman, Joel??Blue River, WISeries
561Romans 10PlayDownload (21.9 MB)Download (43.8 MB)77Bible StudyHiggins, Dr. A.J.32011Gays Mills, WIConference
564Romans 12 Part APlayDownload (9.7 MB)Download (19.3 MB)34Bible StudyBeattie, Jim32011Gays Mills, WIConference
565Romans 12 Part BPlayDownload (21.7 MB)Download (43.5 MB)76Bible StudyBeattie, Jim32011Gays Mills, WIConference
571Bring Back the Book, Ark, KingPlayDownload (7 MB)Download (11.2 MB)24MinistryBergsma, Andrew42011Stout, IAConference
613My Call, David BoothPlayDownload (3.8 MB)Download (6.1 MB)43MissionaryBooth, David52011Thornhill, ONConference
614Report on Russia, David BoothPlayDownload (12.2 MB)Download (19.5 MB)13MissionaryBooth, David52011Thornhill, ONConference
644Where should I gather?PlayDownload (15 MB)Download (31 MB)68MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.???General
650Exceeding JoyPlayDownload (4.9 MB)Download (9.7 MB)21MinistryRichards, David?2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaConference
656DiscipleshipPlayDownload (7.7 MB)Download (15 MB)34MinistryRichards, David?2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaConference
657No sacrifice sufficientPlayDownload (8.4 MB)Download (17 MB)37MinistryOliver, David?2011Portage La Prairie, CanadaConference
673Intro to family relationshipsPlayDownload (9.8 MB)N/A43MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
674Courtship & finding a partnerPlayDownload (9.8 MB)N/A43MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
675Foundational principles of marriagePlayDownload (9.7 MB)N/A42MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
676Avoiding drudgery in marriagePlayDownload (9.2 MB)N/A40MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
677Overcoming marriage difficultiesPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A51MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
678Raising small childrenPlayDownload (10 MB)N/A46MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
679Raising teenagersPlayDownload (8.6 MB)N/A38MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.112002BicesterSeries
728Waiting on GodPlayDownload (4.8 MB)Download (9.7 MB)21MinistrySharp, Gary102011Highland / Blue River, WIConference
730My relationship with GodPlayDownload (17 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
731My relationship with my brethrenPlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)52MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
732My relationship with saints in needPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (23 MB)41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
733My relationship with believers not in the assembly and unsavedPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (23 MB)41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
734My relationship with my spousePlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)53MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
735My relationship to the assemblyPlayDownload (13 MB)Download (26 MB)45MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
736Relationships of shepherds and sheepPlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)53MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2003Waukesha, WISeries
737Faithfulness and CommitmentPlayDownload (13 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce102011La Crosse, WISeries
738Christ the pattern of faithfulness and commitmentPlayDownload (13 MB)Download (33 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce102011La Crosse, WISeries
739Faithfulness, priorities and the Great CommissionPlayDownload (13.9 MB)Download (27.9 MB)61MinistryRodgers, Bruce102011La Crosse, WISeries
740True life: Springs or cistern?PlayDownload (4.6 MB)Download (9.2 MB)20MinistryRodgers, Bruce102011La Crosse, WIConference
746The church pictured in O.T. bridesPlayDownload (9.8 MB)Download (20 MB)43MinistrySmith, Jim102011La Crosse, WIConference
747Our Great High Priest: Trials and TemptationsPlayDownload (7.2 MB)Download (14 MB)31MinistryAnswers the question, "How can Christ sympathize in regards to sin?"Rodgers, Bruce102011La Crosse, WIConference
796The Majesty of ChristPlayDownload (8.4 MB)Download (16.8 MB)37MinistryHunter, Jack?1990Toronto, CanadaConference
797The Worth of the Lord JesusPlayDownload (6.6 MB)Download (13.2 MB)29MinistryCrawford, Norman?1990Toronto, CanadaConference
803RevivalPlayDownload (6 MB)Download (12 MB)26MinistryCrawford, Norman?1986Detroit, MichiganConference
8217 Churches: IntroductionPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)56MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8227 Churches: Ephesus, the loveless assembly; the physician and their failurePlayDownload (15 MB)Download (30 MB)53MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8237 Churches: Smyrna, the loyal assembly; the refiner and the furnacePlayDownload (15 MB)Download (29 MB)51MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8247 Churches: Pergamos: the lax assembly; the assessor and His fairnessPlayDownload (14 MB)Download (28 MB)49MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8257 Churches: Thyatira, the leavened assembly: the Judge and His faithfulnessPlayDownload (14 MB)Download (27 MB)47MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8267 Churches: Sardis, the lifeless assembly; the recorder and his futurePlayDownload (16 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8277 Churches: Philadelphia, the loving assembly; the porter and his fondnessPlayDownload (15 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
8287 Churches: Laodicea, the lukewarm assembly; the inspector and His findingsPlayDownload (15 MB)Download (29 MB)51MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2005?Series
829Our Minds and our HeartsPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
830Our Minds and our HolinessPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
831Our Minds and our HelpfulnessPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A56MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
832Our Minds and our HomesPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
833Our Minds and our HotheadednessPlayDownload (34 MB)N/A75MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
834Our Minds and our HopelessnessPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A55Ministryincludes discussion on depressionHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
835Our Minds and our HardshipsPlayDownload (21 MB)N/A46MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.?2004Series
840Utterances from the cross:It is finished (cont.), Into Thy handsPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (31 MB)55MinistryIncludes doubts, full assurance of salvation, rest of conscience, rent veilRodgers, Bruce102011Waukesha, WISeries
847El Salvador - East Coast reportPlayDownload (20 MB)N/A58MissionarySt. Clair, Shawn42012Toronto, ONConference
849WATCHPlayDownload (15 MB)N/A33MinistryDryburgh, Alex42012Stout, IAConference
851"My helper," Hebrews 13:5-6 PlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24MinistryMacLeod, Scott42012Stout, IAConference
854The crossPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A41MinistryHull, Albert42012Stout, IAConference
855What will you do with Jesus?PlayDownload (2 MB)N/A4MinistrySharp, Gary42012Stout, IAConference
856SeriousPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A23GospelSharp, Gary42012Stout, IAConference
857Two hoursPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A30GospelHull, Albert42012Stout, IAConference
859Assembly fellowshipPlayDownload (18 MB)N/A40MinistryBaker, Tom42012Stout, IAConference
881A Lost CoinPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A30GospelMcCandless, Murray32012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Conference
882ForgivenessPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelMeekin, John32012Gays Mills, WI (Mount Sterling)Conference
884JonahPlayDownload (15 MB)N/A33MinistrySharp, Gary42012Waukesha, WIConference
890SinglenessPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A28MinistrySluiter, Shad42012Waukesha, WIConference
898Teaching: Outline (PDF)LinkLinkN/APDFMinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
899Knowing God: a prerequisite to teachingPlayDownload (13 MB)Download (26 MB)45MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
900Teaching: Connecting with peoplePlayDownload (16 MB)Download (32 MB)56MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
901Teaching: The Purpose of the MessagePlayDownload (16 MB)Download (31 MB)55MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
902Teaching: The Preparation of the MessagePlayDownload (16 MB)Download (31 MB)54MinistryAddresses Bible version translations, addressing God as You vs Thou, Bible reading & study methodsRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
903Teaching: Principles for teaching and Bible studyPlayDownload (16 MB)Download (31 MB)55MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
904Teaching: Presentation of the messagePlayDownload (17 MB)Download (34 MB)59MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Ontario, WISeries
905Ezra and RecoveryPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A27MinistryCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
906MannaPlayDownload (15 MB)N/A32MinistryKember, Shad62012Garnavillo, IAConference
907The Conscience, Part 1PlayDownload (16 MB)N/A35MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Garnavillo, IAConference
908Conditions for approach to God, Part 1PlayDownload (18 MB)N/A40MinistryCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
909Conditions for approach to God, Part 2PlayDownload (19 MB)N/A42MinistryCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
910Jacob's encounter with GodPlayDownload (18 MB)N/A39MinistryKember, Shad62012Garnavillo, IAConference
911The Conscience, Part 2PlayDownload (21 MB)N/A46MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Garnavillo, IAConference
912JudgementPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelRodgers, Bruce62012Garnavillo, IAConference
913JustifiedPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A32GospelCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
914Remember MePlayDownload (16 MB)N/A35MinistryCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
915Report on IndiaPlayDownload (21 MB)N/A45MinistryCoulson, Phil62012Garnavillo, IAConference
916Commendation ConsiderationsPlayDownload (22 MB)N/A48MinistryKember, Shad62012Garnavillo, IAConference
917The Conscience, Part 3PlayDownload (20 MB)N/A44MinistryRodgers, Bruce62012Garnavillo, IAConference
918Your sinsPlayDownload (13 MB)N/A29GospelKember, Shad62012Garnavillo, IAConference
951Gospel - Isaiah 53:5PlayDownload (21 MB)N/A45GospelSt. Clair, Shawn52012Hamilton, OntarioConference
978ForgivenessPlayDownload (8.9 MB)Download (22.3 MB)39MinistrySluiter, Shad92012Cedar Falls, IAGeneral
979Similes in the Psalms (by request)LinkN/AReq 50MinistryGilliland, David92012Marion, IAGeneral
980True Prayer, true powerLinkN/AYouTubeMinistrySpurgeon, Charles81860Link
982Fervent PrayerPlayDownload (10 MB)N/A29MinistryRobertson, Andrew92012New Lenox, ILConference
992God-centered PrayerPlayDownload (10 MB)N/A30MinistryRobertson, Andrew92012New Lenox, ILConference
994Esther: a surrendered life (by request)LinkN/AReqMinistryHoy, Tom92012New Lenox, ILConference
1021Testimony, Larry SteersPlayDownload (7.4 MB)Download (15 MB)32MinistrySteers, Larry102012Highland, WIConference
1024Life is briefPlayDownload (4.4 MB)Download (8.7 MB)19MinistryThompson, Stuart102012Highland, WIConference
1030My BelovedPlayDownload (5.3 MB)Download (11 MB)23MinistrySteers, Larry102012Highland, WIConference
1031My heartPlayDownload (3.4 MB)Download (6.8 MB)15MinistryPortman, Joel102012Highland, WIConference
1038Husbands, love your wivesPlayDownload (6.7 MB)Download (13 MB)29MinistryPortman, Joel102012La Crosse, WIConference
1046"Behold My Servant"PlayDownload (6.4 MB)Download (13 MB)28MinistryDryburgh, Alex102012La Crosse, WIConference
1049Revelation, Part 1PlayDownload (21 MB)N/A46Ministry Rev. 1:1-20Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1050Revelation, Part 2PlayDownload (25 MB)N/A56MinistryRev. 8:1-7, 11; 2:1-7; 3:14-20Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1051Revelation, Part 3PlayDownload (22 MB)N/A48MinistryRev. 4:1-11Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1052Revelation, Part 4PlayDownload (23 MB)N/A50MinistryRev. 6:1-17; 8:1Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1053Revelation, Part 5PlayDownload (22 MB)N/A49MinistryRev. 12:1-10Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1054Revelation, Part 6PlayDownload (22 MB)N/A47MinistryMatt 24:21, Rev 3:10, 1, 11, 17:1-5, Zech 14:4-5, Jude 14, I Thess 4:14, 16, Is 35:1, Rev 20:11-15 Wells, Stanley102012Ontario, WISeries
1055Revelation Chart (Harry Ironside)LinkN/APDFMinistryIronside, Harry102012Ontario, WISeries
1056Solomon referenced outside Kings/ChroniclesPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (23 MB)49MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1057Solomon elevated to the thronePlayDownload (10 MB)Download (21 MB)45MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1058Solomon established in the kingdomPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (22 MB)49MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1059Solomon enabled for leadershipPlayDownload (9.4 MB)Download (19 MB)41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1060Solomon enlarging and enriching the kingdomPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (20 MB)44MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1061Solomon engaged in buildingPlayDownload (10 MB)Download (22 MB)48MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1062Solomon's erosion and enemiesPlayDownload (8.8 MB)Download (18 MB)38MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1063Solomon's Psalm 72PlayDownload (7.7 MB)Download (15 MB)33MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.122012Waukesha, WISeries
1076Worship, Part 1 (Abraham)PlayDownload (13.3 MB)Download (26.5 MB)58MinistryRodgers, Bruce42013La Crosse, WIGeneral
1077Worship, Part 2 (Job, Marys)PlayDownload (13.8 MB)Download (27.5 MB)60MinistryRodgers, Bruce42013La Crosse, WIGeneral
1105Temptations; The work of God; throwing in the towelPlayDownload (10 MB)Download (21 MB)46MinistryHarvey, Dan62013Garnavillo, IAConference
1119Winning, Welcoming, Weeping for soulsPlayDownload (3.9 MB)Download (7.8 MB)17MinistryNesbit, Russell102013Highland, WIConference
1121Believing yes, Understanding yes, Loving yesPlayDownload (4.9 MB)Download (12 MB)21MinistryMcLean, Max102013Highland, WIConference
1127Romans 1:16, the GospelPlayDownload (5.7 MB)Download (14 MB)25GospelMcLean, Max102013Highland, WIConference
1128The voice of the Son of GodPlayDownload (5.3 MB)Download (13 MB)23GospelTopley, Terry102013Highland, WIConference
1139The Levitical OfferingsPlayDownload (9.8 MB)Download (20 MB)43MinistryDunsire, Duncan102013La Crosse, WIConference
1141Philippians 1:21PlayDownload (2.3 MB)Download (4.7 MB)10MinistryTopley, Terry102013La Crosse, WIConference
1142SoPlayDownload (6.7 MB)Download (17 MB)29GospelSkates, William102013La Crosse, WIConference
1224Psalm 22PlayDownload (8.6 MB)Download (14 MB)30MinistryRodgers, Bruce2013Cedar Falls, IAConference
1225John 3:16PlayDownload (6.8 MB)Download (11 MB)24GospelHunt, David2013Cedar Falls, IAConference
1226The cross in light of time and eternityPlayDownload (8 MB)Download (13 MB)28GospelHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAConference
1232The coming of the Lord JesusPlayDownload (8.1 MB)Download (13 MB)28MinistryHull, Albert2013Cedar Falls, IAConference
1278Purpose to be with HimPlayDownload (3.5 MB)Download (8.7 MB)15MinistryDoll, Brandon102014Highland, WIConference
1279You can be sure, saved, satisfiedPlayDownload (3.1 MB)Download (7.8 MB)14GospelTopley, Terry102014Highland, WIConference
12801Timothy 1:15PlayDownload (6.3 MB)Download (16 MB)27GospelSteers, Larry102014Highland, WIConference
1285The Lord Jesus in Isaiah 50:4-10PlayDownload (4.5 MB)Download (11 MB)20MinistryTopley, Terry102014Highland, WIConference
1286The New BirthPlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (16 MB)27GospelDavidson, Alan102014Highland, WIConference
1287The Resurrection - Mark 16PlayDownload (14 MB)Download (35 MB)60MinistryDavidson, Alan102014Black River Falls, WIGeneral
1295Nothing to payPlayDownload (6 MB)Download (15 MB)GospelDoll, Brandon102014La Crosse, WIConference
1296Not saved - Are savedPlayDownload (7.1 MB)Download (18 MB)GospelMcCandless, Murray102014La Crosse, WIConference
1303Great SalvationPlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (19 MB)GospelBaker, Tom102014La Crosse, WIConference
1329Near-drowning experience of Scott HayesPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (30 MB)52TestimonyHayes, Scott42015Stout, IAGeneral
1373TrialsPlayDownload (5.2 MB)Download (10 MB)23MinistryMacLeod, Scott2013Stout, IAConference
1381Christ died for our sinsPlayDownload (5.5 MB)Download (2.1 MB)24GospelHunt, David2013Stout, IAConference
1382Blood, book, song, wrath of the LambPlayDownload (6.6 MB)Download (11 MB)29GospelHull, Albert2013Stout, IAConference
1386ConsecrationPlayDownload (8.1 MB)Download (6 MB)35MinistryHull, Albert2013Stout, IAConference
1388The crucified, conquering, coming ChristPlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (14 MB)27GospelHull, Albert2013Stout, IAConference
1389God callingPlayDownload (6.7 MB)Download (12 MB)29GospelHunt, David2013Stout, IAConference
1451Four requests of the Lord Jesus in John 17PlayDownload (7.2 MB)Download (14 MB)25MinistryNesbit, Russell102015Highland, WIConference
1472Ways that God tests usPlayDownload (5.5 MB)Download (11 MB)19MinistryDoll, Brandon102015La Crosse, WIConference
1476The coming of the LordPlayDownload (8.5 MB)Download (17 MB)30MinistrySteers, Larry102015La Crosse, WIConference
1477The setting of the meal offeringPlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (15 MB)26MinistryDunsire, Duncan102015La Crosse, WIConference
1480How God views sinPlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (15 MB)26GospelFrazier, Isaiah102015La Crosse, WIConference
1481NicodemusPlayDownload (6.6 MB)Download (13 MB)23GospelWeber, Roy102015La Crosse, WIConference
1486Without Christ, Strength, HopePlayDownload (6.2 MB)Download (12 MB)22GospelSteers, Larry102015La Crosse, WIConference
1487Spiritual Progress: a fresh startPlayDownload (9.3 MB)Download (18.6 MB)32MinistryPreviewAllen, James1999Hitesville, IAConference
1488Spiritual PotentialPlayDownload (10.3 MB)Download (20.6 MB)36MinistryAllen, James1999Hitesville, IAConference
1497The Prodigal in the house (The Prodigal Son)PlayDownload (13.7 MB)Download (27.4 MB)48MinistryLavery, William32016Black River Falls, WIGeneral
1498Partaking in the house (The Lord's Supper)PlayDownload (13.7 MB)Download (27.4 MB)48MinistryLavery, William32016Black River Falls, WIGeneral
1519The unequal yokePlayDownload (5.9 MB)Download (12 MB)21MinistryDoll, Brandon42016Stout, IAConference
1537BordersPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (22 MB)38MinistryShutt, Daniel42016Waukesha, WIConference
1558Testimony of Clive BarberPlayDownload (26 MB)N/A55TestimonyBarber, Clive92016Hampton, IAConference
1574His own way, body, bloodPlayDownload (7.1 MB)Download (11 MB)25MinistryCrawford, Brian102016Highland, WIConference
1575SavedPlayDownload (4.7 MB)Download (7.5 MB)16MinistrySteers, Larry102016Highland, WIConference
1583How to share the gospelPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (17 MB)37MinistryThibodeau, Brody102016La Crosse, WIConference
1591Testimony of Ron DollPlayDownload (3.7 MB)Download (6 MB)13MinistryDoll, Ron102016La Crosse, WIConference
1592Words from the CrossPlayDownload (7.8 MB)Download (12 MB)27MinistryThibodeau, Brody102016La Crosse, WIConference
1593John 3:17, 36PlayDownload (7.5 MB)Download (12 MB)26MinistryOrr, Robert102016La Crosse, WIConference
1598Remember Lot's WifePlayDownload (8.9 MB)Download (14 MB)31MinistryMcCullough, Eric102016La Crosse, WIConference
1610Local Church: New Testament Pictures of a Local Assembly (Church)PlayDownload (25.5 MB)N/A56MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017La Crosse, WISeries
1611Local Church: Preeminence of His Name; The Pattern, Fellowship TogetherPlayDownload (27.2 MB)N/A59MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017La Crosse, WISeries
1612Local Church: Reception to the Fellowship; Priesthood of BelieversPlayDownload (25.9 MB)N/A57MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017La Crosse, WISeries
1613Local Church: Spiritual Gifts FunctioningPlayDownload (26.7 MB)N/A58MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017La Crosse, WISeries
1614Local Church: Symbols Used To Communicate Truth in the GatheringPlayDownload (25.5 MB)N/A56MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017La Crosse, WISeries
16151 Thessalonians: The Beginning of a Testimony: Background & Analysis of a BookPlayDownload (23 MB)N/A50MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference
16161Thessalonians: The Study of a Theme: Assembly TraitsPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.12017Marion, IAConference
16171Thessalonians: The Bearers of Truth: Living Templates for the SaintsPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A42MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference
16181Thessalonians: The Study of a Topic: The Coming of the LordPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A41MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.12017Marion, IAConference
16191Thessalonians: Biography of a Life: Timothy's InfluencePlayDownload (19 MB)N/A40MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference
16201Thessalonians: The Study of a Term: FaithPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A42MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.12017Marion, IAConference
1621Isaiah 43:11PlayDownload (13 MB)N/A28GospelSeguel, Pablo12017Marion, IAConference
16221 Timothy 1:15PlayDownload (12 MB)N/A26GospelSona, Frank12017Marion, IAConference
16231Thessalonians: The Barriers to TemptationPlayDownload (25 MB)N/A55MinistryRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference
16241Thessalonians: The Study of a Text: Assembly AtmospherePlayDownload (18 MB)N/A39MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.12017Marion, IAConference
1625Hearing the voice of GodPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A26GospelChristopherson, Allan12017Marion, IAConference
1626Psalm 110:1PlayDownload (11 MB)N/A24GospelRodgers, Bruce12017Marion, IAConference
1631The Wondrous CreationPlayDownload (12.3 MB)Download (24.6 MB)54MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32017La Crosse, WISeries
1632The Wondrous Formation of ManPlayDownload (12.7 MB)Download (25.5 MB)56MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32017La Crosse, WISeries
1633The Wondrous IncarnationPlayDownload (13.3 MB)Download (26.6 MB)58MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32017La Crosse, WISeries
1634The Wondrous Inspiration of ScripturePlayDownload (12 MB)Download (23.9 MB)52MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32017La Crosse, WISeries
1635The Wondrous Exultation of ChristPlayDownload (12.6 MB)Download (25.1 MB)55MinistryHiggins, Dr. A.J.32017La Crosse, WISeries
1701Spiritual CommitmentPlayDownload (7.8 MB)Download (16 MB)34MinistryDerksen, Marvin62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1702Daniel: Standing for GodPlayDownload (8.5 MB)Download (17 MB)37MinistryGrant, Stephen62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1703Five characteristics of Christ in ResurrectionPlayDownload (8.6 MB)Download (17 MB)38MinistryUssher, Andrew62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1704Raising ChildrenPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (21 MB)47MinistryUssher, Andrew62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1705Samson: link with heaven, love for the worldPlayDownload (9.4 MB)Download (19 MB)41MinistryDerksen, Marvin62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1706Elders / OverseersPlayDownload (11 MB)Download (21 MB)47MinistryGrant, Stephen62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1707Life and EternityPlayDownload (5.8 MB)Download (12 MB)25GospelDoll, Brandon62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1708Enter InPlayDownload (5.9 MB)Download (12 MB)26GospelFrazier, Isaiah62017Garnavillo, IAConference
1787Testimony, Cal EricksonPlayDownload (8.5 MB)N/A8TestimonyErickson, Cal102017La Crosse, WIConference
1788Testimony, Aubrey ButlerPlayDownload (11 MB)N/A18TestimonyButler, Aubrey102017La Crosse, WIConference
1789Exceptional ThingsPlayDownload (14 MB)N/A25GospelSkates, William102017La Crosse, WIConference
1790The one-handed sinnerPlayDownload (3.5 MB)N/A30GospelMcCandless, Murray102017La Crosse, WIConference
1797God knows how to deal with sinPlayDownload (21 MB)N/A23GospelDoll, Brandon102017La Crosse, WIConference
1811FellowshipPlayDownload (12 MB)Download (24 MB)53MinistryGould, Jack42006Cedar Falls, IAGeneral
1815Christ: Apostle and High PriestPlayDownload (5.9 MB)Download (9.4 MB)20MinistrySweetnam, Mark32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1816The Garments of the high priest - The Character of Christ - Part 1PlayDownload (19 MB)Download (31 MB)68Bible StudySweetnam, Mark32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1817The Garments of the high priest - The Character of Christ - Part 2PlayDownload (13 MB)Download (21 MB)46Bible StudySweetnam, Mark32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1818The Consecration of the priests - The Conduct of Christ - Part 1PlayDownload (14 MB)Download (23 MB)49Bible StudyMeekin, John32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1819The Consecration of the priests - The Conduct of Christ - Part 2PlayDownload (10 MB)Download (16 MB)36Bible StudyMeekin, John32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1820The Priesthood of Christ contrasted with Aaron - The Consideration of Christ - Part 1PlayDownload (13 MB)Download (21 MB)46Bible StudySkates, William32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1821The Priesthood of Christ contrasted with Aaron - The Consideration of Christ - Part 2PlayDownload (11 MB)Download (18 MB)39Bible StudySkates, William32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1822Christian Priesthood - Our responsibility - Part 1PlayDownload (13 MB)Download (21 MB)45Bible StudyPetterson, David32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1823Christian Priesthood - Our responsibility - Part 2PlayDownload (20 MB)Download (33 MB)71Bible StudyPetterson, David32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1824In that day - Zachariah 12-13PlayDownload (7.1 MB)Download (11 MB)25GospelMeekin, John32018Gays Mills, WIConference
1825The sufferings of the Savior - Isaiah 53:5PlayDownload (7.9 MB)Download (16 MB)27GospelSweetnam, Mark32018Gays Mills, WIConference
18431 Timothy 1 intro, Goal for ministryPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A33MinistryThibodeau, Brody42018Cedar Falls, IAConference
1845The great commissionPlayDownload (16 MB)N/A29MinistryFrazier, Isaiah42018Cedar Falls, IAConference
1853A day of opportunityPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A27GospelFrazier, Isaiah42018Cedar Falls, IAConference
1900John 7PlayDownload (22 MB)N/A49MinistryRudge, Dan92018La Crosse, WISeries
1901John 7 (2)PlayDownload (27 MB)N/A58MinistryThompson, Stuart92018La Crosse, WISeries
1902John 8PlayDownload (24 MB)N/A53MinistryThompson, Stuart92018La Crosse, WISeries
1903John 8 (2)PlayDownload (26 MB)N/A56MinistryThompson, Stuart92018La Crosse, WISeries
1904Luke 24, Emmaus roadPlayDownload (31 MB)N/A54MinistryThompson, Stuart92018La Crosse, WIGeneral
1910The prodigal's father: What a father should bePlayDownload (11 MB)N/A25MinistryMcLean, Max102018Highland, WIConference
1916Testiomony, Joel FrazierPlayDownload (3 MB)N/A7TestimonyFrazier, Joel102018Highland, WIConference
1917It is FinishedPlayDownload (12 MB)N/A26GospelChristopherson, Allan102018Highland, WIConference
1918RefusalPlayDownload (8.3 MB)N/A18GospelSteers, Larry102018Highland, WIConference
1924What shall the end be...?PlayDownload (12 MB)N/A27GospelWells, Stanley102018Highland, WIConference
1929Three sights of IsaiahPlayDownload (19 MB)N/A43MinistrySona, Frank102018La Crosse, WIConference


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