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Conferences and Bible Studies


Stout Conference 2024

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Conference 2024

Marion Conference 2024 – Relationships

Mount Sterling Bible Reading Conference – The Kingdom of God


Ankeny Bible Conference 2023

La Crosse Bible Conference 2023

Blue River Bible Conference 2023

Garnavillo Bible Conference 2023

Stout Bible Bible Conference 2023

Waterloo – Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2023

Mt. Sterling Bible Conference: Biblical Prophecy


Manchester Bible Conference 2022

Blue River Bible Conference 2022

Garnavillo Bible Conference 2022

Stout Conference 2022

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Conference 2022

The Assembly of God – Mount Sterling Conference 2022


Blue River Bible Conference 2021

Stout Conference 2021


Refuge Series (online)

Winter Bible Readings 2019-2020


Ankeny Bible Conference 2019

La Crosse Bible Conference 2019

Blue River Bible Conference 2019

Lancaster Bible Conference 2019

Garnavillo Bible Conference 2019

Waterloo/Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2019

Stout Bible Conference 2019

Mount Sterling Bible Conference 2019 – Feasts of Jehovah


The local assembly, Frank Sona (Stout, IA)

Winter Bible Readings

Ankeny, IA Bible Conference 2018

La Crosse, WI Bible Conference 2018

Blue River, WI Bible Conference 2018

Waukesha, WI Conference 2018

Cedar Falls / Waterloo Bible Conference 2018

Stout Bible Conference 2018

Mount Sterling Bible Conference 2018


Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: Adam

La Crosse Bible Conference 2017

Highland (Blue River) Bible Conference 2017

Lancaster Bible Conference 2017

Garnavillo Bible Conference 2017

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2017

Waukesha Bible Conference 2017

Stout Bible Conference 2017

Mount Sterling Bible Conference 2017

Marion, IA Bible Conference 2017

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: 2 Thess.


Ministry on Bible Prophecy by Scott MacLeod

La Crosse Bible Conference 2016

Highland/Blue River Bible Conference

Lancaster, IA Conference 2016

Garnavillo, IA Conference 2016

Waukesha Conference 2016

Ministry on the assembly – Marion, IA

Stout Bible Reading Conference

Mt. Sterling Bible Reading Conference – The Humanity of Christ

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: 1Thessalonians


La Crosse Conference 2015

Highland (Blue River) Conference 2015

Lancaster Conference 2015

Garnavillo Conference 2015

Stout Bible Conference 2015

Waukesha Bible Conference 2015

Waterloo-Cedar Falls Conference 2015

Mt. Sterling Conference 2015-John 1, Col 1, Heb 1, Rev 1

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: Matthew 5-7


Stout Bible Conference 2014

La Crosse Bible Conference 2014

Beetown Bible Reading Matthew 6:1-13

Blue River Conference 2014

Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2014

Waukesha Bible Conference 2014

Mt. Sterling Conference 2014 (2 Peter, Jude)


Stout Bible Conference 2013

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: Matthew 5:1-16

Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2013

La Crosse, WI Bible Conference

Blue River / Highland, WI Bible Conference

Garnavillo Bible Conference

Waukesha Bible Conference

Request a link to Mt. Sterling conference Bible reading (John 14-17)

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: Ruth



La Crosse Bible Conference

Highland (Blue River) Bible Conference

New Lenox Bible Conference

Hitesville Bible Conference

Lancaster Bible Conference

Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA Bible Conference

Garnavillo, IA Bible Conference

Waukesha, WI Bible Conference

Mount Sterling (Gays Mills), WI Conference

Stout, IA Conference

Toronto, ON Conference (selected)

Jackson, MI Bible Conference (link)

Waukesha Bible Reading: Working with Children

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings: Gospel Truths


Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings

Hitesville, IA Conference

La Crosse, WI Conference

Blue River (Highland), WI Conference

New Lenox, IL Conference

Lancaster, WI Conference

Portage La Prairie Conference

Langstaff Missionary Conference (link)

Garnavillo, IA Bible Conference

Waterloo / Cedar Falls, IA Bible Conference

Waukesha, WI Bible Conference (link)

Stout, IA Bible Conference

Mount Sterling Bible Reading Conference (Romans 9-12)

Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings 2010-2011

Marion Ministry Weekend (link)


Wisconsin Winter Bible Readings 2010-2011

Langstaff Missionary Conference and other messages (link)

La Crosse Bible Conference 2010

Blue River Bible Conference 2010

Cedar Falls Bible Conference 2010

Waukesha Bible Conference 2010

Mount Sterling Bible Reading Conference 2010 (Romans)

Jackson Conference 2010 (link)

Winter Bible Readings 2009-2010


La Crosse Conference 2009

Blue River Conference 2009

Ontario Bible Conference 2009 ~ The Mind in Philippians

Garnavillo, IA Conference 2009

Mt. Sterling Bible Reading Conference 2009 ~ Ephesians

Winter Bible Readings 2008-2009 ~ The Local Assembly


Mt. Sterling Bible Reading Conference 2008 ~ Ephesians

La Crosse Bible Conference 2008

Blue River Bible Conference 2008

Series of messages on Subjects

Relationships Q&A (Bruce Rodgers)

The Book of Joshua (Thomas Bentley)

Luke’s Last Look at Christ (A. J. Higgins)

The wondrous works of God (Dr. A. J. Higgins)

The Local Assembly (by Bruce Rodgers)

The Feasts of Jehovah (by Larry Steers)

The Person of Christ (by David Vallance)

Family Relationships (Jim Beattie)

Ministry on Sonship (Dr. A. J. Higgins)

Lessons from the life of Solomon (Dr. A. J. Higgins)

Book of Revelation explained (Stanley Wells)

Teaching the Word of God – Ontario, WI (Bruce Rodgers)

The Garments of the High Priest (John Stubbs)

Utterances from the Cross (Bruce Rodgers)

Our Minds (Dr. A.J. Higgins)

The 7 Churches (Dr. A.J. Higgins)

Relationships (Dr. A.J. Higgins)

Marriage and the Family (Dr. A.J. Higgins)

Why’s of the assembly (Joel Portman)

Assembly truths (Peter Orasuk)

The Glorious Gospel (Peter Simms)

Gathering unto His Name (Norman Crawford)

More will be posted as they become available, Lord willing…

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These events are being posted as a service to the Lord’s people and with the desire that those who are unable to attend may be able to also enjoy their benefit and profit from them. I would like to encourage attendance to these events whenever possible, since there is a special sense of the Lord’s presence and voice known when actually attending such a meeting.

May God be pleased to bless His holy Word in the manner in which He chooses, and may we be pleased to listen to His voice.