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“Full salvation! Full salvation! Lo, the fountain opened wide,
Streams through every land and nation, from the Saviour’s wounded side.
Full salvation! Full salvation! Streams an endless crimson tide.” -Anon.

Come taste the water of life!

Real Peace in Life, Real Certainty in Death.

Are you looking for real peace through life and desiring certainty when facing death? Please listen to MP3 messages to find out how to know for sure Heaven is your home.

Sample MP3 Gospel Audio Messages

  • Life-changing personal salvation testimony – Listen
  • Is the Bible true? Does it foretell the future? – Listen
  • Peace with God – Listen
  • Jesus said we must be “born again”… why? – Listen

MP3 Bible Teaching




  • Be Still, My Soul (piano) – Listen
  • Mr. Noah, for Children (a cappella) – Listen
  • Alas! and did my Savior bleed? (violin/keyboard) – Listen

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  • Scripture Wall Hanging Downloads
  • Music Hymn Recordings (semi-/non-professional)
  • Alternate MP3 Messages format

Learn to play piano hymns by ear

Blog: Sharing Thoughts about Christ

Bible Version Comparison and Information

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May the Lord be pleased to use these pages as He sees fit and in His good timing.