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Videos I have especially enjoyed from various sources

Music videos

The Power of the Cross by Keith and Kristyn Getty

Powerful song by Stuart Townend. (This church is not associated with the assembly I am in.)


Wear the Crown by Bill Drake

Moving song about the martyrs set to a snow and ocean scene.


Music Videos from btwol.com

Playlist of Songs (played in sequence for longer listening)

YouTube Conservative Christian Music Favorites

Gospel related videos

Who Can Tell Me? from btwol.com

A poem set to music & photos relating to Creation

No Greater Love by GospelRiver.com

A Worth of Sacrifice by Romnick Rubinos

Moving video presentation illustrating the gospel message that God gave His precious Son to die for us. (9 minutes)

A Question of Origins Creation vs. Evolution video (order info)

Goes into the scientific and technical aspects

The Last Adam by Answers in Genesis


Resource Videos

On the reliabilitity of the New Testament documents (Dr. James White)

  A little breakdown of some of his key points (links may or may not take you to proper time):

  • 11:43-26:00 The current onslaught - "all we have is copies" "Look at all the variants!"
  • 31:15-35:20 Why are there variations? 1 John 3:1
  • 35:20-37:40 Types of manuscripts
  • 59:15 - 1:03 "Just the Facts"
  • 1:03-1:10 "telephone game" Da Vinci Code, etc
  • 1:10-1:14 Impossibility of centralized corruption and the blessing of many transcripts
  • 1:14-1:15 We can have confidence that One of those readings HAS the correct reading
  • 1:15-1:20 The deity of Christ undermined in new translations?
  • 1:20-1:28 1John 5:7 issue
  • 1:27-1:30 Summary