Gospel Outreach

Here are some Gospel Outreach ideas for you!

Gospel Literature

Make your own tract template

This template may be used for 1/4 sheet sized tracts. Print one sided and fold twice or print front/back and cut in two to get two tracts per sheet.

Have someone create/print your tract for you

Printable Gospel Tracts

1. Hudson Taylor

2. Eternity–Where shall it find me?

Gospel Tracts at BlackRiverGospel.org

Introduction to the gospel at BlackRiverGospel.org

Send a tract via email

Moments with the Book – click Share by E-Mail tab

Places to purchase good gospel literature

Audio Ideas

Gospel message downloads to burn to CD

MP3 player gift

Request a free gospel CD

Other Ideas


Pocket Calendars


Wall hangings

Gospel Coins (John 3:16)

Links to other sites with ideas

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