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Posted by Frankie Cha on
Great website with excellent materials. I have added a link from my blog to this website. Hope you don't mind.
Check out my blog at http://scriptureoutlines.blogspot.com

Thanks for your labor of love for the Lord's people

Best Regards in Christ
Posted by Blue Angel on
I am very interested karaoke with music and lyrics. I do hope to do lots of business with you. I also have ministry & a card ministry. I need things as cheap as I can get them.
Posted by Nathalie on

Could you please help me? I would like to make bookmarks and add them to the French galery but I don't remember how to do so????

Thank you for your help.
Posted by Tim on
Nathan, I saw this hymn on a fb post by Jim McMaster. Planning to add it to our SS song sheets. Wondering if you had picked up some others, I hope to do a bit of clean-up and organizing.


1. O for a closer walk with God,
A calm and heavenly frame;
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb!

2. Where is the blessedness I knew,
When first I saw the Lord?
Where is the soul refreshing view
Of Jesus and His word?

3. What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!
How sweet their memory still!
But they have left and aching void
The world can never fill.

4. Return, O holy Dove, return,
Sweet messenger of rest!
I hate the sins that made Thee mourn,
And drove Thee from my breast.

5. The dearest idol I have known,
Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from Thy throne,
And worship only Thee.

6. So shall my walk be close with God,
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.

W Cowper
Posted by Dave and Donna Simmons on
Thank you for all you have done here on this website. The contents are uplifting and encouraging as we go through our daily lives.

God Bless you

Most sincerely in Christian love
Dave and Donna Simmons
Posted by Mali G on
I have been greatly blessed by the resources on this site, particularly the hymns and gospel songs on MP3. There are so many to enjoy! What a treasure trove! I was also overjoyed to see a familiar name in the Music Gallery, someone who has already blessed me. So glad their work is available for all to hear and share.

Please keep adding to this site and improving it; through it you have already blessed many. May God reward you for your hard work, now & in the glory!

Mali G
Posted by jennifer buster on
I was wording could you send me all the book marks to me cause i dont have non
Posted by Pastor Christian on
I want to be a part of your ministry. I also have a ministry in Ghana called Rapture Worship Centre. I want us to team up and work together in God's vineyard. Please let me hear from you. God bless you.

My phone contact is +233243047003 or +233262047003 I will also try and contact you on phone.

Posted by Jeffrey Timothy Valerie on
Dear Gospel River

I have just installed your application which I have included with my Bible and Prayers.

Though there is a mountain of beautiful songs to give upful praise, I have found it rather hard to songs that I know, like Amazing Grace, Potters Vessel, just to name two from well over a hundred.

I thought if I was able to find Amazing Grace, your application would be gloriously simply and thinking if I was just a learner in Christ Our Lord and only remembered just this one song. Would this break my faith.

Please could you send me some guidance.

I am from the UK, if this helps in your decisions.

Guidance and Protection to All

Yours sincerely
JT Valerie
Posted by Joanna on
Thank you for your Believer's Hymn book app! I was wondering how to get this hymnbook digital and on a lark looked it up in iTunes! This is the beloved Christ centered hymnbook on steroids--you have so many useful additional features. Appreciate all your work on this. The Lord is good! I can tell I need to explore your website more.
Posted by Stanley N. Anyanwu on
Hello hope you and your families re doing great, please remember us we need your help and support to have a place for fellowship.

Through God's grace I'm running a small ministry in my Village,
CHRIST BELIEVERS TRAIN MINISTRY we re Building The Foundations of both
young and old people Raising Today's Champions for Christ through praise and
faith in God's Word by wisdom. Please we are really in need of a place
to fellowship together and worship God as a Church, We will also want to partnership with you to help us work in love, faith and understanding to bring the gospel in full to this my Village please I want your help your directions to enable us get this help.

Thank you and Remain blessed in Jesus Name Amen!

Stanley N. Anyanwu
(God's Servant)

(Building The Foundation, Raising Today's Champions)
Address: Umuoba Village Irete
Owerri -West L.G.A Imo State Nigeria
Tel: +2348163079500
Phone: +2347063935431
Email: christbelieverstrain@gmail.com
Posted by H on
Another gospel outreach idea is to simply include a link to the animated gospel tract 'www.freecartoontract.com/animation' in your email signature, saying something like, 'p.s. you might like this gospel cartoon ...'.
Posted by Robyn on
I have just discovered this site and very much enjoy listening to the great songs on this site. I am wondering if you have the sheet music notes for the songs listed in violin/piano or any of them so I can read the music and play along.
Thank you very much.
Posted by gospelriver on
Robyn, You can purchase the Believers Hymnbook, from which these are taken, at http://shop.gospelfolio.com/Believers-Hymn-Book-with-Music-Spiral-Ring-Piano-Edition/productinfo/H-5464/. The keys should generally match although there will likely be a few exceptions, and a few of the tunes may be different than what you find there. Another option would be to go to http://share.gospelriver.com/Music/Array-Hymn/ and look at the tune in parentheses, which is the tune we used for the recording. You would then need to search for that tune in my music search tool at http://gospelriver.com/music/ to find the music. None of these options, however, will give you the exact notes I played on the keyboard because I just made it up as we went and I don't have a score. That would have been too much work :) But you could play the choral music found in the hymn book and you should be able to follow along that way.
Posted by YORK on
Refreshing music
Posted by Sue Balcirak on

I don't know if I've posted this link correctly, but it is Ben Everson singing, My Hope is Jesus.
It is so inspiring. He is an incredible musician. I don't know all the ins and outs of copyright law so I would recommend contacting him at Ben Everson Music.
Posted by Jim McGee on
These songs and others can be heard at IBRBC (Independent Baptist Radio Broadcasting Christ)
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